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Best Belly Fat Buster – Tummy Tuck or Liposuction?

Belly fat – we all hate it. Losing fat on your belly area is a common goal of any diet and fitness program. Yet no matter how much you restrict your eating or bust your butt working out, the belly fat remains.

To get rid of your stubborn abdominal fat, you may have considered cosmetic surgery. Popular procedures like the tummy tuck and liposuction are aimed at removing excess fat from the abdomen. You can use liposuction on other areas of the body, including the arms, thighs, and back.

This leads to an important question: Which cosmetic procedure is best for erasing belly fat from your abdomen, the tummy tuck, or liposuction? It helps to learn about both procedures to determine the answer.

How Much Belly Fat Can the Tummy Tuck Eradicate?

The tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is indeed able to remove excess fat from the stomach area. The procedure results in a flatter tummy and is excellent if you have tried everything possible to lose that last bit of pudge without success.

The tummy tuck has an added side benefit. Many patients who seek out the tummy tuck have weakened abdominal muscles due to age, childbirth, or genetics. The tummy tuck can strengthen your abs, leaving your abdomen tighter with an improved contour.


Liposuction for Removing Belly Fat

Liposuction is ideal for erasing belly fat if you have small fatty deposits on your abdomen. It is good at reducing bulges caused by excess fat while giving your abdomen more attractive curves. Like the tummy tuck, liposuction can make your stomach significantly flatter.

As you can see, both cosmetic surgery procedures offer similar results. To help you identify which procedure might be right for you, it helps to understand the differences between the tummy tuck and lipo by comparing the two.

How are the Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Surgeries Performed?

After you have been prepped for tummy tuck surgery, which includes putting you to sleep using general anesthesia, your surgeon will make an incision along the bottom portion of your abdominal wall. With your abdominal muscles exposed, your surgeon will sew the abdominal muscles together if they have become stretched apart. The surgeon will pull the skin over the abdomen before removing the excess tissue and closing the incision. The tummy tuck takes around two or three hours and is performed as a single procedure.

Unlike the tummy tuck, when you undergo liposuction, you may only be sedated intravenously. Your cosmetic surgeon will also apply a local anesthetic to your midsection. When the area is thoroughly numbed, your surgeon will make a tiny incision along your abdomen. A thin tube known as a cannula is inserted into the incision, which the surgeon will use to loosen the fat cells. The surgeon will then use a medical vacuum to extract the excess fat before closing the incision. You may undergo a few sessions of lipo before achieving the intended results.

What do the Results of the Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Look Like?

The results of the tummy tuck are permanent unless your weight fluctuates, or you go through pregnancy. Both bodily issues can stretch out your stomach, undoing the results of the tummy tuck surgery.

Liposuction tends to give you a flatter and more proportional midsection. The fat cells that were removed will stay gone permanently, but lipo cannot guard against future weight gain. You can accumulate fat on your midsection after liposuction, just not in the same areas that were suctioned.

Are There Risks in Connection with the Tummy Tuck or Liposuction?

Risks for Tummy Tuck Surgery

All surgeries come with a potential for side effects and risks. The tummy tuck and lipo are no different. Both surgeries are low risk but chances of experiencing complications do exist.

Possible complications of the tummy tuck include changes in sensation at the treatment area, the accumulation of fluid, and tissue necrosis.

With liposuction, the chances of risk increase the larger the area the doctor works on. Potential risks of the second most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States include numbness, fluid accumulation, and contour irregularities.

What is Recovery Like for the Tummy Tuck and Liposuction?

When you wake up following tummy tuck surgery, the surgical site around your abdomen will be covered with a surgical dressing. The surgeon will change the dressing several times for health and recovery reasons. Your surgeon will also provide you with a “belly binder” which is a compression garment that helps with circulation and healing.

You should be up and walking around within a day or so. The doctor will encourage you to walk to prevent blood clots from forming. Your surgeon may prescribe pain relievers and antibiotics to ease discomfort and reduce the chances of infection. The doctor may also place surgical drains within the surgical site for up to two weeks.

After six weeks, the healing process will be complete. You will still engage in follow-up appointments with your doctor so the doctor can assess you for proper healing. Your surgeon will advise you to avoid any positions that stretch your abdomen, such as bending backward, which can pull against the incision.

Liposuction recovery depends on the size and number of treatment sites. For belly fat removal, liposuction offers little to no downtime. Because the cosmetic procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, you should be back to your typical activity levels within 48 hours.

Your cosmetic surgeon will advise you to hold off on weightlifting and heavy exercise until he or she says it’s acceptable to proceed.

Which Belly Fat Buster is Right for You?

Fit Woman after Belly Fat Buster

When it comes to removing belly fat, both the tummy tuck and liposuction can help you attain a flatter tummy. With the tummy tuck, you get the added benefit of stronger abdominal muscles.

The downtime may be a bit more intense with a tummy tuck, but it should pass quickly. Both procedures can give you the results you seek, but they may not leave your abdominal area toned. For tighter abs and slimmer tummy, consider pairing the tummy tuck with HD Lipo, which enables your surgeon to remove the superficial fat that hides your body’s musculature. The result is a more toned midsection, without downtime.

