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Can Aging Skin Be Made to Look Younger?

Aging skin can take on a leathery appearance as the internal components that keep skin healthy begin to break down. Collagen and elastin are two key ingredients that help skin retain its youthful appearance. When the skin loses its luster and its ability to contract, we get skin that leaves much to be desired.

As if wrinkles weren’t bad enough! Now we have to worry about our skin looking more fitting on a handbag as we grow older?

Fortunately, advances in cosmetic surgery have made it possible to reverse the clock on our skin.

Using treatments like Renuvion and facelift surgery, you can enjoy reinvigorated skin. But those are only two treatments. There are a few more you should know about.

Take a journey with Moein Surgical Arts as we introduce you to the world of skin rejuvenation.

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What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery for Treating Aging Skin

Cosmetic surgery uses both surgical and alternative medical techniques to enhance your appearance.

These procedures can be performed nearly anywhere on your body, including your face. They can be used to improve the proportions of certain body parts and add symmetry.

Cosmetic surgery can also be used to improve the quality of the skin.

The procedures and techniques you opt for will depend on the location of the treatment area and the extent of the problem. Let’s explore a few of your options as someone aiming to look younger with cosmetic enhancement.

“Can Cosmetic Surgery Give Me a More Youthful Face?”

Yes! Everyone wants a youthful face.

The best treatments for skin rejuvenation on the face include facelift and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty).


During a facelift, the fat and tissue under the skin is repositioned, which smooths minor creases.

Excess skin is also removed, which helps with jowls. The facial skin is lifted and tightened, which helps the skin look noticeably more youthful.

Eyelid Surgery

The eyes are one area where age tends to show up early on. The skin of the eyelids is thin enough without adding age to the mix. It doesn’t take long for the eyelids to droop and sag once age takes effect.

During blepharoplasty, the cosmetic surgeon removes excess fat and skin from the eyelids. The muscles and skin are then tightened. The effect makes you not only appear younger but also more alert and well-rested.

Eyelid surgery can also help with those heavy dark circles and under-eye bags that sometimes show up as the years pass by.

Non-Surgery for Youthful Skin

Non-Surgery for Youthful Skin in LA

Non-surgical treatments include injectable treatments like Botox (Injectable neurotoxin) and Juvederm. Laser treatments are another possibility.

Injectable Neurotoxin

You might have heard of Botox, which is a brand name for a type of injectable neurotoxin. Other brands like Dysport do the same thing, which is to diminish facial wrinkles. Injectable neurotoxins work by temporarily relaxing the facial muscles, which leaves your skin smoother and younger.

It’s a myth that you have to look emotionless or “frozen” when you opt for one of these injectable rejuvenators, but that’s not so. The right amount can give you the facial refresher you expect without the negative side effects.

Neurotoxins can soften existing wrinkles, prevent existing lines and wrinkles from deepening, and prevent the formation of smile, squint, and furrow lines, erasing years from your face.


Fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, and Belotero aim to add lost volume to the face. This is one use for these amazing filler treatments. The non-surgical cosmetic procedures can rejuvenate the areas around the eyes, and the cheeks that may have become hollow or flat with age. The result is a face with tighter, more youthful-looking skin.

You can also use facial fillers to fill in lines and wrinkles, adding to the youthfulness effect.

There is also a non-surgical facelift that can do wonders when you’re not ready to commit to the full facelift.

Below the Chin

Kybella Double Chin Treatment

One way for your skin to look older than it should be is to have an abundance of fat in one particular area. Take the spot under your chin for instance. Having fat there can make you look like you have two or more chins. Not the most flattering look, especially as you grow older.

Kybella double chin treatment melts the fat cells from underneath your chin and around your jaw. That double chin could be a thing of the past, leaving your skin more supple, contoured, and youthful in sight and touch.

