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Top Questions to Ask During a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

A cosmetic surgery consultation is the first step to correcting those defects that make you insecure. This discrete meeting with a cosmetic surgeon allows you to determine if you have a rapport with the doctor. You can gauge the orderliness and cleanliness of the office or surgical center and undergo a physical exam to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure you want. But there’s more!

This one-on-one meeting lets you learn as much as possible about the cosmetic surgeon, the procedure in question, and the benefits, risks, and fees associated with the cosmetic surgical procedure. To get as much out of this all-important sit-down session as possible, and to alleviate your concerns, it is essential to ask a number of questions only your cosmetic surgeon can answer. Here is a list of questions you should ask. By the end of your appointment, you will be more knowledgeable of the surgeon’s qualifications, processes, and much more.

Ask These Questions the Next Time You Sit Down with a Cosmetic Surgeon

Are You a Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon?

Don’t feel bad about putting a cosmetic surgeon on the spot by asking about his or her qualifications. This is one of the very reasons you booked the appointment. You want to know if the professional has the experience, training, and skill to give you the beautiful results you expect.

It is important to ask about board certification. A board-certified cosmetic surgeon has completed extensive post-secondary education. This might include a bachelor’s degree in biology of chemistry in addition to a three-year residency.

The surgeon confirming board certification infers that the surgeon has taken all the necessary steps to become a reputable cosmetic surgeon. It also confirms that the surgeon has the skill and knowledge to perform the procedure you want safely with favorable results.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for the Procedure I Want?

When scheduling a cosmetic surgery consultation, many people have pre-planned for a specific surgery. For aging on the face, you might go into the meeting with expectations of asking about the facelift, for example. Or the tummy tuck for sagging along the abdomen.

A cosmetic surgery consultation typically includes a short physical exam, in addition to questions about the state of your health and health history. The results of the examination and answers to the surgeon’s questions can determine your candidacy for cosmetic surgery.

To qualify for cosmetic surgery, you must be generally healthy, with good lifestyle habits (no smoking, for example).

This question can help you determine if the procedure you want is right for you.

If Not, Why Am I Not a Good Candidate?

The cosmetic surgeon may end up telling you that you are not a suitable candidate for cosmetic surgery. An example might be the mommy makeover if you are not yet finished having children. Or liposuction if you are not as close to your ideal weight as possible.

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This question can let you know what you may need to work on to become a suitable candidate for the aesthetic procedure you have in mind.

Do You Recommend Another Procedure Instead? If So, Why?

You may have a specific procedure in mind – the facelift, tummy tuck, or breast augmentation – but the surgeon may present a recommendation that differs from your expectation.

For example, instead of a facelift, the surgeon may recommend Morpheus8, which is a non-surgical alternative to the facelift. Instead of the tummy tuck, the surgeon may recommend Renuvion with liposuction, which offers fat removal and skin tightening.

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Instead of simply breast augmentation, the surgeon may recommend the breast lift along with augmentation and the fat transfer technique. The latter uses your own fat taken from a donor site on your body before it’s injected into your breasts for greater volume and shape and natural-looking results.

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How Often Do You Perform the Procedure I Want?

Here you expect to receive an actual number of procedures the surgeon may have performed before you. You don’t want to undergo a procedure the cosmetic surgeon has little experience in. Conversely, you will feel better about choosing the cosmetic surgeon if performing the procedure you want is a regular occurrence.

Do You Have Before and After from Patients with Similar Qualities and Concerns?

You don’t have to take the surgeon’s word for it that he or she has performed the surgery you want in the past. Ask to see proof. Cosmetic surgeons often take before and after photographs. This is done for marketing purposes. These pictures are typically placed on the surgeon’s website to highlight examples of the surgeon’s experience and skill. The before and after photos also let the patients themselves see the contrast between their previous condition and how they look after the surgery.

What are the Benefits of the Procedure I Want?

This question may seem redundant at first. A facelift makes you look younger. A tummy tuck gives you a flat and firm abdomen. But it’s important to understand that some procedures offer benefits that go beyond mere looks.

The tummy tuck, for example, offers stronger abdominal muscles in addition to the removal of saggy and excess skin along the abdomen.

A breast lift and breast reduction can help with back pain caused by heavy strain.

