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Men’s Cosmetic Surgery on the Rise – 5 Procedures to Consider

Men’s cosmetic surgery procedures are becoming more popular than ever before. No longer are cosmetic surgical centers populated only by women. Now, men in their thirties, forties, fifties, and older are seeking out procedures to help them reclaim a youthful appearance.

While many of the top surgical procedures are still dominated by women, men’s cosmetic surgery has risen by 28% since the year 2000. One reason for the shift is that cosmetic surgery is becoming more affordable for men and women alike. And, let’s face it, both genders want to look their best and stave off age as long as humanly possible.

According to the latest statistics, the most popular cosmetic surgeries for men include liposuction, male breast reduction surgery, eyelid surgery, nose surgery, and tummy tuck. Here are the details of those procedures, including the benefits, results you can expect, risks, and the cost.

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Top Cosmetic Procedures for Men


Liposuction for men in LA

Liposuction, otherwise referred to simply as lipo, is a method for removing stubborn fat from various locations around the body. The technique is not used to lose weight. Rather, the idea is to recontour the body to make various areas slimmer when diet and exercise alone fail to deliver results.


Male liposuction can help men achieve a toned and slimmer appearance on stubborn areas, such as the stomach, thighs, and buttocks. The techniques involved with lipo are consistently evolving, making the procedure effective and comfortable.

One prime benefit of male lipo is that it works to remove cellulite. Many incorrectly think that cellulite only affects women. Around 10% of men can develop cellulite. Liposuction can help to make the skin smoother, which can reverse or at least mask the appearance of cellulite on the skin.

In addition to a slimmer and smoother appearance, liposuction for men can improve self-esteem. Health can be improved, as well, as excess weight is associated with several health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. Having liposuction performed can help men see improvements with these conditions or prevent them from developing in the first place.


Male liposuction and the high-tech alternative HD-lipo allow the cosmetic surgeon to sculpt the man’s physique. The result is a leaner and more toned appearance. The technique can also rid the body of love handles and that layer of fat that prevents muscles from showing through the skin. The effects of male lipo are more prominent with a healthy diet and exercise program.

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Every medical procedure comes with some level of risk. When you choose a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, the risks of male liposuction remain low. The liposuction procedure carries a risk of infections, but these are easily treated. In rare cases, the procedure can cause fat embolisms or heart and kidney problems. However, these can be avoided if you have been medically cleared to undergo male lipo by your cosmetic surgeon and follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your surgeon closely.

The Procedure

Male lipo targets fatty deposits under the skin in areas such as the chest and abdomen. During the procedure, the surgeon removes these areas of fatty tissue using a thin tube called a cannula. A small incision functions as an entry point for the tool before the fat is suctioned out.

The procedure involves general or regional anesthesia and is considered an outpatient surgery, which means you can usually go home the day of the procedure.


According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, theaverage cost of liposuction is $3,637. Health insurance is not likely to cover the procedure, since lipo is considered elective surgery.

Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty or nose job refers to the reconstruction of the nose. Men who opt for the procedure may use it to reshape the nose or improve breathing function, or both.


Male rhinoplasty aims to help the nose complement the rest of the facial features, including the chin, cheeks, and eyes. The surgery can help to balance facial symmetry and minimize the appearance of imperfections that may be present on the bridge of the nose, as well as eliminate a bulbous tip.


The desired result of men’s rhinoplasty is to make the nose prominent and powerful with distinctive features. The surgeon strives to make the nasal tip less rotated so the angle between the lip and nose falls within 90 to 95 degrees.


The risks of complications associated with men’s rhinoplasty include ongoing nosebleeds, swelling, scarring, numbness, and difficulty breathing through the nose. You can minimize risks by collaborating with a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty procedures for men.

The Procedure

There are three possible approaches to male rhinoplasty. These include open surgery, closed surgery, and nose narrowing.

With open surgery, an incision is created between the nostrils. This allows the surgeon to alter and reshape the tips of the nose.

Closed surgery, which is the most common, involves incisions that are hidden on the inside of the nose. This also helps in hiding any scars that develop after the incisions heal.

The third method involves a narrowing of the nose. With this method of surgery, the nasal bones are altered in shape to artistically match the face for a natural appearance.


Rhinoplasty can cost between $5,000 and $15,000, depending on what needs to be altered and the methods used. Insurance is unlikely to cover this elective cosmetic surgery.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery for Men in LA

Otherwise referred to medically as blepharoplasty, male eyelid surgery helps to reverse the signs of aging on the eyelids. This technique is typically chosen by men as they reach their mid-thirties but can be performed at any age onward.


Male eyelid surgery helps to remove excess skin and fatty tissue from the eyelids and surrounding areas. The procedure can make the man look youthful beyond his years, as well as rejuvenated and alert. In some cases, the procedure can enhance the man’s eye shape.


Having male eyelid surgery performed gives men a lifted and youthful appearance. There won’t be puffiness, loose skin, or excess tissue that we typically associate with age. The eyes will appear alert and healthy with a dramatic effect on the rest of the face.


Risks to men when having eyelid surgery include a detached retina, glaucoma, dry eyes, and other eye issues. Your cosmetic surgeon will discuss these risks before clearing you up for surgery. You should also ensure you are working with a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in men’s blepharoplasty.

The Procedure

Eyelid surgery for men can be performed in different phases. For the upper eyelids, the surgeon aims to remove excess fat and skin. A small incision is created inside the natural folds of the upper eyelid. This hides scarring and allows for the removal of excess skin along with pockets of underlying fat. Once the skin and fatty tissue are removed, the incision is closed and hidden inside the upper eyelid fold.

The male version of blepharoplasty allows for contouring of the incision so that the lid has less skin and fat removal. This is a distinct difference from the female version of the same cosmetic surgery to provide a more masculine appearance.

Lower eyelid surgery seeks to repair under-eye bags that can make the man appear overly tired. During this phase of the procedure, fatty tissue and excess skin are removed from the lower eyelids. In some cases, fatty tissue is transferred to certain areas of the lower eyelids to repair hollowed-out areas (volume loss) that can result from age. This provides a more natural contour.

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The average cost of eyelid surgery is $4,120, with insurance unlikely to cover the cost because the procedure is considered an elective.

Male Breast Reduction

Also known as gynecomastia surgery, this procedure aims to remove excess fat and glandular tissue from the chest. The procedure can also correct puffy nipples and oversized or asymmetrical areolas.

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Gynecomastia, the condition that leads to excessive glandular growth, can mimic the appearance of female breasts. While the condition is unlikely to cause discomfort or pain, having male breasts can be embarrassing. Thus, the man’s self-esteem can take a hit. The man may also be selective of the clothes he wears and may avoid certain situations, such as swimming with his shirt off.

After gynecomastia or male breast reduction surgery, the man has an opportunity to show off his flatter and more sculpted chest. He is also likely to experience a surge of self-esteem, which could open new doors personally and professionally.

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The results of male breast reduction surgery are immediately noticeable, though some swelling may be present after the procedure. In a few weeks, post-surgical swelling will resolve, and incision lines are likely to fade. The final results of surgery can take up to six months to achieve, with the chest appearing flat and masculine in appearance.


Common risks of gynecomastia surgery include bleeding, fluid collection, bruising, loss of nipple skin, scarring, numbness, and loose breast skin. You can reduce your risks of complications by working with a gynecomastia surgeon with a solid track record of positive results.

The Procedure

The typical male breast reduction surgery involves liposuction and surgical removal of glandular tissue and fatty tissue. During the procedure, incisions are made near the nipples, which hides scarring after the incisions have healed. A liposuction cannula is inserted into the incision to suction fat from around the chest. Glandular tissue, excess fat, and excess skin are then removed to achieve a flat, masculine physique.


The average cost of gynecomastia surgery is $4,239, with insurance unlikely to cover the costs.

Tummy Tuck

Male Tummy Tuck in LA

A male tummy tuck aims to remove loose skin and saggy skin around the abdomen. Like liposuction, the technique is not used as a method to lose weight. Instead, men’s cosmetic surgery is meant to recontour the body to develop a leaner physique.


There are multiple benefits for men who choose to undergo a tummy tuck procedure, also referred to as an abdominoplasty. The first is that loose skin is removed, which can yield a tighter abdomen. Excess skin due to age or significant weight loss can also be cut away. Stubborn fat is extracted if diet and exercise have failed to yield the intended results. And, finally, a tummy tuck with ab-etching can help the man achieve a six-pack.

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Following a tummy tuck, the man’s abdomen can appear tight and toned. Any loose skin that was present before the surgery is removed which can give the man an impressive silhouette.


Possible complications of a male tummy tuck include bleeding, scarring, temporary numbness, and infection. The most serious complication of a male abdominoplasty is a pulmonary embolism, which is a medical term that refers to a clot in the lungs. You can minimize your risk by working with a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in male tummy tuck procedures.

The Procedure

During this popular men’s cosmetic surgery, a lower abdominal incision is created, which is usually hidden within the natural folds of the body. The navel is extracted through the new opening. Liposuction or HD-lipo for ab etching may be used to remove excess fat before excess skin is removed. The incisions are then closed to leave the abdomen flat and firm.


The average cost of a tummy tuck is $6,154, with health insurance unlikely to cover the costs.

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Men’s Cosmetic Procedures Now Available at Moein Surgical Arts

With more men choosing cosmetic surgery to return their youthful looks, the time may be perfect for you to do the same. If age is catching up to you and you wish you had a slimmer body and more attractive appearance, a few aesthetic tweaks could do wonders for your self-esteem.

Learn more by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Babak Moein. You can do so by contacting Moein Surgical Arts. Dr. Moein specializes in a wide range of cosmetic techniques, such as liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, male breast reduction surgery, and the tummy tuck. Call today to choose a time that works best for you – (310)694-4486

Cosmetic Surgeries for the Body – Enhanced Beauty from the Neck Down

Are you looking to enhance your appearance from the neck down? With one or more cosmetic procedures, you could achieve your beauty goals.

Choosing to have cosmetic surgery can be a difficult decision to make. But with the right procedure, and by choosing the best cosmetic surgeon, you can effectively tighten and improve your skin’s appearance, boost your bust, add volume to your buttocks, and so much more.

Cosmetic surgery is different from plastic surgery. Plastic surgery refers to procedures aimed at correcting birth defects and trauma from accidents, to give a couple of examples. A plastic surgeon may also reconstruct the breasts following a mastectomy due to a breast cancer diagnosis. This type of surgery is also referred to as reconstructive surgery.

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Surgeons perform cosmetic surgery procedures purely for aesthetic reasons. You may have lopsided breasts or too much sag along your abdomen. Cosmetic procedures can improve these irregularities, leading to better self-esteem.

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When it comes to cosmetic surgeries for the body, there are quite a few to mention. Here are the most popular procedures people like you are choosing every day as they visit their cosmetic surgeons in the hopes of achieving aesthetic enhancement.

Popular Body Cosmetic Surgeries for a Self-Esteem Boost


Do you struggle in the gym with the expectation of losing those last five pounds? If only you could lose those stubborn pockets of fat on your abdomen, along your lower back, and elsewhere on your body, you’d be happy with your results, right?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to spot-reduce fat deposits. Dieting and exercise only do so much. If those pockets of fatty tissue remain, liposuction may be the best way to slim down and realign your bodily contours.

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure to improve the shape of the body by removing those stubborn pockets of fat. The procedure is not intended to help you lose weight, however. Rather, it aims to etch your body into a more attractive form.

During liposuction, localized fat deposits are removed from beneath the skin using a vacuum-powered cannula, which is a thin, pen-shaped instrument. The fat is first broken up using a saline solution mixed with an anesthetic to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

Liposuction can be performed on the stomach, hips, arms, thighs, buttocks, and back. Men often use liposuction to remove fatty tissue from the chest during gynecomastia surgery, otherwise known as male breast reduction surgery.

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Since the lipo procedure tends to be mild on the body, more than one area can be contoured in a single day with this amazing and popular cosmetic surgery.

HD Lipo

HD Lipo body- Los Angeles CA

HD liposuction, otherwise known as Vaser Liposuction, uses ultrasound to break up the fat underneath the skin. This procedure is useful for removing fat deposits from strategic locations on the body to allow the natural structure underneath to show through.

VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy of Resonance, which is quite a mouthful. The ultrasound energy emitted by the VASER device liquefies fat cells before they are suctioned from the body. A tumescent fluid may also be used to further break up the fat cells and anesthetize the location.