You might be wondering how the treatment works. Kybella is an injectable, similar to Botox and Juvederm, except the serum is not a filler. Instead, Kybella consists of a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, which is naturally made by the human body. Once injected, the acidic serum permanently destroys fat cells with almost no downtime. Multiple treatment sessions may be necessary. The true results of Kybella will appear four to six weeks after the final treatment.

Neck Lift

Other than the skin around the eyes, the neck also tends to show your age. Now, the neck lift can revitalize the aging skin between your head and torso, leaving the area smoother with a youthful glow.

A neck lift works similar to a facelift. Fatty tissue and loose skin are removed before the treatment area is smoothed and pulled tight. Once the treatment area has healed, you will see the amazing results, which is the neck of a much younger individual.

Skin Rejuvenation on the Face and Body

CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing

CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing in LA

Being apprehensive about trying laser treatments is normal. Any time you have a high-tech, high-heat beam aimed your way, it’s understandable to get a little nervous.

However, C02 fractional laser resurfacing is safe, effective, and mostly feels like getting a mild sunburn.

The laser is precision-guided, which means only the treatment area is effective, leaving all surrounding tissues unaffected in every way.

Once applied, the laser goes to work on your problem skin. First, the skin is heated in tiny areas, which leaves a set pattern along your skin. The treated skin begins to produce anti-aging collagen, which rejuvenates your skin and leaves every inch of the treatment area looking refreshed.

The reason carbon dioxide is used is that it creates the most powerful laser for resurfacing. The treatment vaporizes the problem skin a single layer at a time if you can believe it. Yes, the laser is that precise.

The technology is decades old and as safe as can be. What’s more? The recovery period is a breeze. While your skin continues to create more collagen over time, you’ll feel like you’ve had a mild sunburn for around three days. Not too bad at all for the amazing results you can achieve with laser resurfacing.

Not only can C02 lasers make your skin look younger, but you can also rid your skin of defects like sun-damaged skin, an uneven skin tone, and even stretch marks. Multiple treatments may be recommended to achieve the intended result.

Lumecca IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Some call this anti-aging treatment the “fountain of youth” because nothing gives you clearer skin quite like it.

The treatment uses intense pulsed light (IPL), which are high-intensity beams of light that have skin resurfacing capabilities.

Lumecca is excellent for reversing age on your face and body, but it can also treat acne scars, vascular lesions, and age spots.

If you want healthy-looking skin, ask Dr. Moein about Lumecca during your initial consultation.

Renuvion Skin Tightening

Renuvion Skin Tightening in LA

Renuvion is non-surgical and minimally invasive, which means it’s one of the safest and most comfortable treatments we have to youthify aging skin.

This procedure can be used on the face, neck, and body. The treatment is excellent for aging skin, jowls, and small wrinkles.

The handheld device is inserted through small incisions made under the skin. Lidocaine is first applied to ensure you don’t feel a thing. The treatment instantly tightens skin and leaves it rejuvenated by stimulating collagen production.

Renuvion can be combined with other cosmetic surgeries like Vaser Lipo, the thigh lift, arm lift, neck lift, and tummy tuck.

These are just some of the treatments available to you as someone looking to rewind the effects of time on their precious skin.

With treatments like facelift, neck lift, eyelid surgery, and Renuvion now available, there is no reason why you should feel bad about the way your skin looks. All it takes is the treatment of your choice to make you look like a much younger and more attractive version of yourself.

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Disclaimer: The FDA has not approved the use of Renuvion for cosmetic use. The FDA has approved Renuvion for coagulation of tissue only. The specific advanced use of this new technology for skin tightening still remains investigational. The off-label use of Renuvion is only suitable for specific groups of patients with minimal skin laxity. Many devices initially have a general use approval and, with time, the expanded indications are approved to popularize usage. If you are a suitable candidate for Renuvion, Dr. Moein will discuss this information with you to ensure your understanding and comprehension before opting for the Renuvion procedure.

How Cosmetic Procedures Can Reverse Signs of Facial Aging

Everyone knows wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin are a common part of life.