Rhinoplasty often improves breathing in addition to making your entire face more attractive.

The answers your surgeon gives to this question may surprise you and will probably make you more excited than ever to undergo your upcoming procedure.

Are There Any Risks to Cosmetic Surgery?

Every surgery comes with some semblance of risk. Anesthesia alone comes with several risks, such as nausea and embolism. The surgeon wants to ensure you are well aware of all the risks of surgery before you sign on the dotted line.

What Will a Favorable or Unfavorable Result Look Like?

Some patients bring photographs of models, singers, and actors to their cosmetic surgery consultations. These help the surgeon understand the results they hope to get. A cosmetic surgeon’s job is to manage your expectations. This is accomplished by informing you what the results will look like after surgery.

By asking about unfavorable results, you will be able to identify if a follow-up surgery is necessary. Keep in mind that swelling and bruising are likely as you are rolled into the recovery area. It may take time for your results to fully show through. The answers to this question will help you anticipate delayed results and give you an idea of what to expect once the side effects of surgery subside.

How Long Do the Results of Surgery Last? Are Touch-Up Treatments Needed?

No amount of cosmetic surgery can stop the effects of aging. They can only slow aging down. The facelift, tummy tuck, and liposuction are considered permanent procedures. The effects last for many years as long as you maintain your results. You can maintain your results by controlling your weight, practicing healthy life habits, and staying hydrated, in addition to getting adequate sleep.

Some procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, may require additional treatments or follow-up treatments in order to experience optimal results or maintain results. Breast augmentation, for example, may require a follow-up surgery after ten years or so. Skin rejuvenation may require additional treatments to experience young, blemish-free skin.

Will I Need Revision Surgery Later? If So, Why, and How Likely Will I Need It?

This question lets you anticipate if you need to schedule surgery later, such as breast augmentation, which should be repeated after a decade or so. Revision surgery may also be required if the original surgery failed to produce favorable results. Gynecomastia surgery for the reduction of male breasts may require a follow-up if the excess breast growth returns following the original procedure.

Where Will the Surgery Take Place?

Some cosmetic surgeons operate at a dedicated surgical center while others work out of a hospital. Asking this question lets you know where to show up on the day of surgery. You can also tell a friend or family member, who may be required to drive you home afterward.

Should I Wear Any Particular Clothing When Arriving for Surgery?

Most cosmetic surgeons will tell you to wear comfortable clothing that can be easily removed before surgery and slipped on after surgery.

Is the Surgical Center Accredited?

If the cosmetic surgeon performs surgery at a dedicated surgical center, ask if the center has received accreditation. That means the center is approved according to local and national laws and regulations, and that all safety protocols have been followed.

What Happens if an Emergency Occurs During My Cosmetic Surgery?

All surgical procedures put you at some sort of risk. Complications can occur due to infection or anesthesia, for example. If an emergency occurs, the surgeon may have to transport you to the local hospital unless the surgical center is equipped for emergency situations. The answer to this question lets you know what to expect in case anything goes wrong during your procedure (though you hope it never happens).

Will I Stay Overnight or Will the Procedure Be Outpatient?

Many procedures allow you to go home after a short recovery, such as gynecomastia surgery and abdominoplasty. Breast augmentation can involve an overnight stay, but not always. The answer to this question lets you know if you should get a ride home the day of surgery or if you should pack a bag in anticipation of a hospital sleepover.

What Type of Anesthesia Will Be Used During My Procedure?

Cosmetic surgery can involve general anesthesia, which renders you unconscious. A local anesthetic is used in some cases, which only numbs the affected area. Some procedures use a local in addition to sedation, which makes you relaxed and numbs you simultaneously.

What Can I Expect During My Recovery?

The answer to this question lets you know if you can expect pain, discomfort, sleepiness, soreness, bruising, loss of mobility, difficulty sleeping, and other side effects while you heal.

What Activities Can I Engage in While Recovering from Cosmetic Surgery?

Most cosmetic surgeries require you to rest for at least a few days, and maybe up to a few weeks. You will want to ask about exercise, heavy lifting, and engaging in work activities, particularly if your work is strenuous in nature.

When Can I Return to Work?