Learn more about the tummy tuck and lipo – and see if you’re a good candidate – by contacting Moein Surgical Arts in Los Angeles. We also help men and women throughout Encino and Glendale. You can schedule a consultation for the tummy tuck or liposuction with Dr. Babak Moein by calling (310)694-4486.

Combination of J-Plasma + Lipo Lets You Drink from the Fountain of Youth

Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León led an expedition to Florida in 1513 in search of the Fountain of Youth. The legends said that this mythical spring give anyone who drank or bathed in its waters a youthful appearance.

While Ponce never found his coveted fountain, we can all relate to his mission. There is no one among us who wouldn’t love to halt the progression of aging. Loose and wrinkled skin on the face, abdomen, arms, and legs tend to show our true age. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all drink from the fountain of youth, thus restoring our skin’s luster to that of a much younger age?

While we do have facelifts, tummy tucks, arm lifts, and thigh lifts available to us, these cosmetic procedures tend to leave visible scars behind. Now, there is a new technology called Renuvion/J-Plasma that can lift and tighten the skin without the scars. When combined with liposuction, Renuvion can restore your skin’s youthful vigor, without a single scar left behind.

What is Renuvion and How Does it Fight Aging?

Renuvion/J-Plasma technology was initially developed as a cancer treatment. By passing cold helium gas through radiofrequency energy (AF), researchers discovered that a plasma is created. It was pretty good at removing cancerous lesions.

It wasn’t until later that researchers discovered another use for the J-Plasma energy. They found out that it’s also effective at reversing the signs of aging. Here’s how it works.

The passing of cold helium through the RF energy creates a heated beam of plasma energy. However, only a tiny bit of helium is actually converted to plasma. The rest of the helium passes over the treatment area, cooling it down. The heated energy improves skin tone and tightens the skin overall. Meanwhile, the excess helium protects surrounding tissues from experiencing collateral damage. What you end up with is a safe and incredibly precise treatment. This will reverses the aging process, with very little downtime.

Combining J-Plasma with Liposuction

Young Woman

Liposuction has been a staple of cosmetic surgeon offices for over 30 years. The fat-eradicating procedure works so well when paired with J-Plasma that experts have given it a special name: The Scarless Lift.

The procedure involves tiny incisions along the treatment area. The incisions are so tiny and hidden within the normal folds of your body that they are nearly invisible once healed. Once the incisions are created, numbing medicine is inserted into the cuts, followed by a cannula, which is the tube used to extract excess fat during the liposuction procedure.

After the excess fat has been removed, and the cosmetic surgeon is satisfied with the contours that have been achieved, that’s when Renuvion/J-Plasma comes into play.

The surgeon will apply renuvion using a special hand-held device. Once activated, the high-intensity beam of J-Plasma goes to work on the treatment area. The skin becomes tighter. The wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed away. At the same time, collagen and elastin are produced, which revitalizes your skin from the inside out. And because the technology is so precise, only the treatment area becomes affected, without any damage to the surrounding tissues.

The above describes the procedure used by traditional liposuction. But what if you want to take your results to the next level? That’s when you should ask your cosmetic surgeon about VASER or High-Definition Lipo, which gives you etched contours that before only came about by working hard in the gym.

VASER + Renuvion = Anti-Aging Squared

VASER and Renuvion used in conjunction can magnify your anti-aging results. You know by now how Renuvion works. VASER Lipo is akin to traditional lipo, only it uses a different kind of technology. VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. The technology makes powerful use of ultrasound waves to break up and liquify fat cells. This makes them easier to extract with the liposuction cannula.

VASER allows your cosmetic surgeon to etch deeper lines in the muscles, giving you more definition. It allows your body’s musculature to show through by eradicating deep layers of fat, as well as the thinner layers of superficial fat.

If you want that toned or shredded look, and revitalized skin, VASER and Renuvion are the cosmetic procedures you’ll want to request.

How Much Does J-Plasma and Liposuction Cost?


Renuvion, Liposuction, and HD-Lipo are customizable procedures. One can use them virtually all over the body, including the face, neck, back, buttocks, abdomen, upper arms, and inner thighs. Therefore, what you might pay for the combination of procedures may be different than what someone else pays. It would be irresponsible to provide a flat rate for the procedures since there are so many variables to consider.

You can determine the exact fees you are likely to pay by scheduling a consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts. The results of the procedures last for many years, as long as you are able to maintain a healthy weight.

Because Renuvion, Lipo, and HD-Lipo are minimally-invasive, there is no need for general anesthesia. The surgeon will only use local anesthesia, which limits any downtime. You’ll only need to take it easy for a few days. That is a small price to pay for long-lasting youthfulness.



For years, cosmetic and plastic surgeons have been searching for ways to tighten the skin without surgery. That technology has arrived. J-plasma tightens the skin without leaving visible scars behind. What’s more is that the surgeons can do the procedure virtually anywhere on the body, including those areas where age tends to reveal itself the most.