We know these signs as symptoms of aging, and nowhere are they more apparent than on your face.

As we grow older, our faces begin to change.

Facial Changes

These changes follow a predictable pattern, which goes as follows.

Loss of Volume:

Age causes the face to lose fat and the bones to become restructured. To anyone looking at us, it appears our face has become hollowed out. The skin also looks less supple.

Diminished Skin Laxity:

The muscles and fascia (supportive tissue) that holds our face in place begin to weaken. This leads to saggy skin and a loss of skin definition.

Dermal Alterations:

The above changes are only the ones we can see. Deep down at the cellular level, biological processes begin slowing down, which can change your skin’s color and level of elasticity.

Scientists aren’t quite sure why our faces change as we age.

Though, they do have theories.

Some experts think facial changes related to skin, muscle, and bone are caused by the pull of gravity over time.

Others attribute the descent of tissues to be based on the natural phenomenon of bone resorption.

We do know that genetics, lifestyle habits like cigarette smoking, and excess sun damage can accelerate facial aging.

At any rate, and whatever may cause your face to become wrinkled, lined, and sunken over time, cosmetic surgery seeks to correct those changes.

Using various procedures like the popular facelift, skin resurfacing, and non-surgical techniques like the non-surgical facelift, cosmetic surgeons can reverse the signs of aging. How many years they can reverse is subjective, but dramatic improvements are possible.

Let’s look at all the things we do know about facial aging, and how it’s possible to help you look younger using one or more aesthetic techniques.

What Factors Contribute to Facial Aging?

Factors Contributing to Facial Aging

Sun Damage

Sunlight is one of the major contributors to facial aging.

Catch too many rays and you leave yourself open to developing sunspots, wrinkles, dilated capillaries, and skin cancer.


Smoking is bad for your health and can cause premature aging. The ingredients contained in the average cigarette permeate your skin, causing a loss of collagen, and eventually skin wrinkling.

Smoking also slows blood flow to the skin. This keeps nutrients from being able to nourish your skin cells and remove toxins.

Staying Dehydrated

Not drinking enough fresh water daily can keep your skin from achieving a healthy glow. You will also fail to properly lubricate your joints, muscles, and organs.

When you are in a constant state of dehydration, you leave yourself open to ruddy skin and various skin conditions, including eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis.

Dehydration also makes fine lines and wrinkled skin more apparent.

Repetitive Facial Expressions

Believe it or not, making the same face all the time can lead to facial lines.

It makes sense. When you make a facial expression, you are contracting certain muscles, which can cause the skin to crease.

Repeating the same expression over several years can make these lines in your facial skin permanent.

Drinking Alcohol

If you want to retain a youthful look, you might think twice about imbibing with alcohol.

Drinking wine, spirits, and beer dehydrates your skin. Over time, dehydration can lead to skin damage.

Drink too much and too often and you can begin to look older than your chronological years.

Sitting Around

Being a couch potato is bad for your health and skin.

Not using your muscles causes them to atrophy.

Being lazy also causes a decline in cellular health, which can contribute to your face looking much older than you would prefer.

Poor Diet

Poor Diet Cause Facial Wrinkles in LA

Processed foods, sweets, and sugary sodas offer little in the way of nutrition.

These foods can cause inflammation, which can lead to a host of ailments, and contribute to greater aging on the face.

Inadequate Sleep

Your body does most of its healing while you are asleep.

Not getting enough sleep can leave you feeling worn out and looking the same.

Your body won’t run as efficiently with inferior quality sleep, and that includes down at the cellular level.

Drinking too much caffeine, especially later in the day, can further destroy your natural sleep patterns, leading to uneven facial skin.

Chronic Stress

When life becomes too much, the body tends to react.

Being stressed out causes your muscles to contract and your adrenal system to work overtime.

This can have horrible effects on the quality of your skin, including on your face.

What are the Signs of Facial Aging?

