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3 Med Spa Treatments to Stop Hiding Out at Holiday Parties

A group of men and women celebrating in the evening with sparklers.

  Why spend another holiday season hiding your sweaty pits or extra hair in awkward places. Don’t let concerns like thinning hair, wrinkles and scars keep you from enjoying the annual holiday parties with your friends and family. These three med spa treatments can help you put your best foot forward and have everyone turning …

How Far Out Should You Schedule Med Spa Treatments for Optimal Aesthetic Results?

Portrait of a woman after med spa makeover

  Everyone wants to look their best when it comes to a big event or special day. Med spa treatments are a popular way to help you look your best in less time. Treatments such as body contouring and laser skin treatments are excellent options. They will help you improve your appearance, but timing these …

Is VelaShape® or Liposuction Right for Your Body Contouring Goals?

Woman standing on street corner looking down at her abs.

Once you’ve decided to go after your goals, there’s not much that can stop you. But when you’re deciding the best way to achieve your ideal body, you have a few options to consider. What’s the best method of body contouring to get you to your goals? Nonsurgical options like VelaShape®? Or is traditional liposuction …

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