J-Plasma is also often used in cases of extreme weight loss, where skin tightening can help with lax skin.

It’s too bad Ponce de Leon didn’t live long enough to take advantage of J-Plasma and Liposuction, as he would have agreed that combining the two procedures is akin to taking a long, restorative drink from the mythical fountain of youth.

You can opt for Renuvion/J-Plasma and Liposuction to give you tighter, more youthful skin by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts. Located in Los Angeles, California, we are ready to serve you. Call (310)694-4486 today to learn more.

Is Liposuction Belly Fat Removal Permanent?

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in the United States. With lipo, you can have fat extracted from your belly and virtually everywhere else on your body. You can even have your ankles and cheeks lipo’d, if fat accumulates there. Many people, men and women alike, use liposuction to achieve their ideal body shape goals.

What isn’t well known is the permanence of a procedure such as liposuction. Does the belly fat stay gone forever, or will it return?

To better understand how long the fat stays gone, it helps to understand how liposuction targets and removes the fat from your body. The fact is, yes, liposuction is permanent, but that’s not the end of the story. Fat can return but the situation is not as clear cut as you may think. Here is the full “skinny” on lipo so that you can become a better informed consumer and patient.

How Does Liposuction Work Exactly to Remove Fat?

The goal of liposuction is to remove fat cells from targeted areas of the body. There are several liposuction techniques commonly used today. All of them use a combination of an aspirator and cannula. An aspirator is a suction device that extracts the fat while a cannula is a hollow tube that acts as the extraction instrument. Together, the tools of the cosmetic surgeon’s trade can make you thinner on your waist, flanks, chest, arms, legs, and even your butt.

How Can Fat Return After Liposuction?

Fat Return after Lip Surgery- Los Angeles Ca

Fat doesn’t “return” after lipo. Those fat cells you had extracted do stay gone forever. However, it is possible to grow new fat cells. That’s why it is important to try and maintain your post-lipo weight to avoid skewing your results.

A weight gain of even five to seven pounds could lead to less dramatic body contours. A boost in weight to that degree could easily happen over the holidays and could lead to new fat cells growing on the treatment areas.

A significant weight gain (10% of your body weight or more) could lead to even more skewed results. The good news is that the human body is designed to gain weight all over. That means that, even with a slight to significant weight gain, your treatment areas will still have less fat than non-treatment areas. That means that your body will still look “improved”, even as the scale climbs.

You can avoid any skewed results by maintaining your weight. If you can manage that, the fat will never return, and you’ll continue to look great, whether you’re in clothes or in your birthday suit.

How to Maintain Your Post-Lipo Weight

The best way to sustain your liposuction results over the long-term is to adopt the right habits. Here are six lifestyle changes to consider.

1- Eat to Live, Don’t Live to Eat

Food today tastes out of this world. Many of the foods we enjoy are also packed with calories, many of which our bodies don’t need. Consider tracking your food with a smartphone app. That way, you can determine how many calories you are eating for your body type and lifestyle. Even if you don’t record all your meals in an app, be cognizant of how many calories you take in. Be sure to adjust for your level of activity, whether you are athletic, moderately active, or sedentary.

2- Stay Properly Hydrated

Drinking water is the best way to keep your body running efficiently. Staying hydrated can also keep excess pounds at bay. Do your best to drink your weight or half of your weight in liquid ounces each day. A 150-pound woman would drink 150 ounces or 75 ounces of water. A 220-pound man would drink 220 ounces or 110 ounces, or somewhere in between. Carry water bottles with you whenever possible to remind yourself to always drink your H2O.

3- Break Your Meals into Smaller Options

Diet after Lip Surgery- Los Angeles Ca

Instead of eating three big meals, consider eating six smaller meals throughout the day. You can break your meals in half or plan smaller and healthier choices accordingly. Eating lighter and more frequently has been shown to give you more energy throughout the day. Anyone who has ever consumed a heavy meal in one sitting knows the lethargy that follows. You don’t get that when you eat a bit, wait, then eat a bit more, throughout the day. Making all of your meals ahead of time can ensure you have healthy choices to turn to whenever you need. Planning will also keep you from reaching for unhealthy foods whenever tempted.

4- Do Not Skip Meals

It may seem counterproductive to eat all day long when trying to maintain your weight. However, skipping meals can have the opposite effect. When you skip a meal, you may find yourself starving. That’s when you are likely to reach for a high-sugar and high-fat snack in a pinch. Once again, plan your meals. Choose a Sunday or another day out of the week and cook all of your healthy meals, storing them in Tupperware and other easy-serve containers. While you’re at it, get junk food out of your house so you can eat without feeling guilty.

5- Get Enough Exercise

Exercise after Liposuction (Lip Surgery)- Los Angeles Ca

You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to maintain your weight. A walk for 20 to 30 minutes a day, a few times a week, is all it takes to maintain your fitness. That is, if you maintain a healthy diet. It’s said that abs are made in the kitchen and you can’t outrun a bad diet.

