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Vaser Lipo: The Answer to Less Belly Fat without Scars

You may expect the term VASER to originate from the Star Wars movies. VASER is not science fiction but it is high tech. This cosmetic surgery technique improves the contouring shaping abilities of traditional liposuction, making the VASER Lipo treatment ideal for eradicating belly fat (and fat all over).

What is VASER Lipo & How Does it Work?

VASER Liposuction (or HD Lipo) is similar to traditional liposuction. To understand how VASER works, we should compare it to the techniques used with traditional lipo.

You may already be familiar with the way trad-lipo extracts excess fat from various points around the body. General anesthesia will be used in most cases, so you will be unconscious during the procedure. In some cases, the surgeon will use local anesthesia if the treatment area is small enough.

Once prepped for surgery, the surgeon will make incisions along the treatment area. The areas that respond best to lipo include the buttocks, abdomen, chin, knees, and breasts (which includes male breast removal). The incisions are between 3-6 millimeters and an inch long and will be used as insertion points for a cannula, which is a long, thin tube used for extracting the fat during the lipo procedure.

During regular fat lipo, the treatment area is first filled with a solution that combines anesthetic and saline. The purpose of the mixture is three-fold. The anesthetic numbs the area and constricts the blood vessels while making the fat easier to break up. The surgeon will then use the cannula as a suction device by making wide back-and-forth motions. Using this method, the surgeon is able to remove large pockets of fat from the deepest layers. Going to the deep layers is safer and less likely to damage the skin.

After the traditional liposuction procedure, patients are required to wear a compression vest for a short time. The procedure creates tunnels underneath the skin and within the fat. These tunnels will eventually collapse with the use of a compression garment, helping the long-term results look more natural. Swelling and discomfort should diminish within three weeks, which is usually when you’re able to see the final results.

What Does VASER Stand For?

VASER Lipo uses the same types of incisions and a similar saline mixture to what’s used in regular lipo. The area becomes numb, the blood vessels constrict, and the fat is easier to break up after the solution is added. Next comes the VASER probe.

VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. This is a fancy term for ultrasound technology. By inserting the VASER probe into the treatment area incisions, a low level of ultrasound energy is used to target and eliminate fat cells.

This technology isn’t necessarily new. Surgeons were using an earlier type of VASER in the 90’s. Back then, surgeons couldn’t control the level of energy, which increased patient risks. We are now in the third generation of VASER, and the ultrasound energy is highly controlled. VASER can improve the contours and add a higher level of definition to certain body parts such as the chin, neck, arms, love handles, and thighs.

What is the Difference Between VASER & Traditional Lipo Results?

Traditional vs VASER

Traditional liposuction is designed for patients with a higher than average body mass index (BMI). It’s for eradicating large pockets of pesky fat. Because the treatment areas are large, you typically have to undergo fewer procedures. The fat lipo procedure has become the gold standard for producing excellent results. In the hands of a skilled surgeon, you can achieve the results you want on nearly any area of the body.

VASER liposuction gives all the benefits of lipo without downtime. The surgeon will use a local anesthetic as opposed to a general “put you to sleep” anesthetic. You’ll be fully awake for the entire procedure, which takes around an hour. The recovery time is a breeze, and there is also less pain, bleeding, and bruising when compared to traditional lipo.

You’ll still have to take it easy for a few weeks, but the results with VASER are far different than those produced by standard lipo. VASER is known for its body-sculpting effects. VASER will leave your body toned, and your muscles more defined at the treatment area.

How Does VASER Remove Belly Fat without Scars?

A Scarless Procedure

VASER liposuction is minimally invasive. As such, the procedure doesn’t require major incisions. The cuts are tiny and are usually placed within the natural folds of your skin. A skilled surgeon can hide those scars so well they are practically invisible once healed.

Useful for Toned Bellies

VASER liposuction is an excellent technique for erasing the belly fat that is not only stubborn but located at the superficial levels. Once that fat is eradicated, your body’s musculature will be able to show through. This is where you get six-pack abs – or at least greater definition in the abdominal area.

For many people, the fat on the upper and lower belly is the most difficult to get rid of through diet and exercise alone. This is why using VASER on your belly fat works so well and produces the most enviable results. Everyone will think you got a leaner stomach by working hard in the gym. Little do they know, VASER gave you that belly and in much less time.

How Much Does VASER Lipo Cost?

Cost of Vaser Lipo

The fees associated with VASER come to around $6,500 on average, according to Healthline. The price you pay may vary depending on the size of the treatment area, the amount of fat that needs to be removed, and the number of treatments. The fees also pay for the surgeon’s fees, facility fees, anesthesiologist’s fees, and so on. Traditional liposuction, by comparison, costs $3,500 on average.

Who is a Good Candidate for VASER Liposuction?

You should never substitute VASER liposuction for a healthy diet and exercise program. You should be at or around a healthy weight before considering a procedure such as VASER Lipo. But if you are at a healthy weight and still have pockets of fat, VASER can help you slim down, and tone up!