If you work at a desk, you may be able to return to work within a couple of weeks with most procedures. Some surgeries may have you back to work within a matter of days. For strenuous jobs, such as construction, you may be required to stay home from work for at least a few weeks.

Will I Have Scarring? Will the Scars be Visible? How Can I Minimize Scarring?

Anytime the skin is injured, a scar can result. Incisions made on the abdomen, along the chest, and behind the ears for a facelift can leave visible scars. Cosmetic surgeons strive to hide incisions – and the resulting scars – within the natural folds of your body. Any scars that do result will typically fade with time. The cosmetic surgeon may offer tips for lightening scars, such as creams and other treatments.

What is the Total Cost of My Procedure?

During a cosmetic surgery consultation, once a procedure is agreed upon, you will receive a free quote for the surgical session. The fee may include the cost of the procedure itself, prosthetic devices such as breast implants, anesthesia fees, surgical assistant fees (such as the anesthesiologist), the surgeon’s fees, surgical center fees, and others.

Are There Options for Medical Financing?

Many surgeons partner with companies like Care Credit that allow you to finance cosmetic surgery. You can have surgery now and worry about paying the full price of the procedure later. Having payment options makes cosmetic surgery accessible, even if you don’t have the full amount available for the procedure you have in mind.

Be Prepared to Ask Doctor Moein Your Question During a Discrete Consultation

Now that you have a full script of questions to ask, book an appointment with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Doctor Babak Moein. Doctor Moein operates out of the accredited surgical center known as Moein Surgical Arts in Los Angeles, California. With decades of experience, a community of happy patients, and a surgical staff that is attentive to all your needs, you will feel right at home during your cosmetic surgery consultation appointment.

When you are ready to meet with a surgeon to correct your aesthetic defects, for a surge of self-esteem, call (310)694-4486 to book your appointment with Doctor Moein.

Doing Your Own Research is Good but Follow Your Cosmetic Surgeon’s Advice

Google makes it easy to conduct research on a wide variety of subjects, cosmetic surgery being among them. With a few keystrokes or finger swipes, you can learn all sorts of details about breast augmentations, tummy tucks, face lifts, and liposuction. Knowledge, as they say, is power. And it’s good to learn as much as you can about all sorts of things, particularly surgical procedures which you hope to undergo.

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Cosmetic surgeons, like all doctors, also appreciate patients who are informed and empowered. Knowing as much as you can about cosmetic surgery makes for improved results, and better expectations of what cosmetic surgery can do overall.

You are encouraged to do your own homework before arriving at your initial consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. But there is a caveat. You should also have an open mind with regards to your surgical options and the details of the various procedures available. You should also be willing to hear what the cosmetic surgeon thinks will be the best approach for you.

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A Wealth of Information – Good or Bad?

Because there is so much information available today, both online and off, it can be tough for any one person to be fully informed and capable of making major decisions about cosmetic surgery. Not only are there many books on the subjects, and websites, but there are also beauty personalities, social media influencers, talk show hosts, and others. These individuals are ready to offer positive tips, advice, and contributions. However, in many cases, these people don’t have the training or experience that a board-certified cosmetic surgeon has. Because of this, it is important to balance out what you learn in your own research with the advice of your cosmetic surgeon.

Be Willing to Collaborate with Your Cosmetic Surgeon

Collaborate with Your Cosmetic Surgeon
Learn about the new and amazing technology called Renuvion, which uses a hand-held device to tighten your skin and turn back the clock.

When you schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon, you expect that professional with years of schooling and hands-on experience to be an expert. Should you wholeheartedly trust their decisions without question? Not necessarily. Your cosmetic surgery consultation is designed to be a collaborative process.

When sitting down with a new surgeon for the first time, you are encouraged to bring with you to that meeting a series of photographs of the surgical results you expect. You might do the same when visiting your hairdresser, showing the hair technician your favorite model or actor. As long as you realize your cosmetic surgeon cannot work magic, and therefore can’t make you look exactly like the individual you are using for inspiration, these photos are acceptable and clearly communicate your expectations. The surgeon will then offer input on what would be the best suitable procedure and whether those results are feasible given your bone structure and musculature.