If you eat healthily, you can maintain your weight with moderate exercise. Try something fun – like a fitness class or an intramural sport – something that will get you excited about moving your body.

6- Follow Your Doctor’s Post-Lipo Instructions

Your cosmetic surgeon will likely give you tips for achieving the best results with your liposuction procedure. These include the right foods to eat and the best ways to exercise. These tips can be applied as you are healing and afterward, once your results are realized. Deviating from these instructions can lead to unfavorable results. Making your doctor’s advice part of your newly adopted habits is the best way to enjoy enviable liposuction results long into the future.

Schedule a Consultation for Liposuction to Remove Fat with World-Renowned Surgeon Dr. Babak Moein

Liposuction is permanent. Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing the flat tummy you have always wanted. Imagine walking down the beach with your slimmer arms and legs. These results can be yours. And you are more likely to achieve stellar results by working with the best cosmetic surgeon in the Los Angeles area. That surgeon is Dr. Babak Moeinolmolki (Dr. Moein for short).

Dr. Moein has an excellent track record for helping his patients reach their goals with lipo. Dr. Moein is also skilled and experienced at other liposuction procedures, such as VASER Hi-Def Lipo, which uses sound energy to extract fat for toned or “ripped” results.

Learn more by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Moein at Moein Surgical Arts. The process is easy. Simply call (310)694-4486.

The Post-Liposuction Diet – How to Recover Fast & Get Excellent Results

Liposuction is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic procedures.

With this one procedure, a body contouring surgeon can help you attain the ideal body.

Lipo can be used virtually anywhere on the body, even the cheeks and knees! The procedure is safe and effective for removing stubborn pockets of excess bodyfat.

While liposuction can give you a slimmer abdomen or more attractive arms and thighs, the cosmetic surgery is not a magic wand. You must still do your part if you want to achieve and maintain the best results.

One of the best ways to keep your body looking its best following a lipo session is to eat the right types of foods. This is where the post-liposuction diet comes into play.

What is a Post-Liposuction Diet?

What is a Post-Liposuction Diet?

A post-liposuction diet is not a specific diet, per se. Rather, it is a set of rules to follow. By making these rules part of your daily living, you can begin to live more healthily, and you’ll be able to hang on to your stellar liposuction results.


The first rule is to rid your house of all junk food. This is called the “out of sight, out of mind” strategy. Instead, fill your fridge and pantries with fresh foods, such as the following, which are recommended by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons:

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The next time you’re at the grocery store, fill your cart with lots of multicolored fruits like apples, blueberries, cranberries, grapefruit, oranges, pears, plums, raspberries, strawberries, and watermelon.

When it comes to vegetables, stick to asparagus, carrots, celery, kale, onions, spinach, squash, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and yams.

Whole Grains

Don’t forget the grains. Good foods to fill your cart with include barley, brown rice, buckwheat, millet, corn, quinoa, oats, rye, oatmeal, and whole wheat.

Lean Protein

Good lean protein choices include white meat chicken and turkey. Salmon and other freshwater fish are also excellent lean protein choices, mainly because they’re rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

Foods to Reduce or Avoid

The post-liposuction diet isn’t about what you can eat. It’s also about what you should limit or not eat. Here are some foods to eat sparingly or not at all if you want the best liposuction outcome.


sugar can cause weight gain

Plain sugar and foods that contain sugar can cause weight gain, which is counterintuitive to your liposuction goals. Sugar is low in vitamins and nutrients and should be replaced with whole, more nutrient dense foods.

Simple Carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates are digested quickly by the body, which sends a burst of glucose into the bloodstream. This infusion of energy makes you feel charged for a short time only to be followed by a crash of fatigue when the glucose is depleted.

Simple carbs include refined sugars, white bread, and white rice. It’s better to eat complex carbohydrates like brown rice and unrefined whole grains. These foods will fill you up and give you longer bursts of energy without the weight gain usually associated with simple carbohydrates.

Salty Foods

Try to avoid salty foods for at least four months following your liposuction procedure. Sodium can cause inflammation in the body, which can negatively affect the healing process. Feel free to use sodium substitutes, such as natural herbs and spices.

Saturated Fats

This is the kind of fat that is solid at room temperature. You find saturated fats in animal products and byproducts. Some processed foods are also found to be high in saturated fats.


Try to avoid alcohol for at least 14 days following liposuction

Alcohol beverages like beer, wine, and spirits can negatively interact with any post-treatment medication you are prescribed. Drinking alcohol can also cause dehydration. Try to avoid alcohol for at least 14 days following liposuction. Instead, aim to drink as much water and natural juices as possible. These healthier beverage choices will aid your body’s healing processes by flushing out toxins associated with medication and the liposuction procedure.

Tips for How to Eat in Post-Liposuction Diet

Eat Smaller Meals

Instead of eating two or three big meals each day, do your best to consume smaller meals throughout the day. Doing so will ensure you use all the energy from the foods you eat and prevent you from storing excess calories as fat. You’ll have more energy and keep the weight off while enjoying smaller portions of the whole foods you love.