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Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is useful for removing sagging or fatty tissue from the abdominal area. Women who have given birth and people who have lost a significant amount of weight can find the tummy tuck to be a game-changer. The procedure recontours the belly area to leave it flattered and more toned. Tummy tuck surgery can also strengthen the abdominal muscles. If you didn’t have a six-pack before, you might have one after tummy tuck surgery.

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During a tummy tuck procedure, also referred to medically as abdominoplasty, excess fatty tissue and saggy skin are removed from the abdominal region. The cosmetic surgeon also tightens and fortifies weakened or separated muscles, which further improves the bodily profile.

In some cases, tummy tucks can remove stretch marks, but only if the damage to the skin falls within the region of excess skin to be removed.

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Just as you shouldn’t think of liposuction as a weight loss procedure, tummy tucks should not be thought of as a replacement for exercise or healthy eating. Cosmetic surgery can help you improve your body after you’ve already put in the arduous work of contouring your body through natural means.

The results of a tummy tuck are permanent, but you will need to do your part to maintain your results by keeping your weight in check.

Mommy Makeover

Having children can alter a woman’s body drastically. You may be able to relate. If your body is left a bit saggy and you wish you could return your body to a younger time, a mommy makeover may be just what the cosmetic surgeon ordered.

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The mommy makeover is a grouping of several cosmetic procedures in one. The primary aim of the surgery is to help women address the effects of childbearing and age. The procedure can be used on the breasts and body to restore her pre-pregnancy appearance.

Common uses of the surgery include the correction of saggy skin along the abdomen and elsewhere on the body. With cosmetic surgeries like the tummy tuck and body lift, stretched and separated abdominal muscles can be tightened and fortified, and stubborn pockets of fat removed to attain the ideal bodily contours.

The breasts can be restored with more volume and size using breast augmentation, which uses silicone, saline, Gummy Bear breast implants, or natural augmentation using the fat transfer technique.

Benefits of Fat Grafting for Breast Augmentation

What Should You Wear to Your Breast Augmentation Consultation?

Women can also opt for a breast lift or a breast reduction. If lopsidedness is a concern, breast symmetry can be improved as well with these surgeries, which can include the correction of stretched or overly large nipples and areolas.

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Following surgery, many women rave about their bodies and the way their clothing and swimsuits fit, which makes a mommy makeover procedure well worth it for many women who don’t want children anymore.

Butt Implants

Butt Implants

If your backside is a tad flat or saggy, butt implants can give you more volume and shape where it counts. Similar to the way breast implants enhance the bust, butt implants make the buttocks rounder and more pronounced.

Butt lifts are made of silicone. The surgeon places the surgical implants into the buttocks by way of an incision created between the butt cheeks.

This cosmetic procedure is ideal for people with very little fatty tissue on the backside. It can take up to four weeks to recover from butt lift surgery.

In some cases, the surgeon can use the fat transfer technique to further enhance the buttock area. This is where fatty tissue is removed from one area of your body and injected into your buttocks to give your backside added shapeliness.

Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) also uses the fat transfer technique. The aim of the cosmetic procedure is to augment the size and shape of the buttocks without the use of butt implants.

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During the procedure, excess fat is extracted from the abdomen, hips, lower back, or inner thighs. This has the added benefit of slimming the donor area while simultaneously enhancing your buttocks.

The surgeon then injects the fatty tissue strategically into the buttock area. A talented cosmetic surgeon can recontour the buttocks with the injected fat cells for natural-looking results. The results can last many years.

Sculptra Butt Lift

The Sculptra butt lift is a non-surgical procedure that seeks to enhance the backside with an FDA-approved filler. The procedure aims to add lift and natural fullness to the buttocks.

The Sculptra butt lift is an excellent alternative to the Brazilian butt lift if your goal is to make your buttocks perkier and rounder without committing to surgery.

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Sculptra adds fullness but it also enhances the quality of your skin. The surgeon uses topical anesthesia along with the procedure to ensure you remain comfortable from beginning to end. The technique is minimally invasive and requires no downtime. There is also zero scarring.

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If your buttocks have areas that are sunken in or lacking in volume, this procedure can give your butt a fuller appearance.

Unlike other injectable fillers that only last a few months to a year, Sculptra injections are long-lasting. That means you won’t have to attend maintenance appointments throughout the year. You get an impressive backside with only a single appointment.

Arm Lift

The arm lift, otherwise referred to as Brachioplasty, aims to reshape the saggy, flabby under portion of the upper arm. You may have heard the term Bingo Wings or Bat Wings. The arm lift can get rid of the flab and sag to restore youthfulness, tightness, and slimness to the upper arms.

During the Brachioplasty procedure, the cosmetic surgeon removes excess skin and fat in order to smooth and tone the affected area. The aftereffect makes the arms more proportional to the rest of your body.

Abdominal Etching

Abdominal etching is similar to the liposuction procedure. The cosmetic surgeon removes unwanted body fat, but not all of it. You may wonder why the surgeon would leave any fat behind. The surgeon uses the excess fat that remains to sculpt and add definition to the abdominal area.

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Abdominal etching also uses a cannula, much like traditional lipo. The cannula is thinner, however, which allows the surgeon to better sculpt the abdominal region, giving you impressive results.

You would be an ideal candidate for this cosmetic surgery if you have minimal fat around your abdomen and want sculpted results you can’t seem to attain in the gym.

Body Lift

Body Lift - Los Angeles CA

A body lift is intended to remove excess fat and address loose, stretched skin along the abdomen and lower body. The results leave you with more proportional abdominal and lower body contours while leaving your skin firmer and tighter.

During the procedure, all the lower body areas are addressed. These include your abdominal area, the sides of your body, your lower back, groin area, and inner thighs.

The best part about the lower body lift is that the incisions are hidden within the natural folds of your body, which means any scarring that develops can easily be hidden with swimsuits and clothing. The incisions could be extensive, however, depending on how much work the surgeon needs to do.

In many instances, the surgeon performs the body lift procedure in stages, depending on your health and body contouring goals.

Thigh Lift

The thigh lift aims to reshape your thighs by reducing excess fat and saggy skin. The results leave your skin smoother and firmer while making your legs more proportional to your lower body.

The incisions used during thigh lift surgery depend on your body contouring goals. For the inner thighs, the incisions begin at the groin area and extend downward, where they then wrap around the backs of the thighs.

Another common thigh lift technique aims to remove excess skin from the groin all the way down to the knee using an incision that follows along the inseam.

Then there is the inner thigh lift that uses a minimal incision in the groin area only.

Your cosmetic surgeon will help you determine which technique is most appropriate during your initial consultation.

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Like the lower body lift, the incisions used during thigh lift surgery can usually be hidden with swimsuits or clothing, but the incisions still may be extensive.

The results of the thigh lift procedure leave your upper legs slimmer and more proportional, and you should see immediate results, though there may be swelling and bruising along the incision lines at first.

Are You a Candidate for Body Cosmetic Surgery?

You have now learned about several of the most popular body contouring surgeries men and women like you around the country and the world choose. When you are ready to discuss what cosmetic surgery can do for you, visit Moein Surgical Arts.

Located in Southern California, our facility is state-of-the-art with a focus on cleanliness and safety. Dr. Babak Moein and his professional staff look forward to meeting with you.

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You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Moein to discuss one or more of these procedures by calling (310)694-4486. In the meantime, imagine the possibilities, and envision yourself with improved contours as Dr. Moein and his team help you achieve your beauty goals.Cosmetic Surgeries for the Body

When Can You Resume Exercise After a Tummy Tuck? (It’s Sooner Than You Think)

The tummy tuck is a popular cosmetic surgery that promises to give you shapelier curves and a flatter tummy in a single surgical session. Patients often choose a tummy tuck after significant weight loss, where there is still some belly fat left behind and a bit of abdominal sag. Women also choose this ab-shaping procedure following childbirth and breastfeeding, which can help return their mid-sections to pre-pregnancy conditions.

Many people want a tummy tuck because they have become more aware of how their body looks, particularly in a bathing suit or in the nude. The belly area can be particularly frustrating because even strict dieting and arduous physical activity can fail to remove the last few pounds from the abdominal area. A tummy tuck can help.

However, some people hold back on signing up for a tummy tuck. Why? They fear being ‘down for the count’ for an extended period of time during tummy tuck recovery. What if they overeat while they cannot move their bodies? Won’t the tummy tuck results simply become undone? Why spend all that money if you can’t exercise like you normally would to keep the excess pounds at bay?

If these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, you’re in good company. A common question cosmetic surgeons often get is:

“I want to stay fit after my tummy tuck. When can I exercise again?”

To answer that question, it helps to understand what takes place during tummy tuck surgery, the importance of the recovery period afterward, and how it is still possible to retain your results even as you rest. And believe it or not, your absence from exercise after tummy tuck will not last that long. You will be back to your normal routine before you know it, looking better than ever, we might add.

Why Do Men and Women Choose Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Tummy Tuck Surgery in LA

In addition to removing excess fat and saggy skin, the tummy tuck tightens and strengthens your abdominal muscles. This is important for mothers to know if they are considering a tummy tuck. The abdominal muscles can become weakened during childbirth. The tummy tuck can give you a tighter midsection, improved control over your abdominal muscles, and can help with involuntary incontinence, not to mention back pain.

Here’s something else mothers considering the tummy tuck may not know. Stretch marks can be removed using the procedure, but only if they appear within the area where excess skin will be removed.

For all others, the tummy tuck takes around two to four hours, and when you wake up, you will have noticeably slimmer abdominal contours, and a flatter belly. Some swelling may occur after the surgery but will subside, allowing the true results of the procedure to shine through in a matter of weeks.

“What Can I Expect During Tummy Tuck Surgery?”

The medical term for a tummy tuck is abdominoplasty, which refers to the surgical removal of excess fatty tissue and skin from the abdomen. Tummy tuck surgery is often used as a component of mommy makeover surgery, which allows women to transform their bodies with multiple surgeries in one session. Examples of mommy makeover procedures include breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, and Renuvion for added skin tightening.

The surgery can also be used by itself, sometimes along with liposuction, to make your abdominal section appear more youthful and attractive.

The surgery begins with the anesthesiologist placing you under general anesthesia. You will not be awake during the procedure, so you will not feel a thing, nor will you remember anything about the surgery after you wake up in the recovery area.

Once you are under the effects of anesthesia, the cosmetic surgeon creates an incision along the lower portion of the abdomen. The incisional line runs just above your pubic bone and extends to your hips.

It should be noted that there are different types of tummy tucks, including mini and full tummy tucks, which require different incision lengths. The procedure we’re describing is a full tummy tuck.


It is at this stage that liposuction can be used. You can also opt for High-Definition Liposuction (HD-Lipo) for even deeper abdominal etching. The liposuction procedure gently suctions the fat out of the abdominal area. Imagine, all those hours of dieting and exercising, and a machine can do the work in minutes. But this rapid fat removal is what makes the tummy tuck so popular.

Once the fat is sufficiently removed, the surgeon pulls the abdominal muscles taught and reattaches them to fortify the abdominal wall. The belly button may be repositioned for natural placement, and to add symmetry to your newly shaped curves.

Excess skin can be removed from the abdominal area at this time before the skin is tightened and sutured in place.

After surgery, when you open your eyes, you will find yourself in a recovery staging area. The nursing staff monitors your vital signs closely to ensure your wellness and safety as you briefly recover from your successful tummy tuck surgery.


Is a Tummy Tuck Procedure Painful?

Is a Tummy Tuck Procedure Painful?

You don’t notice how much you use your abdominal muscles for every movement until they are sore from something like tummy tuck surgery. You may feel some soreness and tenderness around the abdominal area following the abdominoplasty procedure. This is part of the healing process.

While you do feel soreness, it is important that you do not exercise. Not only would working out be uncomfortable for you as you heal from a tummy tuck, but any strain you put on the area could cause damage to your hard-earned results.

But what about exercise after tummy tuck? Finally, the part you came for.

Timeline from Tummy Tuck Surgery to Exercise

Day of Surgery

Patients typically remain in the recovery area of the surgical center for up to 24-hours after the tummy tuck is completed. You are then released to a trusted friend or family member. Your surgeon gives you post-operative instructions to follow, so you can comfortably rest at home.

The information given by your surgeon includes care tips for incision wounds, ways to prevent swelling, and infection prevention advice.

As you settle in at home, you could find it difficult to sit up or stand without assistance. This is a normal experience during recovery. Your ability to sit and stand unassisted should improve day by day.

Your surgeon gives you a compression garment to wear for four to six weeks. This prosthetic device provides adequate pressure to the surgical site to aid with blood circulation. This in turn helps speed the healing process while also preserving your results as the wounds from surgery close.

