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MTF Gender Reassignment (Transgender Surgery)

Choosing gender reassignment can be both an exciting and anxiety-ridden experience. At Moein Surgical Arts, we aim to make this time in your life as comfortable as possible. Dr. Moein and his staff are committed to providing you with compassion and accommodation so that your change goes as smoothly as possible. Dr. Moein has immense respect for his transgender patients who display the courage and bravery to live as their true selves.

Transgender Surgery Options

Transgender Surgery Options

When you choose us for your male-to-female transition, you have a variety of procedures available to you.

  • Gender Reassignment
  • Hair Grafting
  • Hair Removal
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Tracheal Shave
  • Facial Feminization
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Hair Grafting

We offer a variety of hair treatments at Moein Surgical Arts to help you achieve dense, healthy hair. We can treat balding, receding hairlines, and thinning hair. These common issues can be treated with our state-of-the-art options for giving you an attractive and full head of hair.

Hair Removal

Many male-to-female patients are concerned about hair removal. This includes hair on the legs, arms, chest, back, stomach, and face. When you would prefer to be hairless and smooth, turn to Dr. Moein. The doctor offers both permanent hair removal with electrolysis and temporary laser hair removal to meet your needs.

Breast Augmentation

A woman places significant value on her breasts, which is a symbol of her femininity. Breasts are also a major factor in a woman's figure. With breast augmentation by Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts, you can obtain breasts that compliment your silhouette. The results look natural and could become just the start of your complete transformation. Dr. Moein will consult with you to determine the size of breast implant that most closely matches your aesthetic goals.

Tracheal Shave

The Adam’s apple is one of the most distinct characteristics of the male gender. A noticeable Adam’s apple on the throat gives off a more masculine appearance, which can make it difficult for an MTF transgender individual to blend into the world. With a tracheal shave (chondrolaryngoplasty), which is a popular surgery among the transgender community, Dr. Moein can reduce the prominence of the Adam’s apple for a more feminine look.

Facial Feminization

When you want a more feminine face, Dr. Moein can perform facial feminization. FFS can encompass a few different procedures depending on your goals. Whether you want to enhance your chin, cheeks, jawline, eyelids, lips, nose or forehead, Dr. Moein can help. Call or visit Moein Surgical Arts and tell Dr. Moein which facial features you wish to enhance, and he will recommend the best approaches to this popular cosmetic surgery.

Gender Reassignment

Male to female gender reassignment surgery (GRS), or sexual reassignment jersey (SRS), modifies the form and function of the sexual organs. The penis and testicles will be reconstructed and fashioned into a functioning vagina.


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