Eat Healthy When Eating Out

While it’s easy to go wild when eating out with family and friends, most restaurants have healthy eating options that will help you stick to your post-liposuction diet. These meals don’t have to be boring. In fact, many eateries have gone out of their way to ensure their healthier options are tasty and fulfilling. Try some out. You may find you like them better than the fat-filled or greasy alternatives.

Frequent Hydration

Your body will swell for several days following liposuction. During this time, and as your body heals, you should plan to drink more liquids than are necessary to prevent dehydration.

Drinking a sufficient amount of water during the day can help you control your hunger. Hydrating yourself also helps with maintaining a healthy metabolism, and aids in digestion.

Other Tips

While these tips are not necessarily a part of your diet, heed the following tips to keep safe and achieve optimal results with the liposuction procedure.

No Smoking

stop smoking before liposuction

If you are a smoker, you are encouraged to break the habit before signing up for liposuction. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which is a substance that can increase your risk of bleeding and lead to other complications during and after surgery.

Do you have to quit smoking forever? It would be better for your health. If you don’t think you can quit for good, try to stop for at least a month prior to your procedure.

No Anticoagulant Medications

Your cosmetic surgeon will go over specifics during your consultation, but you’ll want to avoid taking medications that could cause complications. In particular, you will want to stay away from any medicines that thin your blood.

Aside from anticoagulants, you should stay away from any blood thinning substances, including Vitamin E, aspirin, and ibuprofen. Certain types of birth control may be included on that list. Check with your cosmetic surgeon to be sure.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

While you will not gain fat in the treatment area as easily, it is possible if you don’t take care to prevent weight gain. Eating a healthy diet can help you maintain your results and could even enhance them. Liposuction should never be a substitute for weight loss nor should it be utilized to safeguard against weight gain.

Avoid Weight Gain

You can still put on weight after liposuction if you return to unhealthy eating habits. Since lipo is an invasive procedure that costs money (and time), you should want to protect your investment. You can do so by making the necessary lifestyle changes before your procedure. Incorporate these tips into your healthy lifestyle and you are sure to enjoy the contours achieved through liposuction for years to come.

Get Some Exercise

Get Some Exercise

It is important to avoid being sedentary early on during recovery. Walking is heavily encouraged. Getting your legs moving and arms swinging can reduce the risk of blood clots and prevent other complications that can occur following surgery. It will help you feel better and more yourself following the lipo surgery. You don’t have to walk far but you should walk often. Avoid strenuous exercise for at least four weeks.

The good news is that many patients experience faster and more noticeable results after exercising, which usually motivates them to continue with a healthier lifestyle. You may even begin to look forward to exercising, finding it fun, as you continue to see stellar results at the treatment site.


Liposuction can dramatically improve your body’s contours but attaining and maintaining the best results are up to you. Fill your fridge and pantry with whole, nutritious foods. Eat smaller meals and stay hydrated. Finally, get adequate exercise and stay in contact with your body contouring surgeon. Your surgeon is the one who can give you the best advice for achieving the results you want, and how to maintain those results once you are all healed up.

Want to get the best results from liposuction? Start by selecting a qualified surgeon, such as Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts in Los Angeles. Dr. Moein is dually-trained in minimally-invasive body contouring surgery and cosmetic surgery, making him fully-qualified to complete your liposuction procedure.

Call Moein Surgical Arts to schedule a consultation with Dr. Moein to discuss lipo at (310)694-4486.

A Total Body Liposuction Checklist – Remove Fat from All Over – Even Your Cheeks & Knees!

Liposuction is on the rise in 2020, with the younger generations increasingly choosing the cosmetic procedure to slim-up and tone-up.

Lipo, otherwise known as suction-assisted lipoplasty, is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. Using a metal tube known as a cannula, a cosmetic surgeon can remove excess fat deposit in targeted areas of your body.

What you may not be aware of is that liposuction can be performed in any area on the body where there is excess fat. From your chin to your ankles, nearly any body part is fair game.

If you have stubborn fat and you want it gone, here are the body parts to consider for a future liposuction procedure.

1- Chin/Submental Area/Neck Lipo

Your chin and neck play a critical role in your appearance. A slender neck for women and sculpted neck for men are important attributes that contribute to one’s attractiveness.

Elements like age, genetics, and weight gain can lead to stubborn pockets of fat. Otherwise referred to as submental fat, this fat doesn’t respond well to diet and exercise. For some, chin or submental liposuction is the only viable treatment.

Chin lipo can give you a lighter appearance and is an excellent treatment for double chin, jowls, and neck laxity.

The results of chin and submental liposuction can give you a slimmer facial silhouette.

2- Cheeks


Cheek liposuction permanently removes fat cells from the sides of your face. Your surgeon can use cheek lipo to shape and contour the treatment area. As your skin heals, your cheeks will mold around the newly shaped area, resulting in a slimmer face and more defined profile.

Some surgeons will opt to use cheek liposuction in conjunction with a facelift to make the face slimmer and younger looking in a single session.

