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Will My Facelift Results Look Natural?

There are a few cosmetic procedures that earned a negative reputation early in their development. The facelift procedure was often criticized for producing unnatural and odd-looking results. The most common issue was the “windswept” look, which gave the recipient an exaggerated tight appearance.

The facelift procedure has experienced multiple critical advancements that have revolutionized what it is able to accomplish. Now, the face is pulled upward in a vertical fashion, rather than straight back. The underlying facial muscles are tightened, and any loose or excess skin will be surgically removed. This technique creates a smooth, tight, and natural-looking appearance.

Dr. Babak Moein focuses on providing his patients with results that satisfy their beauty goals. In order to accomplish this, Dr. Moein emphasizes the importance of arranging a consultation beforehand, as it provides him with a direct line of communication with patients. Contact us to schedule your facelift consultation.

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