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10 J-Plasma Facts About This Skin-Tightening Wonder Procedure

J Plasma Skin Tightening Facts

When your outside appearance starts looking older than you feel, cosmetic surgery can help. But which procedure is right for you? If you have aging or loose skin, J-Plasma may be the procedure to request. J-Plasma is a new technology that is taking the cosmetic surgery world by storm. Many patients choose it as an …

Combination of J-Plasma + Lipo Lets You Drink from the Fountain of Youth

J-Plasma + Lipo

Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León led an expedition to Florida in 1513 in search of the Fountain of Youth. The legends said that this mythical spring give anyone who drank or bathed in its waters a youthful appearance. While Ponce never found his coveted fountain, we can all relate to his mission. There is …

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