3- Chest

Chest Liposuction

Men with excess fat on their chest can struggle for years in the gym to achieve chiseled pecs to no avail. Fat deposits on the chest (pseudogynecomastia) can mimic the appearance of female-looking breasts, more commonly referred to as man boobs.

Chest liposuction can give men suffering from pseudogyno a slimmer, more masculine chest.

For men with true gyno, liposuction may be used in conjunction with tissue removal. While lipo removes the excess fat, the tissue removal cuts away the glandular tissue that is the true cause of the condition. A consultation with a cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts in Los Angeles can help you determine if you have gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia and if liposuction may be right for you.

4- Abdomen/Hips/Waist/Outer Thighs

Your abdomen, hips, waist, and outer thighs are common areas for localized fat to gather. Liposuction treatmnet along these areas can rid your body of pesky fat and help you finally lose those inches that diet and exercise failed to achieve. The abdomen, hips, waist, and thighs are the most common trouble areas for people when it comes to losing fat and improving one’s appearance. Liposuction can make these areas slimmer, which can have a drastic improvement on your body image.

5- Back

Fat tends to gather on the back, which happens to be one of the most seductive parts of the body. You can’t often get a slimmer back at the gym or in the kitchen. Stubborn areas like bra rolls and buffalo humps can be difficult to shed, even if you live a chaste life and run marathons.

Liposuction can remove these pesky areas of fat from your body, giving you a slimmer, more tapered back. For men, the results can restore a strong, defined shoulder area. For women, you can achieve a sexy and trim hourglass shape. Ask your cosmetic surgeon about the results you are likely to achieve based on your body type, skin elasticity, and body contouring goals.

6- Buttocks

Buttock liposuction can improve the shape and size of your backside, leading to smoother and more contoured results. Liposuction can reduce the size and bulk of your buttocks. Your cosmetic surgeon can also improve your body’s symmetry and the smoothness and roundness of your backside, which is a popular request with butt augmentation patients these days.

Liposuction is also sometimes used in procedures designed to enhance the buttocks. Instead of removing fat from the gluteal area, your surgeon will extract fat from another area of your body, such as your abdomen, before injecting it into your backside. The fatty tissue is yours, so you are unlikely to experience adverse reactions to the fat tissue added, giving you enhanced buttocks and long-lasting results.

7- Lower Legs/Thighs/Calves/Ankles

Legs Liposuction

For women more than men, fat can tend to gather on the inner thighs, calves, and ankles. That is because the hormones in the female body cause deposits of fat to gather along the lower body. Liposuction can give you the leaner legs you covet, enhancing what nature gave you. From your thighs to your ankles, leg lipo can extract those pockets of fat that don’t respond to cardio or healthy eating.

Slimmer legs can make clothes fit better. It can also improve your self-esteem, making liposuction of the inner thighs, calves, and ankles well worth the investment.

8- Knees

This liposuction procedure involves the removal of fat deposits from the inner knee. In many cases, your surgeon will combine knee lipo with liposuction of the thighs to achieve a sleeker, more contoured look.

The results of knee liposuction are permanent as long as you maintain your weight and level of fitness. Your surgeon may opt for more than one session of knee lipo, depending on your body contouring goals.

9- Flanks

Lipo of the flanks is one of the most common procedures for removing fat along the waist. It will also reduce the effects of love handles.

Fat that creates love handles is very difficult to get rid of with diet and exercise alone. People of all sizes can experience love handles, but liposuction of the flanks can help. Lipo can remove a significant amount of fat from the flanks to create a more sculpted and defined midsection.

How Many Body Parts Can be Treated with Lipo at Once?

There is no commonly agreed upon limit for liposuction treatments during a single session. Your cosmetic surgeon will assess your health and medical history to make the proper call. Most surgeons limit lipo sessions to three to four treatments to maintain safety.

How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

The average cost for liposuction is $3,500. Your cost for liposuction may vary depending on how many body parts are being treated. It also depends on how much fat is being extracted. You will receive a cosmetic quote at the time of your consultation.

Full-Body Lipo Starts with a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

Before you can start on the journey to experiencing this amazing cosmetic procedure, you will be required to schedule a consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon. That first meeting will help your doctor fully understand your aesthetic goals. These are the aftereffects of lipo that you are hoping for, such as a slimmer abdomen or a flatter chest for guys suffering from gynecomastia.

Your doctor also wants to know that your goals are realistic. He or she will want to know that you aren’t using liposuction for weight loss. Instead, you will ideally be around 30% near your ideal weight with realistic expectations and good general and mental health. If you are in good shape and hope for a more defined aesthetic and attractive silhouette, liposuction may be right for you.

Liposuction is safe and effective for improving your body’s overall esthetic. If you have stubborn pockets of fat that cause love-handles, a double chin, or saddlebags, call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Babak Moein at Moein Surgical Arts in Los Angeles, your local source for traditional liposuction (310)-694-4486.