This back and forth is part of the process. In the end, you will either learn that you are not a suitable candidate for cosmetic surgery, which sometimes happens. Or you will leave with a plan that is suited for you to help you achieve your cosmetic surgery goals.

Why Wouldn’t You Be a Suitable Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

You might learn during your consultation with a cosmetic surgeon that you are a poor candidate for cosmetic surgery if you have an underlying condition like diabetes, lung disease, heart disease, or hypertension. Obesity is another condition that could have you turned away. For procedures like liposuction, for instance, cosmetic surgeons would prefer you to be as close to your ideal weight as possible to receive the most favorable results. Keep in mind that some cosmetic surgeons, such as Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts, offer bariatric (weight loss) surgery to help you attain an ideal weight. You can then opt for post-bariatric body contouring surgery to attain a better aesthetic ideal after the excess weight has come off.

Your Cosmetic Surgeon’s Opinion Matters

If you are a suitable candidate for cosmetic surgery, heed your surgeon’s advice during the consultation. You may come armed with all you’ve learned online, but all those sources, bloggers, influencers, and media personalities are not the ones who will live with the results of your surgery for years to come. You will be the one to endure the results. Make sure you balance the opinions you come armed with and consider carefully what results will be best for you. Your cosmetic surgeon has a personal stake in you having favorable results, as that professional’s reputation is on the line.

The Limits of Online Cosmetic Research

The bottom line is that you should never be too certain about which cosmetic surgery procedures are right for you during your consultation. This can lead to poor communication with the surgeon. Worse, it can leave you with results that don’t match the expectations you envision.

Let’s say you schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon and show up with pages of research and photographs of influencers you hope to emulate with a similar aesthetic look. You want the same lips as your favorite TikTok star or a flat tummy like your favorite model. You’ve researched lip augmentation and the tummy tuck, and you know exactly what you want.

But do you? A skilled cosmetic surgeon will be able to look at the photographs you brought to the consultation and, at a single glance, will be able to inform you how the surgeries work and the results they can provide. You may discover that what looks great on your favorite TikTok star, or model may appear disproportionate or unachievable to you.

Research is Important as Long as You Listen to Reason

Research is Important as Long as You Listen to Reason

At the end of the road, it is still critical for you to do your own research and think carefully about the results you want from cosmetic surgery. Learn about the various procedures available, including medical-spa techniques, and look at before and after photographs. You are still encouraged to collect and bring with you to the consultation photographs that help you communicate what you are expecting.

But when it comes to minute details, such as where incisions are placed, breast implant volume, and where to remove fat from your body (and how much), you should always trust your cosmetic surgeon. Your surgeon has spent years of schooling and decades in practice learning about the nuances of esthetic techniques and how to make the best improvements to the face and body. Therefore, a collaborative process between you and your surgeon is the superior way to attain the results you want.

Ready to Discuss Your Expectations with a Cosmetic Surgeon in Los Angeles?

The more knowledge you have about cosmetic surgery, the better informed you will be as a cosmetic surgery patient. Whether you are interested in liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast lift surgery, breast reduction, or gynecomastia surgery, conduct your own research and bring examples of what you expect to the consultation.

When you are ready to discuss the results you want with a cosmetic surgeon, call Healthy Life Bariatrics. Dr. Babak Moeinolmolki and his professional staff look forward to meeting you. During your initial consultation, you can discuss your aesthetic goals, the risks of the various procedures available, all the benefits you can achieve, as well as fees, and financing. Get started now by dialing (310)694-4486.

The Non-Celebrity Guide to Affording Cosmetic Surgery

Celebrities are known for getting cosmetic enhancements on their lips, faces, necks, and all over their bodies. The phenomenon is so common that many people assume that if a celebrity looks flawless, they have had work done. In the past, cosmetic surgery was ultra-expensive. So much so that only celebrities and the uber-rich could afford to undergo facelifts, tummy tucks, and nose jobs.

Those days are long gone. Today, cosmetic surgery is more accessible than ever for the common person. The following information will help to illustrate that point. This is a non-celebrity guide to affording cosmetic surgery. Included are tips that will help you save both in and out of the operating room, and other affordability options for a variety of cosmetic procedures. As you continue reading, start deciding what work you may want to have done. A slight tweak here and there could do wonders for your appearance and self-esteem.