Week One

As you recover, you may start feeling more yourself after the first week. It is important to refrain from exercising, even if you feel like a low-impact workout will help scratch that itch.

Your surgical incisions are still healing, and you could still feel pain or discomfort as a result. There might also be swelling and post-op fatigue.

Take it easy. Your results will be better for it, and this time will pass quickly, at least in hindsight.

Two Weeks After Tummy Tuck Surgery

Fourteen days have passed since your tummy tuck surgery. Your doctor has already cleared you to return to work, depending on how you make your living. A desk job is easier on a post-tummy tuck patient than a job that has you on your feet all day. Construction and other labor-intensive jobs may require longer recovery times before you are cleared to return for duty.

Since you’ll be back at work, you may get an inkling that exercise might be okay. Try to go a little longer without exercising. Your core muscles should not be subjected to strain at this time.

Rest and Recovery Week Three and Four

Recovery after Tummy Tuck

By week three, you begin to rejoice. Your surgeon has cleared you for light exercise after tummy tuck. You should continue working out lightly for at least four weeks post-operation. The tummy tuck leaves your abdominal muscles stronger, but only if the surgical wounds heal properly. You should avoid ab-heavy exercises like sit-ups, crunches, planks, squats, lunges, and weightlifting.

By light exercises, your surgeon means walking and easy biking.

Six Weeks Following Your Tummy Tuck Procedure

By week six, you are back in the weight room if that’s your preferred way to work out. That’s right! You are back to your regular exercise routine by the sixth week, though you should still be vigilant. Be aware of signs that you are pushing your body too far or working your abdominal muscles past the point of comfort.

Start slowly and work your way back up to the monster routine you were accustomed to prior to tummy tuck surgery. Since normal exercise routines vary, you’ll just have to trust yourself when enough feels like enough. Talk to your surgeon for details about your specific case.

What About Working Out (In the Bedroom)?

Waiting six weeks to lift weight is one thing. Are you also supposed to refrain from getting sweaty between the sheets?

You should never be embarrassed to talk to your surgeon about when it is safe to resume sex after a tummy tuck. Your surgeon will recommend you wait at least two weeks following a tummy tuck. Even then, go easy, and let your partner do all the heavy lifting.

Don’t Forget About Sleep

Sleep after Tummy Tuck

Getting enough sleep at night helps with tummy tuck recovery and gives you better results following exercise. Immediately after your procedure, within the first week, try not to sleep on your stomach. Only sleep prone if your abdominal muscles no longer feel sore.

Many tummy tuck patients find sleeping with pillows propped up underneath their knees and head helps to reduce discomfort. This position, known as the semi-Fowler’s position, can be used for up to two weeks after surgery to avoid straining the surgical area. A recliner also works.


By now, you are well-versed on what to expect from tummy tuck surgery. You are also more aware of how long you have to wait before you can resume strenuous activities like spinning, Cross-Fit, and heavy lifting.

Six weeks is usually the time it takes to go from the tummy tuck to your regularly scheduled exercise routine. Although, you could be back to light exercise four weeks after tummy tuck surgery. That’s nothing!

To make the recovery process go by faster, make a list of fitness goals you want to accomplish once you are cleared for regular workouts, and take the time to watch videos and study up on your routine so you know how to proceed once your surgical area has healed. By then, you’ll be able to engage in light exercise, strenuous exercise, and cardiovascular exercises to your heart’s content. A killer routine might just transform your entire physique, now that you’ve done your part to attain a flatter, more youthful belly with tummy tuck surgery.

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Scarless Cosmetic Surgery for Discreet Improvements

Scars sometimes act as a deterrent for cosmetic surgery. People fear that their skin will be left with raised lines or potted marks. This is completely understandable. The reason people get cosmetic surgery is to improve their appearance. Having noticeable scars left behind by the procedure defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

If scars have kept you from attempting to improve your looks with one or more cosmetic techniques, there are now procedures that can help you look your best without noticeable scars.

Otherwise known as scarless cosmetic surgery, these procedures are available at a cosmetic surgical center near you.

Want to turn back the clock on your appearance and improve your body contours? Call Moein Surgical Arts in Southern California to schedule a consultation with Dr. Babak Moein.

Why Are Scarless Cosmetic Surgery Results Important?

Scarless Cosmetic Surgery Results in LA

Enhancing your appearance without dealing with noticeable scars is one of the best ways to show love to yourself. Through the use of one or more treatments like facelift, breast lift, arm lift, thigh lift, and tummy tuck, you have the opportunity to regain your youthful shape and self-esteem.

How Does Scarless Cosmetic Surgery Work?

In the world of cosmetic surgery, there are different types of scars. Some procedures leave an inevitable scar, such as the tummy tuck. Removing excess skin and tightening the abdominal area causes trauma to the area, and a scar is the natural mending of that tissue as the surgical wound heals.

When we use the term “scarless,” unfortunately, we don’t mean the area will have zero scarring. Technology does not yet exist where we can cause trauma to the skin and not have it produce some sort of scar.

That being said, scarless techniques are minimally invasive, which means the scars they cause are very tiny. Once healed, the idea is to produce a scar that is hardly noticeable at all.

There is another element at play when you choose the area’s best cosmetic surgeon. Cosmetic surgeons are specially trained to reduce the appearance of scars. While the surgeon is performing the procedure, any incisions made are located within natural skin folds. This makes them nearly invisible, hence the term “scarless” to describe these amazing aesthetic enhancements.

What Types of Scarless Plastic Surgery are Available?

Cosmetic surgery clinics today offer a wide range of procedures that reduce the appearance of scars. It will leave the area looking more beautiful and natural.

All you have to do is decide where you want the skin tightening, body contouring, and skin rejuvenating effects to take place; on your face, body, or both.

Facelift/Neck Lift

A scarless facelift, otherwise referred to as a vertical facelift, helps to avoid the too tight or pulled-back look that accompanies more traditional facelift techniques. Without noticeable scarring behind the ears, you’ll be able to show your face confidently because the incisions are hidden and virtually invisible.

During the vertical facelift procedure, the skin of the face is separated from the underlying tissue. The underlying muscles are then elevated by vertically repositioning the facial muscles so that they achieve a more youthful look.

The benefits of having a facelift without scars extend to the neck and jaw, giving your neck improved contours and your jaw greater definition. These enhancements work together to add symmetry and turn back the clock on the way you look, all without unsightly scars.

Arm Lift

The scarless arm lift solves the problem of saggy, flappy upper arms. Crude nicknames are sometimes given to these problem areas, such as bat wings or bingo wings. The idea is that the saggy skin continues to flap like a bat or wave whenever the person raises their hand to call “Bingo!” during the game of the same name.

The biggest issue women have with saggy upper arms is that the area is resistant to diet and exercise. No matter how hard you work, your upper arms will never return to the tone you may have enjoyed in your youth.

The traditional arm lift leaves an inevitable scar, like the tummy tuck. The procedure involves an extended incision that moves from the armpit to the elbow. The scar can be obvious with the regular arm lift, which is sometimes a deterrent for people looking to reduce upper arms sag.

The scarless arm lift offers an upper arm reduction without noticeable scars.

Technological advancements in radiofrequency assisted skin tightening now allow for controlled heat to the upper arm area. Controlled thermal fields allow for the coagulation of subcutaneous fat. The high-energy beam also heats the fibrous septa (connective tissue), and papillary dermis (inner skin layers), which causes the skin and tissue to retract. The effect is similar to how shrink-wrapping works, except it occurs on the skin of your upper arms.

The procedure offers instant and noticeable skin tightening with continued contraction over the course of twelve months, without scars, and with minimal downtime.

Breast Lift

Breast Lift in LA

A traditional breast lift (mastopexy) is a cosmetic surgery aimed at rejuvenating breasts that have become droopy or saggy due to changes caused by age, genetics, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

During a trad breast lift, the surgeon positions the breasts higher on the chest. The surgery may also involve the rejuvenation, resizing, and repositioning of the areolas.

Unfortunately, the traditional breast lift can produce scarring. The incision made during the surgery starts at your nipple and extends to the undersides of each breast. This can sometimes produce a scar that is red and raised, but the scarring should heal and become more invisible with time.

A scarless breast lift produces no visible scars and will leave your breast tissue firmer and more youthful in appearance.

The no-scar breast lift uses a small cannula, which is a thin rod that is inserted through tiny incisions. The cannula produces a current under the skin’s surface, which then produces a thermal field that condenses the breast tissue.

The electrode-powered cannula also heats the fat cells and papillary dermis of the breast, which further adds tightness and suppleness to the treatment area.

Thigh Lift

Much like saggy skin on the upper arms, the upper thigh area tends to be resistant to healthy eating and aerobic exercise. The skin may appear saggy, dimpled, and thicker than you would prefer.

A traditional thigh lift can treat the area, providing more improved contours and tighter skin. However, there is typically a scar left behind. The cosmetic surgeon will attempt to hide scarring in the crease between the front of your upper thigh and the pubic area.

The scarless thigh lift is a minimally invasive procedure that works to smooth and tone the thigh area. The procedure is ideal for skin laxity issues, otherwise crudely referred to as “thunder thighs.”

The scarless thigh lift uses the technological wonder known as Renuvion, which uses J-Plasma to heat and constrict the skin on and around the upper thighs.

A small incision is made on the upper thighs. The incision itself is less than a centimeter in length and acts as an entry point for a tumescent solution, which is injected under the skin to numb the treatment area.

Next, the Renuvion handheld device is inserted into the opening, which releases an energy beam composed of a combination of helium gas and radiofrequency energy. Together, these energy sources make plasma energy, which simultaneously heats and cools the treatment tissue. The treatment affects skin collagen, causing it to constrict.

While the treatment produces noticeable tightness on the upper thigh area, over time, skin elasticity and skin laxity will dramatically improve. The changes continue to take effect for a full six to nine months following the scarless thigh lift procedure.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck in LA

The tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures performed in the United States. The surgery is aimed at the removal of excess skin and the tightening of lax tissue on and around the abdominal area. The abdominal muscles are also tightened and strengthened, which contributes to a flatter belly and enhanced abdominal curves.

The traditional tummy tuck requires a horizontal incision that runs just above your pubic area. While the scar tends to shrink and disappear over time, the scarring can be noticeable for a time following the traditional tummy tuck procedure.

Cosmetic surgeons are trained to place the abdominal incisions as low as possible, making any scarring that develops easier to hide with a bathing suit or underwear.

A scarless tummy tuck doesn’t require a strategic bikini or high-waisted underwear because the scars that occur are nearly invisible.

The no-scar tummy tuck uses Renuvion combined with liposuction or HD-Lipo to remove unwanted skin and fatty tissue. The abdominal skin is left tighter and firmer without obvious scars.

Amazing (Scarless) Results Require Technology & Technical Skill

We can thank technological advancements in plastic and cosmetic surgery for the development of these new scarless methods. However, it is important to note that all devices, including Renuvion, HD-Liposuction, and others, are only as effective as the doctor using them.

These sophisticated tools require an artistic touch, measured thoughts, and years of hands-on experience to produce consistent, safe, and impressive results.

As a cosmetic surgeon who is regarded for his superior technical skill, friendly bedside manner, and aesthetic excellence, Dr. Babak Moein possesses the unique ability to recontour your face and body with these scarless procedures.

Dr. Moein continues to perfect and innovate his skin tightening and scarless techniques. The possibilities are endless when it comes to surgery without scars. The question remains: What would you like to improve about yourself? Being afraid of scars is no longer an excuse.

With these scarless procedures, you can get cosmetic surgery without everyone knowing. The results look natural and last for years with proper maintenance.

What Discreet Cosmetic Enhancements Are Calling Your Name?

When you look in the mirror, do you see more sag, skin laxity, and aging skin than you’d like? You don’t have to live with problem areas that leave you feeling anxious, depressed, and with low self-esteem. Call us in Southern California to schedule a consultation with Dr. Babak Moein. This one phone call could lead to the surge of self-confidence you deserve.

Disclaimer: The FDA has not approved the use of Renuvion for cosmetic use. The FDA has approved Renuvion for coagulation of tissue only. The specific advanced use of this new technology for skin tightening still remains investigational. The off-label use of Renuvion is only suitable for specific groups of patients with minimal skin laxity. Many devices initially have a general use approval and, with time, the expanded indications are approved to popularize usage. If you are a suitable candidate for Renuvion, Dr. Moein will discuss this information with you to ensure your understanding and comprehension before opting for the Renuvion procedure.

2022’s Hottest Cosmetic Surgery Trends

Can you believe it’s already 2022? Experts predict a major uptick in cosmetic surgery this year. This is your chance to keep up with the Joneses by selecting one or several of the hottest cosmetic procedures.