Dull Skin

When we are young, our complexion practically glows with youthful vigor.

Age tends to create another, less pleasing, effect.

Growing older can leave your skin looking uneven with dark spots and flaky skin.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

At some point, the skin of the face begins to produce less collagen and retains less moisture. This is part of the natural aging process.

These effects can cause permanent lines and wrinkles to form on the forehead, around the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet), and around the mouth.

Saggy Skin

Once the skin has lost collagen and elastin, sagginess tends to occur.

Sagginess that reaches the jawline and under the chin is commonly called jowls.

When the sag occurs around the eyes and forehead, you begin to look to others like an older, more exhausted version of yourself.

Volume Loss

Growing older (and wiser) causes your facial anatomy to go through a number of visible changes.

A loss of collagen and a decrease in bone density can cause your facial proportions to shift.

This is why older faces tend to appear thinner.

The loss of tissues can also cause the face to appear sunken-in.

How Does Cosmetic Surgery Correct Facial Aging?

Cosmetic Surgery Correct Facial Aging

Anti-aging advancements have paved the way for a number of cosmetic enhancements meant to give you smoother, younger skin.

Injectable Neurotoxin for Crow’s Feet and Expression Lines

You may have heard of Botox, but this is only one brand name in an entire line of neurotoxins. Dysport is another brand you may have heard about.

These painless injections can be administered in mere minutes.

The anti-aging effects take about three to five days to manifest.

Once you see the results, you’ll experience fewer creases and fine lines in the treatment area.

Eyelid Lift and Brow Lift for Saggy Facial Skin

When you notice droopy skin around your eyes and on your forehead, there are two procedures you might consider.

The eyelid lift and brow lift are ideal for severe skin elasticity issues.

The results of surgery will not only make you look younger but also well-rested and refreshed.

Facelift Surgery Can Reverse Years from Your Face

Facelift surgery was one of the top five cosmetic surgeries in the year 2020 and for good reason.

Advancements in what doctors refer to as the rhytidectomy procedure allow an expert cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Babak Moeinolmolki (Dr. Moein) to correct aging on the face.

During the surgery, excess fat is removed from the face while underlying tissues are tightened.

The sutures are placed in camouflaged locations to hide scarring once you are fully healed.

Results from facelift surgery allow for natural-looking results that last longer than they did in past decades.

The ideal time for a facelift is the moment you notice deposits forming on your face, or fine lines becoming deeper entrenched, especially around your eyes and mouth.

Facelift surgeries come with high rates of satisfaction among patients and costs around $8,500.

The anti-aging procedure is popular with both men and women.

Are There Non-Surgical Methods to Correct Facial Aging?

When you’re not ready to commit to cosmetic surgery, there is still hope for your aging facial skin.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers in Los Angeles, CA

Injectable fillers go by names like Restylane and Juvederm, to name only two.

A series of injections in strategic areas can restore your facial shape and add volume to your skin.

The simple and effective treatment is ideal for treating fine lines, acne scars, and issues of facial asymmetry.

Renuvion for Skin Tightening

Renuvion is known as a subdermal skin tightening procedure.

The procedure and recovery are quick, and the procedure is known to leave you with immediately tighter skin.

Renuvion resurfaces and rejuvenates the facial skin and can help reverse the jowl effect.

Small incisions are made, which function as entry points for the reunion device.

A lidocaine solution is inserted beforehand to aid with discomfort.

This is the procedure to choose when you want firmer and smoother-looking skin.

Insta-Lift Non-Surgical Facelift

This technique (also referred to as the Silhouette InstaLift) is an FDA-approved facelift procedure that aims to contour the face and reverse the signs of aging.

The cosmetic procedure is non-surgical and non-invasive.

The InstaLift is ideal when you want your face lifted and the contours realigned to appear more youthful.

The technique uses an innovative thread technology that targets the underlying layers of facial skin. This stimulates collagen production, leaving your skin refreshed.

