Pregnancy can change the physical appearance of your body in many ways. Some of these changes are reversed once you have had your child or through dieting and exercise. Other issues cannot be so easily treated, like changes in the shape of your breasts, which can be made worse by breastfeeding.

If you have finished breastfeeding your child and would like to restore the attractive shape of your breasts, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Babak Moein can provide you with the care you need. By performing a breast lift procedure, Dr. Moein can adjust and reshape the breast tissue to create a rounder and perkier appearance.

You don’t have to let your pregnancy permanently affect the beauty of your body. Contact Möein Surgical Arts today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Moein for your breast lift procedure. He can restore the shapely and attractive appearance of your breasts.

Mommy Makeovers – Body Contouring

During pregnancy, the female body will undergo a lot of physiological changes. Many mothers complain that they’ve lost their youthful figures after pregnancy. For those who are looking for an answer, there are mommy makeovers.

Mommy makeovers are comprehensive cosmetic procedure packages that specifically deal with unwanted changes that occur due to pregnancy.

For instance, pregnancy can result in the formation of sagging skin around the abdomen and sagging of the breasts. This is rarely if ever effectively dealt with through dieting or exercise. With the mommy makeover, you can regain a flatter stomach and lift sagging breasts.

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Breast Lift – Cosmetic Rejuvenation

The breasts are a major part of a woman’s overall physical appearance. The breasts can undergo dramatic changes, whether it is due to aging or experiences like pregnancy. Some women are dissatisfied with the amount their breasts sag. Those looking for a way to rejuvenate their breasts may be ideal candidates for a breast lift.

A breast lift is a procedure that reshapes the form of the breasts and lifts them to a more youthful position. The procedure is a versatile one, and there are several different techniques used depending on the severity of sagging and the patient’s anatomy. After the procedure, patients can generally return to their daily activities within a week.

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