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What Can I Do About My Cellulite?

Are you worried about the upcoming beach season because excess cellulite is giving your body an unappealing appearance? Cellulite can make us feel embarrassed to show our skin when we’re out under the sun. It can prevent us from wearing tight clothes, as they may highlight the cellulite in an unflattering way.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Babak Moein can eliminate your unwanted cellulite using VelaShape, a non-invasive treatment that uses infrared light, bipolar radiofrequency energy, vacuum technology, and specially designed massage rollers to stretch, heat, and smooth out the cellulite for an unblemished surface on the skin.

VelaShape also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which helps to create tighter and healthier skin that feels soft and looks beautiful.

Contact Möein Surgical Arts to schedule a consultation with Dr. Moein for your cellulite-reduction treatment using VelaShape.

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