Skin Resurfacing for Anti-Aging on the Face

CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser resurfacing is a powerful laser technology that helps to reverse the aging process.

When used on the face, the cosmetic procedure makes your skin tighter while causing wrinkles to disappear.

The downtime feels like you’ve just had a sunburn and diminishes over time.

You may require several sessions, which are spaced out in six-month intervals.

Lumecca IPL Skin Rejuvenation

This treatment is excellent for correcting sun damage, redness, and skin pigment irregularities.

Lumecca can also help with acne scarring, vascular lesions, and dark spots.

The treatment can be completed in one or two sessions and involves cooling technology, making it safer than other cosmetic treatments.

Lumecca IPL is also painless. There are no incisions and, thus, no scarring.

The procedure uses a handheld wand that emits Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

Your skin becomes smoother, clearer, and more radiant after just one treatment.

Fractora Skin Renovation and Scar Treatment

This resurfacing and subdermal coagulation treatment can boost your complexion while correcting skin irregularities.

The technique uses bipolar radiofrequency at various depths under the skin via a series of pin electrodes attached to a handheld wand.

When applied to the facial skin, the treatment areas become heated, which leads to rejuvenation and contraction of the skin.

The results will leave you wrinkle-free with radiantly youthful skin.

Make Skin Care Part of Your Daily Routine

Skin Care in Los Angeles, CA

Age will eventually come for us all.

While we think you look terrific just the way you are, you can take steps to ensure your skin always looks its best.

The first step is to cease any behaviors that may contribute to advanced facial aging.

Go back through the factors we discussed earlier that may cause you to look older and do the opposite.

You don’t have to quit them all today but take baby steps. Over time, you may find yourself:

  • Avoiding too much sun
  • Ceasing smoking cigarettes
  • Drinking more water
  • Easing your facial expressions
  • Eliminating or reducing alcohol consumption
  • Getting more exercise
  • Eating better
  • Sleeping more soundly
  • Reducing your stress

If you can manage to make the above habits, you’ll be well on your way to looking younger and more refreshed.

You can take the next steps by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Moein for one or more cosmetic procedures.

Are You Ready to Look Younger? Schedule a Private Consultation Today

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10 J-Plasma Facts About This Skin-Tightening Wonder Procedure

When your outside appearance starts looking older than you feel, cosmetic surgery can help.

But which procedure is right for you?

If you have aging or loose skin, J-Plasma may be the procedure to request.

J-Plasma is a new technology that is taking the cosmetic surgery world by storm. Many patients choose it as an alternative to the facelift, yet they can also use it on other major areas around their body. The treatment leaves no scars and yet can give you dramatically improved effects.

Here are ten facts about this amazing innovative technology that is now available at Moein Surgical Arts. Ours is a highly rated surgical center now serving patients throughout the Los Angeles, Encino, and Glendale areas. You can also ask about our medical tourism program for out-of-towners when you call – (310)694-4486.

10 J-Plasma Facts

1- J-Plasma is a High-Tech Cosmetic Procedure

J-Plasma is an amazing procedure that uses plasma composed of radiofrequency energy (RF) and helium gas. The aim of the technique is to reverse the effects of skin aging by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and skin discolorations.

Dr. Babak Moeinolmolki (Dr. Moein) is one of the first cosmetic surgeons specially trained in performing this skin tightening procedure.

2- J-Plasma is Marketed Under the Name Renuvion


J-Plasma goes by the name Renuvion. The maker of this technology, Apyx Medical Corporation, wanted to provide a technology that allowed for aesthetic improvements that started with skin resurfacing.

3- J-Plasma Rejuvenates and Youthifies the Face and Skin

Renuvion is marketed as an alternative to the traditional facelift and neck lift. Both of those cosmetic surgeries involve multiple incisions, potential scarring, and significant recovery periods.

Renuvion allows your cosmetic surgeon to produce dramatic results in a minimally invasive manner.