Americans spent more than $9 billion on cosmetic procedures in 2020. This is despite a ban on elective surgeries that affected many plastic and cosmetic surgeons during that year. In 2021, even more people signed up for cosmetic surgery, prompting some experts to call last year the “heyday” of cosmetic procedures.

In 2020 and 2021, many facial procedures became popular because of a phenomenon that has collectively been referred to as Zoom Gloom, characterized by people being unhappy with the way they look while video chatting.

The Zoom Gloom trend saw both men and women signing up for the facelift, facial fillers, Kybella double chin treatment, eyelid surgery, and rhinoplasty (nose surgery).

By the end of 2021, the request for facial procedures began to wane, with more patients signing up for body contouring to improve their outward appearance. These included requests for surgeries like natural breast augmentation, the Brazilian butt lift (BBL), liposuction, and the tummy tuck.

In 2022, experts predict a mix of both face and body procedures. Many patients may even look forward to multi-tasking, where a cosmetic surgeon performs several procedures during a single surgical session.

Let’s delve into the hottest cosmetic surgical trends we can expect this year. Who knows? You may get some ideas on how to improve yourself as we progress further into 2022.

Facial Cosmetic Surgeries Still on the Rise

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty in LA

This cosmetic procedure involves the reshaping of the structure of the nose. The technique can correct aesthetic irregularities and improve breathing. The results help the nose appear more attractive and in better proportion with the rest of your facial characteristics. Rhinoplasty continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries worldwide.

Facelift Patients Getting Younger

The facelift used to be reserved for patients entering their fifties or sixties, but no longer is that the case. Many thirty and forty-somethings are now opting for facial rejuvenation using this time-honored cosmetic surgery.

The surgery aims to correct the skin folds, loss of volume, and wrinkling that can appear on the face at a certain age.

You can correct these signs of aging with a single facelift procedure. The facial tightening method can also treat gaunt cheeks, sagging under the chin, and jowls.

The minimally invasive surgery uses small incisions, which minimizes scars and downtime, and is typically an outpatient procedure.

If you have laugh lines, fine lines, wrinkles, a thick neck, or lack jawline definition, a facelift can do wonders for your appearance.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery can rejuvenate the upper or lower eyelids for a dramatically new look.

The surgery aims to correct excess fat and skin that can cause drooping and bags under the eyes. Instead of looking tired all the time, eyelid surgery makes you appear more youthful, alert, and refreshed.

Kybella Double Chin Treatment

The first and only injectable meant to eradicate the excess fat under the chin continues to be a hot cosmetic surgery trend.

The FDA-approved procedure is non-surgical and non-invasive, making it a simple outpatient procedure you can have on your lunch break.

Kybella treatment is a safe and effective injectable that treats submental fullness, which is the medical term for fat underneath the chin.

Subdermal fullness can be caused by weight gain, aging, and genetics, but the synthetic deoxycholic acid (which is naturally found in the body) works instantly to dissolve the fat cells.

The procedure is permanent and may require one or multiple 30-minute sessions, depending on the severity of the condition.

Body Contouring on the Rise

The COVID-19 lockdowns contributed to weight gain for many people. Some even called it the quarantine 15, which represents the fifteen pounds on average gained by some as they were forced to remain indoors during the pandemic.

If you have an elevated BMI that indicates you are obese or morbidly obese, you might benefit from bariatric surgery. Procedures like the gastric sleeve and gastric balloon can help you drop the excess weight quickly while improving your body and health.

Whether you lose weight via weight loss surgery or on your own, significant weight loss can sometimes result in hanging skin. Cosmetic body contouring can help to reshape the body, giving you a more attractive silhouette and a boost of self-esteem.

Traditional Liposuction and Hi-Def Lipo Treat COVID-19 Weight Gain

Liposuction and Hi-Def Lipo Treat COVID-19 Weight Gain

Liposuction and other similar procedures aim to treat weight gain due to the lockdowns and stress of dealing with a pandemic.

Liposuction has remained one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for many years. During the procedure, the surgeon makes small incisions near the treatment site. Lipo aims to remove stubborn pockets of fat; those last few pounds that are difficult to shed even with heavy dieting and exercise.

Once the incisions are created, a mixture composed of an anesthetic and saline solution is used to break up the fatty tissue, making it easy to extract. A long tube known as a cannula is inserted into the incisions before the fat is suctioned out.

Hi-Def or HD Liposuction is another procedure you can choose. HD-Lipo takes traditional liposuction a bit further, allowing you to unleash your body’s true potential.

You might also hear this technique referred to as VASER Lipo or VASER Hi-Def liposuction. This method uses high-powered sound waves to break up the fat.

VASER liposuction not only extracts the superficial layers of fat that allow your musculature to show through, but cosmetic surgery visibly improves your skin quality with long-lasting results.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) to Erase Belly Fat

The tummy tuck can give you a flatter abdomen when cutting carbs and engaging in grueling workouts isn’t quite doing the trick.

This cosmetic surgery is another popular one on our list. The tummy tuck is safe, effective, and proven to give dramatic results.

During the procedure, an incision is made along your abdomen and just above your pubic area. Any excess fat and skin that exists along the belly area are extracted and removed. The surgeon may also do liposuction to further eradicate fat from the treatment site.

The flaps of skin are pulled tight and reconnected, giving you a flatter tummy, devoid of saggy skin or extra padding.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

This body contouring procedure gives your backside a more significant volume and improved shape.

The BBL uses fatty tissue that is first extracted from a donor site on another part of your body.

Popular donor sites include the upper thighs, upper arms, and abdomen. This gives you the added benefit of slimming one area down while improving the volume of another – namely, your buttocks.

The fatty tissue is sterilized and treated before it is injected into your backside for volumizing results.

BBL procedures can be paired with an upper thigh lift to give the buttocks and legs a more contoured look.

Natural Breast Augmentation

Natural Breast Augmentation in LA

There are a few different breast surgeries you can choose as a cosmetic surgery patient.

Breast lift is for saggy breasts and breast reduction is for overgrown breasts. There is also breast augmentation that uses breast implants to give the breasts more volume and improved shape.

There is another popular breast surgery that is proving to be a hit this year already.

Natural breast augmentation, like the BBL, also uses your own fatty tissue.

Select the donor site where there is excess fat to donate, and you can have plumper breasts using your own fatty tissue.

Natural breast augmentation gives subtle yet ultra-realistic results and can be used with or without breast implants.

More People Will Combine Procedures in One Surgical Session

With the advent of the mommy makeover and daddy do-over, more people are coming to the conclusion that they can improve multiple body parts in one session.

Having more than one surgery performed at a time minimizes your exposure to anesthesia, which in turn improves safety.

You also only have to recover once, which means you don’t have to take too much time off work.

The mommy makeover and daddy do-over are personalized cosmetic procedures that help to reinvigorate the body after events like childbirth and following years of aging.

If your body sags, if you notice more wrinkles than before, and if you wish you had a flatter tummy, you can get all those body parts worked on at once, helping you reclaim your confidence, and feel more beautiful inside and out.

A Focus on Safety

Along with the above list of popular cosmetic surgeries, more patients seem to be focused on safety when they come in for their scheduled consultations. This is a very good thing. Safety is paramount at Moein Surgical Arts and at other reputable and board-certified surgical centers.

You should only tolerate transparency from your cosmetic surgeon. Ask about the risks involved with the surgery and how to mitigate those risks. Do your own research as well, so that you can cross-reference the answers with factual information you glean from reputable sources.

Cosmetic surgery is very safe. Millions of people undergo procedures every day, and in surgical centers all over the world. As long as you are aware of the risks and put forth effort into finding the best cosmetic surgery, you too can have dramatic results without worry.

Ready to Discuss Cosmetic Surgery in the New Year?

With 2022 in full swing, isn’t it time for you to improve the way you look?

Which part of your body or face would you like to improve?

What about a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, or a Brazilian butt lift?

Learn more about these procedures, the risks involved, their costs, and whether insurance will pay for cosmetic surgery by visiting or calling Moein Surgical Arts. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Babak Moein right now by dialing (310)694-4486.

Getting Cosmetic Surgery in Secret: Is it Possible

Getting cosmetic surgery is one of the best ways to feel more confident about your appearance.

But what if you don’t want everyone to know you’ve had surgery? Is it possible to keep a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, or other types of cosmetic surgeries secret?

The answer is yes, you can experience slight alterations of your face and/or body without letting the world in on the fact you’ve had work done.

Cosmetic procedures run the gamut from simple dermal fillers to more complex mommy makeovers. No matter which surgery you opt for, you should be able to keep your surgery concealed. You can do so by following a few simple steps, which we’ll delve into in a moment.

Cosmetic surgery can do wonders for the way you look. And it can help you feel much better about yourself.

Here are some things to think about if you’re considering having surgery and keeping it a secret, along with a glimpse at the other side of the coin, where you confidently shout to the world you’ve undergone your procedure of choice.

Should You Tell Anyone About Your Cosmetic Surgery?

Keep Cosmetic Surgery a Secret in LA

The fact is, having a cosmetic procedure is solely your business. If you don’t want to tell anyone, that is entirely up to you.

There are some cosmetic surgery patients who are so secretive about their procedures they don’t even tell their spouses. You don’t have to go to that extreme. In fact, it might benefit you to let a few select people in on your clandestine operation.

Aside from you and your doctor, it might help to let your boss know so that you can get time off for recovery. Then again, your recovery could always be disguised by telling your boss you’re going on ‘vacation.’

If you have a best friend, that person can help you during your recovery period. It also helps to have a confidant you can rely on when in recovery. Someone you can lean on if your mood gets too low or who can take care of you as the anesthesia wears off after you return home from the surgical center.

Other than a few people, it is entirely possible to keep cosmetic surgery under wraps.

Or you can go with the incognito method and try not telling anyone at all.

How to Keep Cosmetic Surgery a Secret

The best way to hide the fact you’ve had cosmetic surgery is to follow three simple rules.

Form a Plan

Aside from scheduling the day of the procedure, you’ll want to plan adequately for your cosmetic surgery recovery period. Depending on the procedure you want, you should expect at least a few days of downtime. Some surgeries like the facelift and tummy tuck might require a week or more in recovery. This means you’ll want to schedule one to two weeks off work far in advance.

Once again, you don’t have to tell anyone the reason you are taking time off. Just make sure you give yourself the necessary amount of healing time.

Part of healing is making sure any swelling you experience during surgery is subsidies. It’s that swelling that will give away the fact that you’ve had surgery. Without so much swelling, you’ll have an easier time keeping your procedure close to the vest.

Inform Your Doctor

Your doctor may be able to help retain your secrecy. For facial surgery, for instance, the best cosmetic surgeons can safely reduce swelling and bruising, which makes the surgery easier to cover up.

Your doctor may also have tips for wearing makeup, using ice packs, and applying special creams and lotions to help with swelling, bruising, and scarring, respectively.

Wear the Right Clothes

Some cosmetic surgeries can be covered up with the strategic use of your wardrobe. Breast augmentation can be disguised with frilly tops, for instance, while the Brazilian butt lift can be hidden with baggier pants.

What is Your Cosmetic Surgery Cover Story?

Cosmetic Surgery Cover Story

What happens if you return to work after recovering from cosmetic surgery only for people to start asking you, “Did you have work done?”

They can’t quite put their fingers on it, but people around you suspect that something is different.

If you don’t want to divulge that you underwent a cosmetic procedure, you should at least have some sort of cover story in mind.

For any “slimming” surgeries like liposuction, the tummy tuck, the arm lift, and the thigh lift, you can simply tell everyone who asks that you’ve started a new diet and are already seeing fantastic results.

For facial surgeries that aren’t as easy to mask, consider wearing new makeup and going with a new hairstyle immediately after returning to work following your procedure.

You can then chalk up your newly altered appearance to a few distinct changes instead of calling attention to your nose (rhinoplasty), eyelids (eyelid surgery), forehead (Botox cosmetic or brow lift), or your entire face (facelift).

Choose the Best Cosmetic Surgeon

The best way to hide cosmetic surgery is to ensure you do your homework when choosing your cosmetic surgeon. A good surgeon can deliver results that look as natural as possible. These surgeons are able to give you an altered appearance that is subtle yet dramatic for a better version of yourself.

Why Do You Want to Keep Cosmetic Surgery a Secret?

There are several good reasons for wanting to hide your cosmetic surgery from the world.


