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What Can I Do About My Drooping Brow?

Are you bothered by the drooping appearance of your brow? This is a common aesthetic issue that occurs as a result of the aging process and various environmental factors. A drooping brow can give you an unflattering appearance and may even droop over your eye, obstructing your vision.

A drooping brow can be effectively corrected with a brow lift. This surgical procedure focuses on removing the loose skin on the brow that is causing it to droop. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Babak Moein will be sure that the incisions used for the procedure are well-hidden within the hairline so that your results look natural and beautiful.

Contact our office to schedule a consultation for your brow lift with Dr. Moein. Our highly trained staff will give you the care you need, and Dr. Moein will provide you with a smooth and youthful-looking brow.

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