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A gastric balloon is a weight-loss tool used to aid in controlling appetite. When the balloon is placed inside the stomach, the patient will feel full and satisfied after eating a reasonable portion. This tool is coupled with lifestyle changes to help patients lose those pounds effectively.

Unlike gastric bypass surgery, a gastric balloon does not permanently change the patient’s anatomy. It serves to lessen appetite while the patient learns to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, and once the balloon is removed, these habits will continue to help the patient stay in better shape.

Reshape™️ has now been replaced with Orbera®

The manufacturer Apollo Endosurgery has discontinued the Reshape™️ balloon system and replaced it with the Orbera® intragastric balloon weight loss program. To learn more, please visit our Orbera page.


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The ReShape™ gastric balloon is a revolutionary development in weight-loss technology. What sets it apart from other balloon options is that it is actually two connected balloons, making it able to take up more room in the patient’s stomach. The Dual Balloon comfortably fits to the stomach’s shape and is quite safe.


When you come in for a ReShape consultation, we will discuss whether or not the procedure is the ideal option for your weight-loss goals. Typically, patients who are willing to change aspects of their lifestyle in order to lose weight do best with this treatment option.

Prospective patients should have a BMI (body mass index) between 30 and 40. Morbidly obese patients experiencing secondary conditions find the ReShape gastric balloon to be a helpful option. Those who have experienced weight-loss surgery in the past may not be right for this treatment.


The ReShape gastric balloon placement procedure typically requires only 20 minutes to perform. It’s a completely non-surgical procedure, requiring no incisions or stitches of any kind and causing no post-procedure scars. Because it is non-surgical, no recovery period is required, and patients can get right back to their busy schedules.

At the start of gastric balloon placement, IV sedation is administered, helping the patient become very relaxed for the remainder of the procedure. Following this, an endoscope will be inserted into the mouth. The endoscope is a tube with a light and a camera. It offers the doctor a close-up view of the esophagus and stomach.

The ReShape Dual Balloon is inserted into the mouth and down the throat into the stomach. Saline and methylene blue dye are used to fill the balloons, and mineral oil is used to close them.


Before the Dual Balloon is placed in your stomach, you will experience the first phase of the treatment. This phase consists of receiving an evaluation from a weight-loss professional and learning more about the overall process involved with ReShape weight loss.

In the second phase, the Dual Balloon is placed. You will also receive personal coaching to make healthy lifestyle changes. These will include changing your exercise routine, your eating habits, and some of your general lifestyle habits.

After six months of reduced appetite have passed, the third phase of the treatment will begin. We will carefully remove the Dual Balloon from your stomach. With your new eating habits and lifestyle changes, you’ll be able to keep the weight off and feel healthier.

You can stay on track with the help of the ReShape Patient Portal online, which offers activity tracking, online forums, a daily eating log, reminder messages, and more. You can even stay focused on the go by using the Portal on your mobile device.


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