6 Reasons a Liposuction Specialist (Not a Run-of-the-Mill Center) Can Help You Shed That Belly Fat

Liposuction centers have begun popping up in several cities across the United States.

These cosmetic surgery “chains” go by names like Sono Bello and Airsculpt, and specialize in removing excess body fat.

That may be fine if you only want belly fat removal.

What if, then, you want skin tightening or a breast augmentation to couple with your lipo procedure? A national lipo chain cannot give you those things. Only an experienced cosmetic body contouring surgeon can.

There are six good reasons you should avoid the “Walmarts of Liposuction” that are propagating around the country. And also, why you should choose an experienced body contouring surgeon to perform your liposuction instead.

1. A Lipo Specialist Can Give You Renuvion

Imagine being able to pair your liposuction with a technique like Renuvion. This advanced cosmetic procedure requires minimal invasiveness to tighten your skin. The results are age-defying. You can have the technique used in combination with lipo or HD-Lipo on your neck, face, and multiple places on your body.

This means you could look thinner and younger by choosing an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

2. Hi-Def Sculpting? Only with a Liposuction Specialist

Woman Lying on the Ground

High-definition liposuction is gaining in popularity, but you can’t get this technique at a run-of-the-mill lipo center. HD Lipo unleashes your body’s true potential. Your fat is strategically removed from various areas around your body. This results in your body’s natural structure being revealed.

HD Liposuction uses a technique known as VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy of Resonance). Your cosmetic body contouring surgeon uses a handheld device that transmits a series of ultrasound energy waves. These sound waves liquify the fat on and around the treatment area.

The surgeon will then suction the broken-down fat from the body using the VASER device. Nearly any body part can be chosen for the procedure, such as the arms, chest, shoulders, buttocks, abs, pubic area, and inner thighs.

3. No Laser Skin Tightening at Run-of-the-Mill Lipo Centers

Woman's back

Another cosmetic technique that goes well with liposuction is Forma skin tightening. This laser-based cosmetic procedure is surgery-free. It can be used on all your wrinkles. The technology uses bipolar radiofrequency to target wrinkled skin without the use of needles, scalpels, or toxins. You can pair lipo with Forma skin tightening by visiting a body contouring surgeon.

4. A Cosmetic Surgeon Possesses Experience & Reviews

When you visit a cosmetic body contouring surgeon’s office, you know you are drawing on years of experience. You can bank on countless patient testimonials. And you can schedule a consultation, allowing you to vet the surgeon, as much as the surgeon vets you to determine your candidacy for the procedure.

When you walk into a generic liposuction center, you never know who will be your lipo practitioner. You may find yourself under the care of someone experienced, or not. The person may work there today. However, he may not be there tomorrow. Can you put your trust in a liposuction center that doesn’t give you a dedicated specialist to rely on?

A cosmetic surgeon is dedicated to seeing you through surgery, and beyond. Also, a surgeon will check you up all the way through to your recovery. Can we say the same for the chain lipo centers?

5. Corporate Centers Can Pass the Buck

A cosmetic surgeon is dedicated to giving you the best liposuction experience possible. All precautions are for mitigating the risks. The surgeon will assess and achieve the goals through your surgical plan. When the surgery is complete, your surgeon will follow-up with you to ensure you are healing. He will also ensure that your results align with your realistic expectations.

A run-of-the-mill liposuction center is designed for high turnover. They treat patients like a number and the more the merrier.

A cosmetic surgeon has your best interests at heart, always. Isn’t that the type of reassurance you want when undergoing body contouring surgery?

6. Cosmetic Surgeons Rely on Results, Not Profits

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Cosmetic surgeons include a page of testimonials and before-and-after photos on their websites for a good reason. These provide social proof that their services are worthwhile. They will allow you to read and view actual results, from patients just like you.

Run-of-the-mill centers need to keep churning people in and out the door to turn the most profit. Whether you experience good results or bad does not matter to their business model.

A cosmetic body contouring surgeon will make every effort to align your results with your realistic body shape goals. Then, they can feature you on their page of testimonials and stellar before-and-afters.

Get Liposuction from an Experienced Specialist

It is possible to get lipo at a national chain of cosmetic centers. The better move is to choose a liposuction specialist for your belly fat eradicating procedure.

Dr. Moein of Moein Surgical Arts in Los Angeles has the experience and dedication you want in a cosmetic surgeon. Get a surgical plan tailored to your body type and body contouring goals. Get follow-up care that puts your health and satisfaction first. And get the results you want.

Dr. Moein can pair your liposuction procedure with popular cosmetic techniques like Renuvion, abdominal etching, male lipo, and Renuvion skin tightening.

Ready to Erase That Belly Fat with the Latest Advances in Liposuction?

Call Moein Surgical Arts to schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Moein at your earliest convenience.

The Versatility of Liposuction

Understanding liposuction is the first step to ridding your mind of negative connotations. You will also learn how cosmetic treatments can benefit one’s self-esteem.

So many women – and men – forego the clothes they want to wear. They don’t even go to the events they want to attend due to body image issues. With the technology and practices we have now, there’s no reason that anyone should go their entire lives not feeling comfortable in their own skin.