You might feel that cosmetic surgery is your business and nobody else’s. That statement is 100% correct. You are entitled to your privacy, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Fear of Judgment

There used to be a stigma against getting cosmetic surgery, but that was in the past. Today, cosmetic surgery is much more commonplace. You are less likely to be judged for having surgery than just five years ago.

Still, you might want to keep your surgery a secret to keep from being gossiped about around the water cooler at work, for instance. That’s perfectly understandable and, again, you have a right to your privacy.

Reasons to Tell Others About Your Cosmetic Surgery

On the other hand, there are two excellent reasons you might want to tell others you’ve had cosmetic surgery.

You Might Inspire Others

You can tell everyone you’ve gone on a diet or that you’ve tried a new hairstyle, or you can be proud of your decision to undergo a cosmetic surgical procedure.

Once you have made the decision to have cosmetic surgery, you have already spent hours researching the procedure and learning all you can about the technique in question.

All that knowledge you gained could come of use to someone who is just now thinking about surgery. One of your friends, family members, or co-workers might be considering the same surgery you opted for. Wouldn’t you like to help if you could?

Even if the surgery they want is different than the one you chose, your insight could help the person learn more about the various stages involved with cosmetic surgery, including the consultation with the cosmetic surgeon, scheduling the procedure, undergoing surgery, and the recovery period afterward.

You Have Permission to Let Your Confidence Soar

Let Your Confidence Soar

Most people undergo cosmetic surgery because they want to feel better about the way they look. They might have a defect they’ve been wanting to correct for years, such as a flabby tummy or excess breast growth for men.

By having cosmetic surgery, your confidence can experience a major boost once your results are achieved.

As a result of surgery, you’re suddenly holding your head up a little higher. You feel as though you want to show your face instead of hiding it away. That’s the power of cosmetic improvement, and you should never feel as though you have to hide from that major surge of self-esteem. Nor should you feel shameful for doing something as important as this for yourself.

So, instead of keeping things a secret, don’t be afraid to show off your cosmetic surgery results. Feel free to shout to the world that you’ve had work done, and feel confident that you made the best decision for yourself.

Regardless of your reasons for having surgery, whether or not to tell others is completely up to you. By now you have a fair and balanced approach to both scenarios. You can keep your surgery a secret and no one has to know with the proper planning and cover story.

Or you can tell others and be proud of your decision and confident in your new appearance, while potentially helping others who are thinking along the same lines.

And if you’re just now considering surgery and this is all part of your discovery phase, the next step is to schedule a consultation with a skilled and highly trained cosmetic surgeon.

Ready to Discuss Cosmetic Surgery and the New You in 2022?

Since we are headed into a New Year, now is the best time to revamp your appearance. You can do so with cosmetic surgery. And, as if we’ve demonstrated, you don’t have to tell a soul about it.

You can find the procedures you’re most interested in by calling Moein Surgical Arts to schedule a consultation with the world-renowned aesthetic surgeon, Dr. Babak Moein.

At Moein Surgical Arts, we are committed to providing you with a safe and comfortable experience. Board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Moein, has helped thousands of patients achieve their aesthetic goals using popular procedures like breast lift, facelift, eyelid lift, and Brazilian Butt Lift. And now, he looks forward to helping you. To learn more or to schedule your consultation, call us today throughout Southern California at (310)694-4486.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Provides 10 Life Benefits

Of all the cosmetic surgeries being requested today, the tummy tuck or abdominoplasty ranks fourth among them.

Around 150,000 people a year choose abdominoplasty, which is meant to tighten and tone your abdomen during a session that lasts between one and five hours.

When saggy skin and excess fat lead to alarming distress, a tummy tuck can give you improved contours and boosted self-esteem.

As if a flatter stomach and improved confidence weren’t enough, here are ten more life benefits you can receive by signing up for this amazing cosmetic procedure.

1- Removes Belly Fat

Age and pregnancy can make it more difficult to lose the last few pounds that will lead to flatter abs.

Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back with this All-in-One Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

A tummy tuck can remove the extra padding on your abdomen so your tummy is flat just like it may have been when you were younger.

Without so much stomach fat to contend with, your silhouette will look more streamlined. You’ll have curves in all the right places, and you’ll feel much more self-assured while wearing garments like lingerie or exercise wear.

How much fat can you lose? While a tummy tuck should never be used as a weight-loss technique, it is possible to lose up to eleven pounds of stubborn belly fat.

A cosmetic surgeon will ensure you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck before recommending you for surgery. One of the requirements for surgery is being close to your ideal weight. That means you should be within five to ten pounds of your base weight for your height according to the BMI scale with excess fat on your abdomen you want to remove.

2- Corrects Abdominal Sag

remove annoying pockets of fat in Los Angeles CA

Age, pregnancy, and extreme weight loss can all lead to a layer of excess skin that hangs from the abdomen. Yours may be minimal or it could be severe, in which case you could face other problems, such as rashes and fungal infections within the skin folds.

A tummy tuck doesn’t only remove annoying pockets of fat. The procedure also involves the removal of excess skin. It’s possible to lose up to two to five pounds of saggy skin with an abdominoplasty procedure.

As an added benefit, the tummy tuck also tightens the mons pubis, which is the area where that inverted pyramid of pubic hair tends to grow. If before you had a fat pad there, the tummy tuck can make the area flatter and more attractive. Tummy tuck surgery can even enhance the appearance of your butt and breasts.

For additional body sculpting benefits, ask your cosmetic surgeon about pairing your tummy tuck with aesthetic treatments like liposuction or HD liposuction.

3- A Solid Core

A little-known benefit of the tummy tuck is that it can give you greater core strength. You may not realize how much your core comes into play in all the things you do. Without a strong core, you face flexibility, mobility, and even comfort issues in the future. A tummy tuck can strengthen your core, which can add to your quality of life.

4- Hernia Protection

A hernia is caused by organs that poke through a weakened abdominal wall.

A tummy tuck can be paired with hernia surgery to eliminate two problems with a single surgical procedure. But it’s also possible to prevent future hernias with abdominoplasty. Having a stronger abdominal wall makes it less likely that hernias will form later in life.

5- May Eliminate Potty Accidents

Urinary stress incontinence (SUI) is a common and embarrassing problem. If you find yourself releasing urine every time you sneeze, cough, or exercise, you might know all about SUI.

A tummy tuck can eliminate SUI by giving you better bladder control. The abdominal wall acts as a support for many organs around your pelvis, including your bladder. Strengthening the abdominal wall fortifies the area around the bladder, letting you hold your urine more securely until it’s time to go.

6- Stand Up Straighter

good posture is important and standing after tummy tuck surgery in Los Angeles CA

Having good posture is important and standing with your spine aligned has many benefits. Not only is it excellent for self-esteem and health, but it also contributes to how you’re viewed by others.

A tummy tuck can improve your posture as a byproduct of giving you stronger and more durable abdominal muscles. With a more aligned spine and your shoulders back, you’re sure to experience improved mental outlook, health, and confidence.

7- Abdominal Tone

An abdomen covered with a padding of fat and saggy skin can appear dimpled, wrinkled, and misshapen. A tummy tuck removes all that tissue to give you a flatter tummy you won’t mind showing off. Whereas before you may have avoided certain clothing on account of your bigger belly, you’ll have more tone to the area after a tummy tuck.

You’ll still need to perform abdominal exercises to get a six-pack or to add definition to the area, but you won’t have all that excess fat and skin getting in the way.

If you’re worried about scarring after a tummy tuck, you’ll appreciate the fact that the incision made during surgery is hidden by underwear or swimwear. The incision is placed just above the pubic region, allowing you to keep your procedure secret.

8- Motivation to Improve

You may not feel like working out when you have excess body fat weighing you down. Saggy skin staring back at you in the mirror can also demotivate you from working out. Before you know it, what was intended to be a workout session turns out to be a Netflix session on the couch.

A tighter, stronger abdomen following a tummy tuck can make you look forward to exercising. Having a flat tummy may cause you to begin wondering what else is possible now that you’ve jumpstarted your body transformation.

To add to your motivation, you’ll find it easier to exercise than before. You won’t have all that tissue moving around and blocking your movements. This can further entice you to move your body. You might even find yourself trying more advanced workouts now that you look and feel so good.

If you worry about controlling your weight enough to preserve your tummy tuck effects, there’s more good news. The abdominoplasty procedure affects hunger and fullness hormones, making you feel less hungry and fuller faster after meals. This can further help you stay on course and keep your weight stable for long-term tummy tuck results.

9- Can Erase Stretch Marks!

Pregnancy, while one of life’s gifts, unfortunately, leads to stretch marks. If your stretch marks exist along the abdominal area where there is also excess skin and fat, your surgeon might be able to eradicate your “tiger stripes” entirely.

10- Remove an Insecurity

a modern style with tummy tuck surgery in Los Angeles CA

Even the most confident people among us have some part of themselves they’re unsure about. When you have physical insecurity, like saggy skin on the abdomen, a tummy tuck can give you a new lease on life. You may not realize how much your insecurities dictate the way you live your life.

After a tummy tuck, you may find yourself choosing a modern style of clothing you wouldn’t have considered before.

You might choose daring swimwear where before you wouldn’t have dared.

You might have newfound confidence to branch out into new social groups, or to try new activities.

A tummy tuck could open all new doors, especially if it’s paired with other procedures for a more complete transformation, such as making abdominoplasty part of a Mommy Makeover.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

To receive these stellar tummy tuck results, you need to qualify for cosmetic surgery first. You are considered a suitable candidate for abdominoplasty if you are in good physical health with a healthy, stable weight. If you smoke, consider quitting at least six months before your procedure to enhance healing and reduce the risk of complications.

You should also have realistic expectations for what a tummy tuck can give you, which is quite a lot. Better posture, a flatter tummy, and a boosted life quality? Who wouldn’t want to sign up for that? Just know that a tummy tuck cannot make your abdominal area resemble that of a singer, model, or movie star. That’s what is meant by having realistic expectations. Your abdomen will still be yours. It’ll just be made to look flatter and more attractive through surgery.

Find out if you are an excellent candidate for the tummy tuck procedure, which uses techniques like liposuction to give you excellent results and surging self-confidence, by contacting us at Moein Surgical Arts. We help men and women look their best from head to toe. Call us in Los Angeles, Encino, or Glendale to discuss the tummy tuck and what it can do for you – (310)694-4486.

Best Ways to Sleep After Facelift & Abdominoplasty

Sleeping well after procedures like the facelift and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is the best way to get the most impressive results.

The facelift and tummy tuck happen to be two of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed today. They are both major surgeries that can dramatically alter your appearance.

The facelift can give you tighter, younger skin on and around the face.

Abdominoplasty can give you a narrower midsection and tighter abs.

This advice would also work well with other major cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lift, and the arm lift/thigh lift. Studies show that getting a good night’s sleep following these procedures helps your body heal more efficiently. That’s just what you want when recovering from cosmetic surgery.

While the facelift and abdominoplasty are unlikely to be performed together, the way you should sleep after surgery works for both aesthetic procedures. Here are some tips that can help you get deeper, more rejuvenating sleep as you return from the cosmetic surgical center and begin to heal at home.

Why is Sleep Important After Cosmetic Surgery?

Sleep Importance after Cosmetic Surgery

A good night’s rest is important for health reasons, period. Without sleep, you face a whole host of problems, including daytime sleepiness and general illness. Sleep helps to regulate your mood, digest food better, and think more clearly. Your body also operates more efficiently when you get a full amount of sleep each night.

After cosmetic surgery, you need quality sleep to curb inflammation and improve blood flow between your body’s tissues and cells. The deeper you sleep, the faster your incisions and affected tissues will heal, and the quicker you’ll see your cosmetic surgery results.

There is one additional reason sleep is so important. Sleep tends to make the brain more resistant to pain stimuli. That means that quality sleep can more or less function as a low-level pain medication, free of charge, and without a prescription. All you need to do is rest deeply, which can be done by adhering to the following deep sleep habits.

Deep Sleep Habits for Cosmetic Surgery Patients

Following aesthetic surgeries like the facelift and abdominoplasty, you can forget about sleeping on your stomach for a while. Likewise, if you are used to sleeping on your side. You’ll have to get used to sleeping on your back, at least until your body has fully healed.

Sleep On Your Back with Your Head Elevated

During the initial healing process, do your best to stay on your back with your head elevated. Keep this position throughout the night and until morning. Doing so has three primary benefits.

Less Swelling: Keeping your head and body elevated cuts down on the amount of fluid that accumulates near the incision sites. With less fluid, you’re able to reduce swelling which can improve both comfort and healing times.

Incision Protection: Laying on your back keeps your pillow and sheets from rubbing against the incisions around the face after a facelift and around your abdomen after abdominoplasty. This lets the incision sites heal as you restfully doze.