The surgeon places small incisions under the chin and behind the ears to hide any scarring.

Plasma energy gets delivered to the skin through the incisions. The beam eradicates excess fat tissue and tightens saggy skin at the treatment area. The high heat of the plasma beam trigger’s your body’s natural healing process. This stimulates your body’s production of new collagen, which rejuvenates the treatment site.

4- Instant and Dramatic Aesthetic Improvements

J-Plasma energy makes the skin tighter and gives the jawline a chiseled look. The neck, which tends to show your age, can look more youthful with tauter skin following a Renuvion treatment.

The treatment eliminates spots, wrinkles, and scars without leaving any scars of its own.

5- J-Plasma Comes with a Short Recovery

Recovery from Renuvion depends on you, as every person is different. Generally speaking, the recovery time you experience will depend on the size of the area under treatment.

The typical recovery time for Renuvion is two to three weeks.

During recovery, you can expect peeling or crusty skin at the treatment site. The area may be red, itchy, or swollen. These are normal effects of the Renuvion treatment. Underneath the older skin, you should notice smoother skin that possesses a youthful glow.

6- Few Side Effects and Low Chance of Complications

Few Side Effects of J Plasma

Renuvion marketing materials hail the technology as amazing with few side effects or potential complications. Outcomes of the procedure are favorable.

While Renuvion is not surgery, there may be side effects of this cosmetic procedure. For the sake of transparency, it is important that you understand the benefits and potential side effects before opting for any procedure, including Renuvion.

The side effects include mild discomfort during the procedure. The pain may last for hours afterward as the anesthesia wears off.

You might also experience side effects from local anesthesia, which include swelling, redness, and nausea.

7- Healing is Akin to Recovery from a SunBurn

The Renuvion J-Plasma beam treats the skin to a high-energy beam. Anesthesia will mask the discomfort as your skin is treated during the procedure, but you may still feel some tingling or pain. As the anesthesia wears off, you might feel as though you have a sunburn. These effects will subside. Most patients say their rejuvenated skin makes going through the mild discomfort well worth it.

8- J-Plasma Procedures Last 1 to 2 Hours

The J-Plasma beam is an ionized gas that can be used over the skin or subdermally.

The Renuvion device must be used with slow precision so that only the treatment site gets blasted with the plasma beam. The remaining tissue will be left alone.

As the device is passed over the skin’s surface (or inserted into the incisions to treat your skin subdermally), the skin becomes noticeably tighter. The surface skin will develop a mask that is wiped away by the surgeon. New, healthy skin will be revealed underneath.

You can expect to return home the same day following your Renuvion treatment with dramatically tighter and more youthful skin.

9- Most Body Areas Only Need a Single Treatment

The most common areas for Renuvion skin tightening are the abdomen, arms, flanks, back, inner thighs, neck, and face. Most body areas only require one treatment for a result that leaves you with a 30% increase in tightness.

10- Renuvion is Ideal for Loose and Problematic Skin

You would be a suitable candidate for Renuvion J-Plasma technology if you are healthy with good skin elasticity. Renuvion will stimulate your body’s natural collagen production, which will stimulate new skin growth at the treatment site. The site will also be free of fine lines and wrinkles, with more treatments sometimes needed for extreme cases.

Renuvion is so safe and minimally invasive that patients who have already had liposuction can even have the procedure. Some patients have Renuvion at the same time as liposuction while others choose to have Renuvion performed at the same time as a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). The treatment is excellent for skin laxity around the abdominal area and compliments the slimming effects of a tummy tuck well.

Women with loose skin following pregnancy or significant weight loss can also be good candidates in cases where liposuction is insufficient and a tummy tuck is not desirable.

You would not be a viable candidate for this cosmetic treatment if you have fibrosis or otherwise have poor scar tissue formation in your medical history.

Is J-Plasma the Right Choice for You?

You have many choices when it comes to choosing cosmetic surgery for aesthetic enhancement.