Liposuction is a great, minimally invasive treatment for anyone looking to “clean up” areas of their body they may feel are bogged down by never-diminishing fat pockets. When choosing to undergo liposuction for any number of insecurities, education is key.

Learn exactly how liposuction works, how surgeons perform it, recovery time, and where someone might get liposuction throughout this article.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a highly advanced fat sculpting technique designed to target hard-to-lose fat in areas of the body where diet and exercise just won’t do the trick. Think under the chin or your lower belly region.

While liposuction is designed to remove fat, it is NOT a weight-loss tool. Liposuction should be considered the last-ditch effort to get your body exactly where you want it to be. If you are overweight and would like to lose weight, liposuction can be combined with bariatric procedures like the gastric sleeve or the gastric balloon to help you reach your body goals.

Liposuction is also not a skin-tightening procedure. Your skin should be supple and tight. Otherwise, you should speak to your doctor about a procedure-combination to receive skin tightening and liposuction.

With over 250,000 Americans receiving lipo in 2018, the procedure is incredibly common and a proven tactic for achieving ideal body shaping results. Liposuction should be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon with lipo and fat sculpting knowledge. This allows a plastic surgeon to provide you with the best results and the most optimal procedure experience.

After it’s been confirmed with your surgeon that lipo is indeed the appropriate cosmetic procedure for you, you can expect the procedure to be a one-day venture, involving local or general anesthesia, and about a two-week recovery period.

What Does a Lipo Procedure Look Like?

Lipo Procedure in LA

During your procedure, your surgeon may place you under local or general anesthesia, depending on where he/she is working on. After you are sufficiently numbed up or asleep, your surgeon will create a small incision on the operating site, where they will then go in with a small tool called a cannula. A cannula is a thin, hollow tube with a dull tip. Once the surgeon inserts the cannula, an attached suction machine will begin to remove loosened fat pockets right from your body.

Throughout the procedure, your surgical team will be monitoring your vitals to prioritize your safety and ensure that everything is going as planned. While it is minimally invasive, preventative measures should always be in place to look out for any irregularities during the procedure.


Following the fat removal, you may experience soreness, swelling, or bruising – this is all perfectly normal. Your incision site(s) will need time to heal but this is not extensive. The surgeon will advise you to rest for a few days. You should expect to have a follow-up appointment with your surgeon to make sure that you are healing as planned.

The size and location of the treatment area will ultimately affect the duration of your recovery period, but you can expect to solidly rest up for a few days, with the ability to return to work in about a week’s time. By week two, you should see your swelling and bruising subside. However, you should still take it easy in the weeks following your procedure.

Following the full healing, you should expect to see dramatic results at the treatment sites. A good plastic surgeon should be able to manage your expectations before you begin lipo so you do not find yourself disappointed following the procedure.

Now you know how they do it, but where can you get it?

 Where Can You Get Liposuction?

Lipo is an incredibly versatile procedure that allows a qualified surgeon to precisely target several areas of the body. The minimally invasive use of the cannula makes lipo ideal for small or hard-to-treat areas like the knees or under the chin. While many people think lipo is a tummy procedure, its uses extend far beyond your belly region.

Start by considering all of the places on your body where you may have frustrating, relentless pockets of fat. I’d gamble they will all be on this list.

The most obvious areas for liposuction include:

  • The Buttocks
  • The Hips
  • The Tummy
  • Love Handles
  • Thighs
  • Under the Chin

The lesser-known areas include:

  • The Face
  • The Back
  • The Chest
  • The Lower Legs
  • The Upper Arms
  • The Knees

Many people choose tummy or thigh lipo but smaller areas are often treated as well to resolve insecurities brought on by stubborn fat. Liposuction on the back, the face, or the upper arms can be a huge self-esteem booster for people that are prone to frustration by the ability to lose fat in these areas.

Depending on your body goals, your liposuction surgeon can recommend that you combine treatment areas to be completed at one time to limit recovery and cost due to standard treatment fees. You can even combine liposuction with other cosmetic treatments to maximize your procedure outcome and body goals. The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and various bariatric or skin tightening procedures are popular to combine with liposuction.

 Where to Get Liposuction in the Greater Los Angeles Area

If you’ve read through this article and decided that liposuction could be the cosmetic procedure for you, or if you simply have more questions, you need to call Moein Surgical Arts in Los Angeles. Dr. Babak Moein is a world-renowned surgeon with decades of experience in cosmetic and weight loss procedures.

The team at Moein Surgical Arts is highly professional in cosmetic body procedures. They will also take care of you throughout the entire process. By scheduling a consultation with Dr. Moein, you will begin your body sculpting journey. He and his team will monitor your progress every step of the way.

If you are sick of stubborn fat and you’ve found nothing else that will work, take a few moments to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation with Dr. Moein. He will gladly answer all of your questions. He will also get you well on your way to having the body you’ve always dreamed of – stubborn fat pocket-free. Call (310) 694-4486 today to get started getting your body to where you want it to be.

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