Maximized Results: Sleeping on your back will help you maintain the aesthetic look your cosmetic surgeon gave you.

Practice Early

Practice Sleeping

The time to start practicing sleeping on your back and upright is around two weeks before your procedure. This helps you adjust to the position naturally. You’ll also be able to tweak your position until you find the techniques that work best for you.

Sleeping in a recliner might be a good idea, at least for a few days following surgery. If you don’t want to go that route, opt for a firm mattress, and lay with a pillow or two under your knees. If you tend to roll in your sleep, place extra pillows around your body to keep from tumbling over in the night. This position should keep you comfortable enough to heal properly after the facelift or abdominoplasty surgery.

Prepare Your Bedroom

While you’re practicing your sleep habits a couple of weeks early, you can go the extra step by cleaning your house, preparing some meals, and tending to any chores that will make your living space comfortable enough for a good night’s rest. You may also want to invest in room darkeners, which can help you achieve a deeper sleep.

Ease Stress

Many people find themselves incredibly stressed when they have cosmetic surgery. They’re worried about their results. If you’ve taken the time to find an experienced cosmetic surgeon, chances are low that you will have complications. These issues should be discussed with your surgeon beforehand, but the time immediately following your surgery is definitely not the time to worry. Try your best to relax. Only when your mind and body are completely at ease can you hope to achieve fast and effective healing.

Care for Any Swelling

If you notice areas swelling after your cosmetic surgery, use a cold compress to reduce the swollen tissue. Press lightly against your skin with the compress for thirty seconds, then remove. Repeat this cycle for around fifteen minutes. You can do this routine each hour as needed. The cold in the compress helps to reduce inflammation and slow blood flow, which helps to make the swelling less prominent.

Move Around

Active Woman

During your waking hours, try to get as much activity as possible (as long the activity methods are okayed by your doctor). Getting your body moving by briskly walking, for example, improves your circulation, which aids in healing. You’ll also set yourself up to sleep a little deeper come evening.

Cut Back on Caffeine

To get the most rest, try to reduce your energy drink and caffeine consumption to the absolute minimum. At the most, stop drinking sleep-disrupting beverages by three to five in the evening, depending on your level of sensitivity. These drinks can either keep you awake at night or rob you of the deepest sleep, neither of which are good for proper healing.

In short, getting enough sleep promotes proper healing and is necessary for attaining the most beautiful and long-lasting results after a facelift, abdominoplasty, or any other major cosmetic surgery.

To learn more about cosmetic surgery and what it can do for you, call Moein Surgical Arts in Los Angeles, California to schedule a consultation with Dr. Babak Moein(310)694-4486.

Best Belly Fat Buster – Tummy Tuck or Liposuction?

Belly fat – we all hate it. Losing fat on your belly area is a common goal of any diet and fitness program. Yet no matter how much you restrict your eating or bust your butt working out, the belly fat remains.

To get rid of your stubborn abdominal fat, you may have considered cosmetic surgery. Popular procedures like the tummy tuck and liposuction are aimed at removing excess fat from the abdomen. You can use liposuction on other areas of the body, including the arms, thighs, and back.

This leads to an important question: Which cosmetic procedure is best for erasing belly fat from your abdomen, the tummy tuck, or liposuction? It helps to learn about both procedures to determine the answer.

How Much Belly Fat Can the Tummy Tuck Eradicate?

The tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is indeed able to remove excess fat from the stomach area. The procedure results in a flatter tummy and is excellent if you have tried everything possible to lose that last bit of pudge without success.

The tummy tuck has an added side benefit. Many patients who seek out the tummy tuck have weakened abdominal muscles due to age, childbirth, or genetics. The tummy tuck can strengthen your abs, leaving your abdomen tighter with an improved contour.


Liposuction for Removing Belly Fat

Liposuction is ideal for erasing belly fat if you have small fatty deposits on your abdomen. It is good at reducing bulges caused by excess fat while giving your abdomen more attractive curves. Like the tummy tuck, liposuction can make your stomach significantly flatter.

As you can see, both cosmetic surgery procedures offer similar results. To help you identify which procedure might be right for you, it helps to understand the differences between the tummy tuck and lipo by comparing the two.

How are the Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Surgeries Performed?

After you have been prepped for tummy tuck surgery, which includes putting you to sleep using general anesthesia, your surgeon will make an incision along the bottom portion of your abdominal wall. With your abdominal muscles exposed, your surgeon will sew the abdominal muscles together if they have become stretched apart. The surgeon will pull the skin over the abdomen before removing the excess tissue and closing the incision. The tummy tuck takes around two or three hours and is performed as a single procedure.

Unlike the tummy tuck, when you undergo liposuction, you may only be sedated intravenously. Your cosmetic surgeon will also apply a local anesthetic to your midsection. When the area is thoroughly numbed, your surgeon will make a tiny incision along your abdomen. A thin tube known as a cannula is inserted into the incision, which the surgeon will use to loosen the fat cells. The surgeon will then use a medical vacuum to extract the excess fat before closing the incision. You may undergo a few sessions of lipo before achieving the intended results.

What do the Results of the Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Look Like?

The results of the tummy tuck are permanent unless your weight fluctuates, or you go through pregnancy. Both bodily issues can stretch out your stomach, undoing the results of the tummy tuck surgery.

Liposuction tends to give you a flatter and more proportional midsection. The fat cells that were removed will stay gone permanently, but lipo cannot guard against future weight gain. You can accumulate fat on your midsection after liposuction, just not in the same areas that were suctioned.

Are There Risks in Connection with the Tummy Tuck or Liposuction?

Risks for Tummy Tuck Surgery

All surgeries come with a potential for side effects and risks. The tummy tuck and lipo are no different. Both surgeries are low risk but chances of experiencing complications do exist.

Possible complications of the tummy tuck include changes in sensation at the treatment area, the accumulation of fluid, and tissue necrosis.

With liposuction, the chances of risk increase the larger the area the doctor works on. Potential risks of the second most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States include numbness, fluid accumulation, and contour irregularities.

What is Recovery Like for the Tummy Tuck and Liposuction?

When you wake up following tummy tuck surgery, the surgical site around your abdomen will be covered with a surgical dressing. The surgeon will change the dressing several times for health and recovery reasons. Your surgeon will also provide you with a “belly binder” which is a compression garment that helps with circulation and healing.

You should be up and walking around within a day or so. The doctor will encourage you to walk to prevent blood clots from forming. Your surgeon may prescribe pain relievers and antibiotics to ease discomfort and reduce the chances of infection. The doctor may also place surgical drains within the surgical site for up to two weeks.

After six weeks, the healing process will be complete. You will still engage in follow-up appointments with your doctor so the doctor can assess you for proper healing. Your surgeon will advise you to avoid any positions that stretch your abdomen, such as bending backward, which can pull against the incision.

Liposuction recovery depends on the size and number of treatment sites. For belly fat removal, liposuction offers little to no downtime. Because the cosmetic procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, you should be back to your typical activity levels within 48 hours.

Your cosmetic surgeon will advise you to hold off on weightlifting and heavy exercise until he or she says it’s acceptable to proceed.

Which Belly Fat Buster is Right for You?

Fit Woman after Belly Fat Buster

When it comes to removing belly fat, both the tummy tuck and liposuction can help you attain a flatter tummy. With the tummy tuck, you get the added benefit of stronger abdominal muscles.

The downtime may be a bit more intense with a tummy tuck, but it should pass quickly. Both procedures can give you the results you seek, but they may not leave your abdominal area toned. For tighter abs and slimmer tummy, consider pairing the tummy tuck with HD Lipo, which enables your surgeon to remove the superficial fat that hides your body’s musculature. The result is a more toned midsection, without downtime.

Learn more about the tummy tuck and lipo – and see if you’re a good candidate – by contacting Moein Surgical Arts in Los Angeles. We also help men and women throughout Encino and Glendale. You can schedule a consultation for the tummy tuck or liposuction with Dr. Babak Moein by calling (310)694-4486.

5 Myths About Tummy Tucks Dispelled

You work hard in the gym to get a flat, toned tummy. But what if you can’t lose those last few pounds? What if your belly still shows a bit of fat, despite a grueling diet and vigorous exercise program? Should you starve yourself? Or should do what millions of men and women have already done, which is to undergo a tummy tuck procedure?

Tummy tuck surgery (otherwise known by its medical term abdominoplasty) is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures. During the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon helps you attain a flat and tight tummy by removing excess fat and skin from the midsection while simultaneously making the abdominal muscles tighter and stronger. The results leave you with a toned and sculpted tummy that can last for years with proper maintenance on your part.

Before you sign up for this cosmetic surgery procedure, make sure you are well informed. You can do that by doing away with several myths that still persist about this amazing aesthetic surgery. Here are the ones that permeate most often.

Five Common Myths About Tummy Tucks

Abdominoplasty - Tummy Tuck Myths

Myth #1: The Tummy Tuck is for Everyone

Truth: The first myth we’ll dispel is that the tummy tuck is right for everyone. In fact, abdominoplasty is best performed on individuals who are close to their ideal weight for their physique and who are otherwise healthy and active. The best candidates also have sagging or loose skin on their stomachs and they want it gone for good.

Myth #2: Tummy Tucks Help You Lose Weight

Truth: Many people believe that a tummy tuck is meant to help you lose a substantial amount of fat from your midsection. While it is true that liposuction is used in many tummy tuck procedures, the aim of surgery is to give you a tighter tummy, not help you lose weight.

If you are significantly overweight, your cosmetic surgeon may recommend that you get closer to your ideal weight before considering tummy tuck surgery.

Myth #3: Tummy Tuck Results Can Be Obtained Through Diet and Exercise Alone

Truth: Diet and exercise are the best ways to attain a slim physique and flat tummy naturally, but diet and exercise may not work for everyone. What if you have stubborn pockets of fat on your midsection? No matter how much you deprive yourself and how hard you work out, those fat pockets may not budge.

A tummy tuck can remove those last few pounds off your belly to reveal a flatter, firmer midsection.

After surgery, the surgeon encourages you to diet and exercise to maintain your results. Keep in mind that weight gain after a tummy tuck can skew your results in the years to come.

Myth #4: Tummy Tucks Are for Women Only

Tummy Tucks Only for Women

Truth: It is true that tummy tuck surgery is the fourth most popular cosmetic surgery for women. This is due to the procedure’s ability to reverse many of the changes that occur due to pregnancy and childbirth. These changes include stretched skin and weakened abdominal muscles.

As such, you will often find tummy tucks included with the mommy makeover procedure, which is an entire suite of cosmetic surgeries aimed at helping women restore their pre-pregnancy bodies.

So, while women did make up 96.8% of tummy tuck procedures performed in 2018, many men have since then realized that they too can enjoy the amazing benefits of abdominoplasty. In fact, the tummy tuck is the fifth most popular surgery for men. While men don’t have to worry about pregnancy and childbirth, men are not immune from developing a dad bod.

Significant weight loss, heredity, and age can leave men with stubborn belly fat. It will also cause loose skin just like women after childbirth. That means, whether you are a man or a woman, a tummy tuck could be just what you need for a tighter abdomen and greater self-esteem.

Myth #5: Tummy Tucks Are Better for the Young

Tummy Tucks Are for Young People

Truth: You should never let your age deter you from wanting to improve your physique. Studies show that abdominoplasty is safe, even for older adults.

This should fill you with relief if you have been wanting to achieve a flatter tummy but feared you were too old to seek it out.

As long as you are physically healthy, don’t smoke, and are able to achieve and maintain a healthy, stable weight, you might be an excellent candidate for a tummy tuck procedure.

You should also have realistic expectations. The best way to understand the level of results you can expect is to schedule a consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

If you live in Los Angeles and wish to speak with an experienced cosmetic surgeon who has an excellent track record with the tummy tuck procedure, call Moein Surgical Arts, the home of esteemed cosmetic surgeon Dr. Babak Moein.

During the consultation, you will meet with Dr. Moein via telehealth communication or a sit-down meeting. This allows the doctor to answer your questions. It will also alleviate your concerns and inform you about the realistic results you can expect by undergoing abdominoplasty.

If your tummy leaves a bit to be desired, and you have loose, saggy skin, and weakened abs, you only have to take the next step. Call us today to choose a time for your consultation that is best for you.

Is Tummy Tuck Scarring A Necessary Aspect of Cosmetic Surgery? How to Minimize Abdominoplasty Scars

You are considering a tummy tuck – the surgical way to get a flatter, firmer tummy – but you wonder about the after-effects.

Most importantly, you’re worried about scars.