But if you want a minimally invasive treatment that you can use on major body parts for dramatic skin tightening and rejuvenation without scars, Renuvion is the treatment for you.

Ask about Renuvion the next time you call Moein Surgical Arts. You can schedule a consultation with world-renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Babak Moein by calling (310)694-4486. Call throughout Los Angeles, Encino, or Glendale, or ask about our medical tourism program.

Disclaimer: The FDA has not approved the use of Renuvion for cosmetic use. The FDA has approved Renuvion for coagulation of tissue only. The specific advanced use of this new technology for skin tightening still remains investigational. The off-label use of Renuvion is only suitable for specific groups of patients with minimal skin laxity. Many devices initially have a general use approval and, with time, the expanded indications are approved to popularize usage. If you are a suitable candidate for Renuvion, Dr. Moein will discuss this information with you to ensure your understanding and comprehension before opting for the Renuvion procedure.

Your Local Cosmetic Surgeon Now Has a Non-Surgical Magic Wand That Can Give You Scar-less Lifts and Tucks: Renuvion!


Do you see loose or saggy skin whenever you look in the mirror? Does it make you feel old and unattractive? If so, you’re not alone. We will introduce Renuvion treatment in this article.

Aging, genetics, sun exposure, and other skin-damaging factors can cause your face and body to lose its natural firmness and tone.

But there is something you can do about those unsightly parts.

What if there was a way you could get your skin tucked and lifted, adding firmness and tone, without the scarring that is typically associated with many body contouring procedures.

Now you can and it’s known as Renuvion, a new cosmetic technology offered by Apyx Medical that is taking the world by storm.

What is Renuvion Treatmentand How Does it Work?

Using a Magic Wand-like device, the Renuvion procedure tightens and “lifts” the skin while simultaneously erasing years from your appearance.

Renuvion Treatment Device

By opting for Renuvion, your surgeon can give you a tummy tuck, body lift, thigh lift, neck lift, or face lift.

The best part is that the incisions involved with the procedure are so small that you will hardly see them after you are healed up. That’s because the tiny marks will be well-hidden within the natural contours of your body.

This creates a seamless effect that makes the technology well worth the investment.

If you haven’t heard of this innovative technology, just wait. Everyone is about to be talking about minimally invasive Renuvion Treatment that sculpts your skin.

The treatment goes by a few different names.

You may hear it referred to as Plasma Skin Resurfacing, J-Plasma, J-Plasty, or Cold Helium with RF (short for radiofrequency).

The technology uses J-Plasma, which is a combination of cold helium plasma and radiofrequency energy.

The helium becomes activated as it passes through the radiofrequency energy to create a “cool” 100-degree plasma beam that can be used on the underside of the skin.

You may not think of “100-degrees” as a “cool” technology, but the system uses heat signatures that are much lower than other technologies like lasers.

The surgeon applies the treatment using a handheld wand.

The wand distributes the highly controlled energy source to the skin directly.

We gently distribute the energy to the desired areas.

Once applied, the treatment goes to work immediately, causing the loose skin to contract.

The treatment is the result of extensive scientific research and clinical development.

Renuvion is considered a game-changer and the procedure can tighten and rejuvenate skin without the need for more invasive surgery.

Other Benefits of Renuvion

When Renuvion, there is very little downtime and the results are instantaneous.

As the months go by following the procedure, your results will be even more noticeable.

In fact, many patients continue to notice improvements to the treated areas for six to nine months afterward.

The treatment not only tightens the skin but also reduces the appearance of wrinkly skin, even in thin areas.

The treatment can improve skin elasticity, helping it bounce back and remain firmer, even as you age.

The J-Plasma treatments can also be used to treat discolored skin, sun-damaged skin, acne scars, and age spots.

What Areas of Your Body Can Be Sculpted?

Renuvion can be used on the neck, breasts, tummy, arms, back, thighs, hips, flanks, and buttocks.

How Many Treatments Do You Need?