VASER gives the best results when used on patients with good skin tone and elasticity. Your goal should be to add a definition without losing too much weight. VASER can give you that “ripped” look for men or “toned” look for women. The prime areas for VASER include your chin, neck, breasts, abdomen, love handles, back, arms, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles. Yes, virtually all over. But the only way to truly know if you are a good candidate for this revolutionary fat-busting technique is to schedule a consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts is an expert at using VASER technology to help patients improve their body contours. Patients throughout Los Angeles, Encino, and Glendale know they can turn to Dr. Moein for a variety of cosmetic treatments, including VASER Lipo, for premium body sculpting. Schedule now with Dr. Moein during a telemedicine or sit-down meeting. After a short physical and discussion about your goals, you can find out if VASER liposuction is right for you. Call today (310)694-4486.

VASER Liposuction for Fat Removal Can Save You Years of Struggle at the Gym

VASER high-definition liposuction can give you a body to die for, even if you don’t like going to the gym.

VASER Liposuction is the high-definition treatment that can get you shredded, saving you years of struggle in the gym.

You may have heard of liposuction, which is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States. Over 250,000 lipo procedures were performed in the U.S. in 2018 and numbers only continue to increase.

Liposuction is a procedure that removes fat deposits from your body using anesthesia, a saline solution, and a metal tube known as a cannula to suction fat from underneath your skin.

VASER liposuction also targets pesky pockets of fat under the skin, but the cosmetic procedure is unique in that it is highly selective. The popular cosmetic procedure allows your surgeon to etch the areas around muscles on various body parts, including the arms, chest, chin, neck, upper back, waistline, stomach, hips, thighs, and buttocks. This distinction gives VASER liposuction a solid reputation for body sculpting.

VASER is an acronym that stands for Vibration of Sound Energy at Resonance. The name refers to the ultrasound technology used to disrupt the bonds between fat cells.

The procedure is similar to traditional liposuction but is considered far more controlled and gentler on the body. Performing the procedure requires a surgeon with a high level of skill and experience to achieve optimal results.

What kind of results can you expect?

While you should never consider VASER high-definition liposuction as a weight loss tool, the procedure can help you lose that last layer of fat that lingers despite diet and exercise.

Sure, you could lift and do cardio in the gym until you drop. But why, when VASER Liposuction is well within your reach?

How Does VASER High-Definition Liposuction Get You Ripped Outside of the Gym?

How Does VASER Lipo Get You Ripped Outside of the Gym? Los Angeles CA

Using a handheld device, your VASER liposuction surgeon will permanently remove fat from the treatment area. The ultrasound technology allows your surgeon to carefully sculpt the areas around your muscles, revealing your body’s underlying musculature.

Instead of spending hours in the gym, you can undergo one or more sessions of VASER lipo to achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

The VASER High-Definition Liposuction Procedure

The surgeon performs VASER liposuction under general anesthesia and it takes around two hours to complete. A tiny incision (less than an inch) will be placed within the natural folds of your skin. For VASER lipo of the arm, for example, the incision may be placed in the armpit. The strategic location of the incision helps to mask the scarring so that is nearly invisible once healed.

The surgeon use the incisions next to inject a tumescent solution that causes the fat at the treatment site to float. The solution also optimizes the transfer of ultrasound energy.

They use the same type of solution during traditional liposuction, whereby the surgeon will immediately suck out the fat using a thin tube called a cannula.

VASER liposuction works a bit differently. Protective skin ports are placed in the incisions. These ports keep the energy from transferring to your skin. The surgeon will  then inserted into the ported incision site, which melts the fat, making it easier to extract with the liposuction cannula.

VASER Requires an Artist’s Touch

When employing VASER liposuction, surgeons have to make careful movements to melt the fat around the muscle. A liposuction cannula is then inserted, which allows your surgeon to extract the melted fat solution from your body.

Once the surgeon has extracted desired amount of fat, the skin ports will be removed by your surgeon before the incision is closed.

The surgeon might ask you to wear a compression garment on the treatment area after you awaken from anesthesia. The garment will put pressure on the treatment site, which improves blood flow and aids in proper healing.

Who is a Good Candidate for VASER High-Definition Liposuction?

Good Candidate for VASER Hi-Def Liposuction- Los Angeles CA

If you toil in the gym and watch what you eat and still find yourself unable to lose that final layer of fat, VASER Lipo may be for you. Good candidates for this muscle-etching, body contouring procedure are generally healthy and close to their ideal weight. Your cosmetic surgeon will also insist that you be willing to continue eating healthily and follow an exercise program after the VASER liposuction procedure.

Wait, You Still Have to Work Out After VASER?

While results from VASER can be permanent, the way your body looks after you recover from the procedure is up to you. After undergoing liposuction, you will need to commit to eating right and exercising regularly so that your body doesn’t regain the fat deposits that VASER liposuction removed.

Also, there is no way to eliminate the visible signs of aging. Weight fluctuation and simple gravity can all affect the way your results appear over time.

What Can You Expect After VASER Liposuction?

Expect After VASER Liposuction - Los Angeles CA

After VASER high-definition liposuction, the treatment area may appear slightly bruised and swollen. The results of the procedure may not be immediately evident. Those will come later, after your body has healed, and the swelling has subsided.

They will give you sterilized cotton pads to dress the treatment area. Over the next 24 to 48 hours, you may experience weeping fluid. Drink extra fluids during this time to flush the anesthesia from your body. They will also require you to wear a compression garment for several weeks to reduce the swelling.

After three to six months, you should begin seeing results as your body settles into its newly modified form. For some VASER liposuction patients, it may take a couple more months to see the true results of the surgery.

Ready to Get Shredded with VASER Liposuction?

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