Sure, the tummy tuck can give stronger abs and a flatter midsection. The procedure can even be paired with a secondary cosmetic procedure like liposuction to remove large amounts of fat, leaving your tummy in the state you want – flat, firm, and as enviable as can be.

But what good is liposuction for removing belly fat if you’re going to be left with a scar? Is there anything that can be done about scarring to fade or erase them entirely? And are scars really necessary with the tummy tuck procedure?

These are all common questions patients ask when considering tummy tuck surgery. If you are considering a tummy tuck, you are not alone. The tummy tuck has remained one of the top five cosmetic surgeries for many years, sharing the list with breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery. A tummy tuck is also a popular procedure to include with the mommy makeover procedure.

And many patients worry about the scarring afterward. However, you will be happy to know that many patients hardly go on to worry about any scarring they experience. That’s because they are too focused on their excellent results!

Yes, there will be scars after the tummy tuck is over, but they can be hidden. A skilled cosmetic surgeon can even make them disappear completely or merge them with other scars.

It helps to understand how your cosmetic surgeon performs a tummy tuck, so you can be prepared for the location and appearance of any scars you may experience.

How is the Tummy Tuck Procedure Performed?

Otherwise known as abdominoplasty, the tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes excess fat and skin around the abdomen while restoring strength to weakened abdominal muscles. The tummy tuck should never be used for weight loss. But if you are at or near your ideal weight and have trouble losing those last few pounds of belly fat, the tummy tuck procedure can give you the aesthetic results you want.

What Aesthetic Outcome Can You Expect from a Tummy Tuck?

The end result of a tummy tuck is a smoother

The end result of a tummy tuck is a smoother, firmer abdominal profile. Your cosmetic surgeon accomplishes this by removing the excess skin and fat around your belly and waist. All that flab will be gone by the time you wake up from surgery, leaving behind a flatter abdomen in a single cosmetic surgery session.

A Tummy Tuck Can Remove Stretch Marks

An unintended but positive result of the tummy tuck is that it can sometimes remove stretch marks and excess skin in the lower abdomen area, below the belly button. That’s the area people have the most trouble with. The procedure cannot remove stretch marks located elsewhere on the abdomen.

Is Scarring Necessary with a Tummy Tuck?

Any time an incision is made on the skin, scarring can result. The tummy tuck procedure is no different. Your plastic surgeon needs to reposition the skin around your belly button and remove sagging skin and fat between your belly and pubic area. That requires incisions to be made so that your surgeon can get to the inside of your abdominal wall.

The incisions are made in a horizontal oval or elliptical formation. The technique allows your surgeon to access the connective tissue overlaid on top of the abdominal muscles. Those muscles are sutured during the tummy tuck to make them tighter, and stronger.

The best cosmetic surgeon will make every effort to minimize scarring as the area is stitched together. However, in most cases, a scar after a tummy tuck is inevitable.

Can a Tummy Tuck Scar Be Hidden?

Tummy Tuck Scar Be Hidden

The scar left behind by a tummy tuck is often hidden in an area that is naturally obscured by underwear or a swimsuit. The resulting scar will be placed in a natural crease area on your body that is hardly noticeable at all, especially as the scar fades over time.

You can get a better idea of where the scar will be located along your bikini line by bringing underwear or bikini bottoms to your surgical planning appointment.

Do You Have a C-Section Scar?

If you have previously had a Cesarean section, your plastic surgeon may be able to merge the C-section scar into your tummy tuck scar for a less noticeable effect.

After-Care Matters

Following surgery, your cosmetic surgeon will give you a supportive abdominal garment to wear. Otherwise known as an abdominal binder, the garment will help with blood flow, and prevent blood clots, contributing to a faster healing experience.

You can also ask your doctor about shapewear for tummy tuck recovery. These garments contribute to faster healing after a tummy tuck, and can help the scars feel better, especially as you move beyond the prescribed abdominal garment.

As part of your post-surgery instructions, you will be told to watch out for infection. Check and clean the incision areas daily. Doing so will keep your scar clean and healthy, potentially reducing its appearance. Cleaning the tummy tuck treatment area also reduces your risk of infection.

What if You Still Experience Tummy Tuck Scarring?

Your tummy tuck scar should be mostly healed after twelve weeks or so. For some, the scar takes as long as a year to fully heal.

During that time, there are steps you can take to minimize the scar’s appearance.

Apply Vitamin E to Minimize the Appearance of Scars

Applying vitamin E to your tummy tuck scars

Applying vitamin E to your scars can help to keep the abdominal area moisturized. It could also minimize their appearance over time. Make sure you use 100% vitamin E oil and that you only use it once per day for the first couple of months.

As the scar heals, massaging it can further help with blood flow and the healing process.

Discontinue use if vitamin E causes an adverse reaction or skin irritation.

Watch the Sun Exposure

Scars are made of new skin and may react differently than normal skin in sunlight. The scar could become darker than the other skin under heavy amounts of sun, which could cause it to stand out even more. Using sunscreen on your scar for at least a year after surgery has been shown to help with darkening. Look for a formula made specifically for scars at SPF 30 or higher.

Surgical Treatments for Tummy Tuck Scars

Your cosmetic surgeon can inform you of procedures designed to minimize or erase scars such as the ones left behind after a tummy tuck. Steroid applications and steroid injections can get rid of scars that appear raised, red, and thick.

Laser treatments are also available. These are the same lasers that are used in spider and varicose vein treatments. The lasers collapse the tiny blood vessels on the surface of the skin that lead to redness. Laser resurfacing can improve the tone and texture of the scar, while at the same time resurfacing the skin around it. As the area heals following laser therapy, the scarred skin is replaced with healthy collagen, which further improves the color and texture of the treatment area.

There are two more procedures that can help you erase scars. Surgical scar revision can help the scar tissue match the color and texture of your normal skin. Your cosmetic surgeon uses a combination of topical treatments and minimally invasive procedures, along with surgical revision techniques. The scar will still be there after the area heals, but it will be far less noticeable.

Punch grafts make a small hole in the skin with a handheld tool. The scar is removed and replaced with skin from another area around the body, such as behind the ear. Like surgical scar revision, you will still have a tummy tuck scar after a punch graft, but the area will be smoother and less noticeable.

Have You Considered Vaser Lipo?

Vaser Liposuction is a new cosmetic procedure that can give you amazing results without surgery. When used on the abdomen in place of a tummy tuck, the VASER device eradicates fat to etch out your body’s musculature underneath. Instead of merely giving you a flat tummy, VASER gives you that etched and “shredded” appearance. And since the handheld VASER device has a long and narrow tip, the cosmetic procedure can be used on even the smallest areas of your body, but also the larger ones. Some common areas patients choose to treat with VASER include the jowls, behind the knees, backs of the arms, upper thighs, and buttocks.

But when used on the abdomen, the fat is completely removed for a flatter and firmer midsection. VASER Lipo uses soundwave energy to break fat apart and remove it safely. The soundwaves heat the treatment area, which emulsifies the fat like traditional liposuction but has the added benefit of tightening and toning the skin on and around the midsection. Your abdominal skin becomes more youthful with a healthy glow. Coupled with the fat loss, and your belly will look like that of someone much younger, and in terrific shape.

The best part is that, since VASER only requires tiny incisions for the tip of the device to be inserted, there is minimal scarring left behind. Any scars that are left usually fade with time and are hardly noticeable after about a year.

How Does VASER Compare to the Tummy Tuck?

Cosmetic Surgeon

The tummy tuck is a body contouring procedure that is considered major surgery. As with any surgery, there can be serious complications with a tummy tuck, not only because of the risk of infection like we just mentioned. There is also the chance of excess fluid leakage for several weeks after the procedure, and redness or puffiness at the incision site. The underlying tissue could become inflamed, and you could experience slow wound healing.

These serious complications are rare and can be largely mitigated by taking the time to find a qualified cosmetic surgeon for your procedure. The bottom line is, a tummy tuck can be risky. Your doctor can employ drainage tubes and prescribe certain medications to help with any tummy tuck side effects you may experience.

VASER Leaves Minimal Scarring Behind

VASER, on the other hand, requires tiny incisions. The procedure takes around an hour or so to complete, and the recovery time is fast. While you may find yourself resting for a few weeks to recover from a full tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck, depending on how extensive your sagging skin happens to be, with VASER Liposuction, you could be back to work before you know it.

Both a tummy tuck and VASER can give you an enviable tummy. However, VASER gives you the scarless tummy tuck, which before now has been unheard of in the industry.

The tummy tuck requires a longer incision while VASER needs a shorter incision. The VASER scars will be there, but they will be hidden to the naked eye, in most cases.


While a tummy tuck can get you ready for swimsuit season in record time, you will be left with a scar. You can minimize the look with the scar by:

  •  Putting time into finding the best cosmetic surgeon
  •  Asking plenty of questions about scarring following a tummy tuck
  •  Adhering to all post-surgery instructions, such as keeping the scar clean
  •  Applying Vitamin E and sunscreen to the scar while massaging the area for improved blood flow
  • And finally, you can opt for cosmetic procedures like surgical revision or a punch graft

The bottom line is that your scar can be minimized. It will be tucked away in your pubic area, which is usually covered.

Don’t focus on the scar a tummy tuck might leave. Focus on the end result: A new you, with a flatter and firmer tummy, and surge of new confidence.

Or you could go with VASER Lipo, the newest way to erase the belly fat without surgery, and without the scars. A scarless tummy tuck that tightens and tones the loose skin on and around your midsection at the same time?

What are you waiting for?

As luck would have it, the best cosmetic surgeon for tummy tucks has an accredited surgical facility near you. Dr. Moein of Moein Surgical Arts is a body contouring specialist and can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Dr. Moein can minimize scarring so that the eye is drawn to your fabulous new frame. See if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure by calling our office to schedule a virtual consultation.

New “Scarless” Tummy Tucks – Your Chance to Get a Flatter & Firmer Midsection Without the Blemishes!

Do you hate your tummy?

Is it a bit squishier than you would prefer?

Sure, you could hide it with a high-waisted bathing suit while at the beach or pool

But wouldn’t you rather have a flat and firm midsection you can proudly show off?

Conventional wisdom says to do more crunches, cardio, and to engage in extreme dieting to shrink your stomach down.

Or you could go for a conventional tummy tuck.

However, a tummy tuck can be expensive and often leaves you with scars.

Now, a new FDA-approved technology is allowing cosmetic surgery patients to experience a flatter and firmer tummy with scarless tummy tuck.

Known as Renuvion, this minimally invasive procedure can give you the midsection you crave.

Renuvion - Los Angeles CA


It’s perfect for the beach or pool or for any clothes you decide to wear.

The best part is that it’s affordable, offered at a cosmetic surgeon’s office near you, and doesn’t leave you with a single visible scar.

Here’s more about this impressive tech that is taking the world by storm.

What is Renuvion and How Does it Work?

Renuvion is a skin-tightening procedure that can make your squishy tummy flat as a board.

The technology is known as J-Plasma and uses helium-activated radiofrequency energy to make the skin tighter. It gives you the impressive tummy you crave, no extreme dieting required.

Your cosmetic body contouring surgeon wields a hand-held device that delivers the energy waves to the undersurface of the skin.

There is a tiny incision that is made which allows for the energy transfer, but the cut is hidden in the natural folds of your skin, which hides the scar after it heals.

The energy that is delivered under the skin is in the form of a small plasma flame which heats the underlying tissue and stimulates the production of collagen. Because of this process, the skin is triggered and begins to tighten and shrink.

This process is referred to as subdermal coagulation. It’s much the same way the egg whites will coagulate when heat is applied. The same thing happens to the tissues underneath the skin.

The procedure takes less than an hour (usually around 45 minutes) and is completely safe and effective.

While you will notice results right away, the true results of the procedure will happen over time.

That means that you will continue witnessing the tightening of your abdominal skin for a full six to nine months after the initial procedure.

An Alternative to Abdominoplasty (Traditional Tummy Tuck)

For years, the conventional tummy tuck was the only cosmetic way to achieve a sculpted abdomen.

The tummy tuck was the preferred procedure because it removed excess abdominal fat and treated skin laxity.

The tummy tuck was the preferred procedure - Los Angeles CA


The downsides of the tummy tuck are long recovery times, leftover scarring, and the high price tag.

The recovery time for a traditional tummy tuck is between six weeks to a few months. Many people don’t have the luxury of allowing themselves to heal for that long.

The scar that results from a tummy tuck runs from hip bone to hip bone and is often visible afterward.