Many patients who opt for this amazing technology only require a single treatment.

Each treatment involves several passes of the J-Plasma stream.

Who is a Good Candidate for Renuvion Treatment?

The skin tightening effects of Renuvion are best for patients with mild to moderate skin laxity.

If you have some loose or saggy skin, and you want a non-surgical approach that produces satisfying results, this treatment may be for you.

If you’re not a good candidate, not to worry. You can still take advantage of more traditional cosmetic body contouring procedures like the tummy tuck, facelift, neck lift, and arm lift.

What Can You Expect During Your Procedure?

Before and After Renuvion Treatment

At the start of your Renuvion appointment, your cosmetic surgeon will numb the area with a local anesthetic.

Desensitization of the area will ensure your comfort throughout the treatment and for a short time afterward.

Once the anesthetic has taken effect, your surgeon will make a ½ inch micro-incision that is located in a well-concealed area on your body.

This results in a “scarless” healing process.

We will insert the slender wand-like device just below the skin to access the targeted area.

The wand emits a precise level of energy to the tissue, which creates the contracting effect you want.

While the RF energy heats the affected area, thus contracting it, the helium gas cools the surrounding areas so that only the areas you expect are affected.

Your surgeon will repeat the treatment until the entire area has been treated.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Post Operation Pics

The duration of your procedure will depend on the size and number of areas being treated.

For most patients, the procedure takes around an hour for amazing results.

What is the Recovery Process Like after Renuvion Treatment?

You can expect some swelling and discomfort to take place immediately after the procedure.

However, most patients find that they can return to their everyday activities after a few days of rest.

Your specific recovery time and experience will depend on the areas being treated and any other treatments you may have opted for at the same time.

More procedures added to your Renuvion treatments can extend your recovery time. Your surgeon will provide you with an estimate of how long you can expect the healing process to take.

You will be provided with detailed aftercare instructions. We designed the guidelines to help minimize complications so that you get the very best results.

In some cases, they might give you a post-surgical garment that will aid in the proper healing.

Your surgeon may recommend that you avoid strenuous exercise for around three weeks after your Renuvion treatments.

How Much Does Renuvion Treatment Cost?

The average cost of Renuvion costs around $5K to $8K. The fees you can expect to pay for treatment will depend on the areas being treated and the degree of improvement you desire.

If you want a personalized estimate for Renuvion treatment, your first step is to schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Moein of Moein Surgical Arts.

Get the Skin Tightening You Want & A Host of Other Benefits

Skin Tightening

Dr. Moein of Moein Surgical Arts is an advocate for this cutting-edge and amazing technology.

Dr. Moein is one of the few board-certified surgeons offering Renuvion.

That means you can schedule an appointment and get this technology before everyone else.

Because the results are so out-of-this-world, more surgeons will certainly be offering it soon, but this is your chance to enjoy the effects now instead of later.

Dr. Moein will meet with you during your consultation to review your treatment plan and answer your questions.

Whether you want skin tightening on your face, neck, or anywhere else on your body, Dr. Moein can help you achieve your body-sculpting goals.

Renuvion can also be used with other treatments like VASER assisted lipo, traditional liposuction or a traditional tummy tuck.

Get the answer for your questions today and start on the path to firmer, more youthful skin. Contact Moein Surgical Arts with three locations in Los Angeles, Glendale, and Encino, California. Call (310)694-4486 to schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Moein.

Disclaimer: The FDA has not approved the use of Renuvion for cosmetic use. The FDA has approved Renuvion for coagulation of tissue only. The specific advanced use of this new technology for skin tightening still remains investigational. The off-label use of Renuvion is only suitable for specific groups of patients with minimal skin laxity. Many devices initially have a general use approval and, with time, the expanded indications are approved to popularize usage. If you are a suitable candidate for Renuvion, Dr. Moein will discuss this information with you to ensure your understanding and comprehension before opting for the Renuvion procedure.


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