As far as the fees, the tummy tuck usually comes with a price tag that averages between $11k and $12k, with all associated fees included. The Renuvion procedure, meanwhile, runs about half that amount.

If you have more abdominal fat than you would prefer, as a bonus, the Renuvion procedure can be combined with liposuction or even HD Lipo to remove unwanted fat and get rid of the excess or loose skin, leaving you with a tummy that is perfect for any swimsuit you choose to wear.

Although Renuvion technology is a powerful technology to tighten the abdominal skin it does not work on everyone as it depends on the degree of skin excess. At times we can combine a mini tuck to address excessive skin below the belly button and address the excessive skin above with Renuvion. These combination operations are powerful means to achieve the best result with minimal scarring.

Who is a Good Candidate for Renuvion Tummy Tightening?

The scarless tummy tuck, which is when you combine Renuvion with liposuction (or HD Vaser Lipo), can give you the flatter and firmer midsection you crave without damaging the surrounding tissues or lengthy recovery periods.

This procedure may be ideal for your situation if you:

  • Experience mild or moderate amounts of abdominal skin laxity
  • Recently given birth and have loose skin after pregnancy
  • Have aging skin that has lost its elasticity
  • Have localized pockets of fat around the midsection
  • Are generally healthy with adequate abdominal muscle quality
  • Have realistic expectations for your results
  • Desire a more youthful physique and “toned” tummy
  • Worry about long scars following your tummy tightening procedure

It should be noted that Reunion skin tightening is not a solution for eliminating large amounts of excess skin, which is typical after extreme weight loss, multiple pregnancies.

Other Benefits of a Renuvion Scarless Tummy Tuck

When J-Plasma or Renuvion is combined with Vaser liposuction, you’re not forced to rest in bed for weeks at a time. This is one of the reasons so many patients choose and love this procedure.

Rather, after you have had the Renuvion technique applied to your tummy, along with liposuction, you only have to rest for one to three days.

This scarless tummy tuck lets you get back to work and your usual fitness routine faster than if you would have chosen the traditional tummy tuck to get the midsection you wanted.

The results look natural, there is no visible scarring, and you get to look great in your birthday suit, in any clothes you wear, and in swimsuits, whichever you prefer.

Furthermore, you can use Renuvion on other body parts as needed to tighten and firm the skin where you want it most. This includes the back, bra area, buttocks, chest, face, neck, flanks, knees, and thighs (both inner and outer).

How Long Do the Results of Scarless Tummy Tuck Last?

The abdominal tightening effects of Renuvion are designed for both men and women and are relatively permanent. With proper care, you should be able to enjoy the flatter tummy you want long into the future.

You can boost your chances of having a lifelong flatter and firmer tummy by scheduling with one of the best cosmetic surgeons available, such as Dr. Moein of Moein Surgical Arts.

Located in Los Angeles, California, Dr. Moein has a long list of impressive reviews from his loyal patients for a few major reasons.

Not only does the doctor has skills and experience, but also he truly cares for his patients and the long-term results they are able to achieve.

Schedule a Virtual Consultation with Dr. Moein to Ask About Renuvion

Dr. Moein is one of the few cosmetic body contouring surgeons offering Renuvion scarless tummy tuck at this time. This relatively new technology will soon be everywhere. This is your chance to experience the amazing results for yourself before everyone else.

Call (310) 694-4486 and choose the best time for your virtual consultation. Dr. Moein looks forward to speaking with you.


Disclaimer: The FDA has not approved the use of Renuvion for cosmetic use. The FDA has approved Renuvion for coagulation of tissue only. The specific advanced use of this new technology for skin tightening still remains investigational. The off label use of Renuvion is only suitable for specific groups of patients with minimal skin laxity. Many devices initially have a general use approval and, with time, the expanded indications are approved to popularize usage. If you are a suitable candidate for Renuvion, Dr. Moein will discuss this information with you to ensure your understanding and comprehension before opting for the Renuvion procedure.

Tummy Tuck Essentials

If you are considering getting a tummy tuck to restore the shape of your abdomen whether after significant weight loss or after child birth, there are some additional benefits you may not have even thought of.

For more information about undergoing a tummy tuck, contact Moein Surgical Arts today.

What Is It?

A tummy tuck will tighten and reshape your abdominal area and giving you a flatter and firmer midsection. During this procedure, doctors will tighten the abdominal muscles and remove excess or sagging skin. Both men and women are electing to get tummy tucks, especially after major weight loss.

If you are planning to have more children, you should postpone the procedure until you are done having kids. The reason is that during surgery, muscles are tightened, and future pregnancies could separate those muscles. A tummy tuck is also not a solution to weight loss. Healthy living is the key to losing weight and a tummy tuck is only done to firm up the midsection after weight loss has been achieved.

What to Expect After Surgery

Most tummy tucks are performed as outpatient procedures and patients return home a few hours later. It is not uncommon though in some cases for surgeons to require an overnight stay, especially after an extensive tummy tuck. Because abdominal muscles are involved, recovery time can be extensive. Patients should expect to be very sore and uncomfortable for at least the first week or so.

Patients are advised to get up and walk around but should anticipate spending the first few days resting at home. If necessary, drains could be temporarily placed at the incision site to help with fluid removal. These drains are usually removed just a few days after surgery and patients are given specific instructions for how to clean the are to avoid infection.

If you have a physically demanding job, you may need six to eight weeks to heal. Most will be able to return to their jobs within four weeks. The results of a tummy tuck can last for years. You can maintain your aesthetically-appealing look by watching your weight through a conventional diet and exercise program.

The Right Medical Team

If you are considering a tummy tuck, the professionals at Moein Surgical Arts can provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice for your situation and body type.

Dr. Babak Moein, MD, FACS is the only surgeon in Los Angeles and the few surgeons around the country who is dually trained in minimally invasive surgery and cosmetic body contouring surgery. This makes Dr. Moein uniquely qualified to help you achieve your cosmetic goals with a range of surgical and non-surgical options.

If you are considering a tummy tuck, visit Moein Surgical Arts today to see a photo gallery, schedule a consultation, see patient testimonials and live chat with a member of the team.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Can Erase Your Pesky Belly Fat

Hanging skin and stubborn fat can appear on our midsections for a number of reasons. For some of us, age causes our skin to lose its elasticity, causing it to hang. Smoking and other bad habits, including too much sun, can further lead to a belly that droops.

Women who have gone through pregnancy and childbirth can also experience a droopy belly. For others, both men and women, there is just a bit too much belly fat. The problem is that the adipose tissue that stubbornly clings to your body beneath the skin fails to respond to traditional diet and exercise.
When your belly droops or your stomach bulges, tummy tuck surgery can help.

Do You Have Weakened Abs? A Tummy Tuck May Be Right for You!

Many people with excess fat and loose skin on their abdomens also experience a weakened abdominal wall. This condition is known as diastasis recti and childbearing women are particularly at risk. Tummy tuck surgery can not only erase the excess skin and fat, but the surgery simultaneously tightens your abdominal muscles. The results leave you with a firmer abdomen and a more contoured physique.

Should You Have Liposuction, a Tummy Tuck, or Both?

You may wonder if liposuction might be the better choice when it comes to eradicating your belly fat. Liposuction can help to remove stubborn pockets of fat from the belly region. Lipo is designed for the eradication of fat cells, particularly the ones that don’t readily respond to diet and exercise. And it is true that having lipo along the stomach region is a popular choice.

However, there are a couple of reasons why you would choose a tummy tuck over liposuction. For example, liposuction alone will not tighten your abdominal wall. The tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure that can remove excess fat cells and strengthen and tighten the weakened abdominal wall. This can help to support your belly in a much more contoured way, which is appealing to the eye.
When you have excess belly fat as well as hanging skin, only a surgical procedure like a tummy tuck can help you achieve a flatter, firmer midsection. Tummy tucks can even help to get rid of stretch marks in some cases.

How is a Tummy Tuck Performed?

Tummy tuck surgery is performed after your cosmetic surgeon has had a chance to examine the treatment area during a short consultation. This examination involves an analysis of your fat deposits and an assessment of the condition of your abdominal wall. If the doctor confirms that you are a good candidate for the surgery, your surgery date will be scheduled.

You will arrive at the surgical center on the day of surgery, where you will be prepped by the surgical staff. To ensure you remain comfortable throughout your cosmetic surgery, medications will be administered to you. The tummy tuck can be performed under intravenous or general anesthesia. Your doctor will determine which type is best for you.

Once fully prepped and anesthetized, the cosmetic surgeon will make a horizontal incision from hip to hip. The incision will fall between the pubic hairline and belly button. This allows any scarring left behind to remain hidden within the natural folds of your body.

The scars left behind will be determined by the shape and length of the incision, which is made according to the amount of skin that must be removed. When the incision is made and the abdominal skin is lifted from the body, the abdominal muscles will be tightened and strengthened.

The next step involves a second incision, which is made around the navel to remove excess skin along the upper abdomen. The skin along the upper abdomen is pulled down and trimmed away before the remaining skin is sutured together.

At this stage, the surgeon cuts a new opening for the belly button. The belly button is fitted through the new hole and sutured into place. Here is where your surgeon’s surgical hands can create a natural effect once the area is healed.
The incisions are then closed using tape, clips, sutures, and/or skin adhesive. After your abdomen has healed from surgery, you will see a flatter, firmer abdomen contour when looking back in the mirror. The effect of a tummy tuck is aimed at making your abs more proportionate with your body type and weight. Speak to a qualified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts to understand the realistic results you can expect from tummy tuck surgery.

What is Healing Like After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Tummy tuck recovery can take up to three months, but don’t let that deter you. The results of surgery are well worth it, judging by the 97% customer satisfaction score on RealSelf.

Immediately after surgery, you may experience numbness or a pulling sensation at the surgical site. These sensations can persist for weeks or months. These symptoms are normal and will diminish with time. Swelling and bruising can take up to three months to go down completely. You may be asked to wear a compression garment for a couple of weeks after surgery. This constricting vest is aimed at maintaining your surgical results. The garment also improves your circulation and helps with healing.

Be mindful of the healing process when scheduling vacation plans in preparation for your new, flatter tummy to arrive. You may not see the actual results of surgery for weeks, but you can maintain the natural-looking effect of the tummy tuck for years if you manage to maintain your weight. Keep in mind that it can take longer than the general recovery period for your tummy tuck scar to fade. Ask your surgeon for tips about helping your scar fade, such as avoiding too much sun during the recovery process.

Who is a Good Candidate for the Tummy Tuck?

There’s a persisting myth that says tummy tuck surgery is only for women. Or that it’s an ideal surgery when you want rapid weight loss.

While tummy tuck surgery is the fourth most popular cosmetic surgery for women, it’s the fifth most popular aesthetic procedure for men.

To dispel the other myth, tummy tucks are not for losing excess pounds. That’s what bariatric or weight loss surgery is for. Tummy tucks are aimed at giving you a more contoured midsection.

Both men and women who are in good general health can enjoy the amazing effects of the tummy tuck. Tummy tucks can also be used in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures like breast enlargement, breast lift, and liposuction.

Does Tummy Tuck Surgery Come with Risks?

There are some people who might not be recommended for a tummy tuck for safety reasons. For example, women who plan to give birth in the future may want to hold off on cosmetic surgery. During the abdominoplasty procedure, the vertical muscles are tightened. When you give birth, those same muscles can become separated, completely undoing the desired effects. In the case of childbirth, the tummy tuck is best reserved for women who don’t plan to have any more children. These women are good candidates for the mommy makeover procedure, which is an amalgam of procedures aimed at giving the woman her pre-pregnancy body back. Tummy tucks are commonly included with mommy makeover surgeries.

Other people who shouldn’t have tummy tucks are people with chronic health conditions and smokers, as nicotine consumption can lead to slower healing, thus skewing your results. To be a candidate for surgery, it is recommended that you quit smoking before and after surgery so that you get the desired effects.

Other risks involved with tummy tuck surgery are associated with the act of surgery in general, or the negative effects of anesthesia. Examples include blood clots, infection, and excess bleeding.

You can mitigate negative health effects and reduce your chances of experiencing a complication by choosing the best cosmetic surgeon in your area. For Los Angeles, Encino, and Glendale residents of California, you are encouraged to call on the expertise of Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts.

From the moment you call our office to your experience during the consultation stage, surgery, and beyond, we will make every effort to make you feel confident that you are in the best of hands. Dr. Moein has extensive experience performing tummy tucks on men and women from all walks of life. Have a look at his before and after photographs and read testimonials from satisfied patients.

You can make Dr. Moein your cosmetic surgeon by calling us today. What tummy tuck results do you have in mind? Call (310)694-4486.

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