How Much Does Cosmetic Surgery Cost?

When we refer to the accessibility of cosmetic surgery, we mean that fees have fallen across the board.

Here is a list of fees regarding the most popular cosmetic surgeries available today.

Breast Augmentation

The procedure aimed at helping women improve the shape and size of their breasts tends to cost between $5,000 and $10,000, depending on the type of implants used. The fees can increase if a breast lift is also included.

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Nose Job

Rhinoplasty is used by men and women to reshape the shape, size, and curvature of the nose. This cosmetic procedure costs around $5,500.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck in LA

Abdominoplasty is a procedure that removes excess and saggy skin along with pockets of fat from the abdominal area. There are two types of tummy tuck, the traditional and mini. Traditional tummy tucks cost around $6,000 while the mini tummy tuck may only set you back between $3,500 and $8,000.


Liposuction is aimed at improving problem areas on the body that carry too much stubborn fat that won’t budge with diet and exercise alone. The average cost of a lipo procedure is around $3,500.


This cosmetic surgery reduces visible signs of aging on the face, including loose skin and wrinkles. The facelift procedure costs around $8,000.

Budget and Save Up for the Cosmetic Procedures You Want

Take Out a Personal Loan

A personal loan from a bank is one easy way to afford the cosmetic surgery you have your mind on. The bank loan officer will assess your financial information and history, along with your credit score with a hard credit inquiry. If approved, you could have enough to finance your procedure with the ability to repay the loan over a series of months or years.

Apply for a Medical Loan

Ask the cosmetic surgeon about medical loans. Many surgeons work with medical lenders that allow you to take out a loan similar to a personal loan from your bank. While a bank loan can be used for any variety of expenses, a medical loan must be used for medicinal procedures.

Finance the Procedure with a Medical Credit Card

CareCredit is an example of a medical credit card that can only be used for medical procedures. This is a solid option if you have no other choice, such as if you have a poor credit score. Like a bank or medical loan, these credit cards will allow you to finance your procedure while worrying about paying the money back over the long term. Keep in mind that medical cards can come with a high-interest rate. If you do get approved for one, make sure you have a plan to pay back the balance as soon as you can.

Budget and Save Up for the Cosmetic Surgery You Want

Borrowing money from a bank or signing up with a credit card can cost you big in interest fees and penalties if you end up paying late. Since cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure and is not covered by insurance, it is best to pay out of pocket rather than rely on cosmetic surgery financing. By using the money you manage to save up over time, you can end up saving hundreds or thousands of dollars overall.

If you don’t currently have money saved up, start now. There is no better time than the present to start a savings plan. The best way to go about it is to develop a budget that will help you save up for the procedure quickly. For example, if the procedure you want is $10,000, you could stash away $600 per month for two years to pay for the surgery with cold, hard cash. Creating a budget and sticking to it can help you achieve your financial goals and get the cosmetic procedure you have your eye on without worrying about financial consequences.

How to Save When Getting Cosmetic Surgery (Without Sacrificing Safety)

Choose Your Surgeon Wisely

In your effort to save money on cosmetic surgery, you might be tempted to travel overseas to have a procedure performed on the cheap. This is not a good idea. Other countries may not have the same safety laws that you find in the United States. And while you may save some money on having a procedure performed cheaper, you might end up spending more, in the long run, having follow-up surgery to fix what the original surgeon did.

It is worth it for the results you will achieve to choose a qualified, experienced cosmetic surgeon who is board-certified and who operates an accredited surgical facility. When you work with one of these surgeons, you can bet the facility will be fully equipped for emergency situations. You can also guarantee the surgeon will have a trained and qualified support team on hand, including a board-certified anesthesiologist.

Ask About Specials

When you find a qualified cosmetic surgeon, ask if the surgical practice runs monthly specials on cosmetic surgery, but also med-spa techniques like injectables and skin care. Staying in the loop regarding upcoming specials can help save you hundreds of dollars or more. Sign up with the practice’s newsletter and follow any social accounts the practice maintains to get notified of these specials when they become available.

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Look for Ways to Save Outside of the Operating Room

Procedure and surgeon’s fees are not the only costs to contend with when you have cosmetic surgery. There are peripheral costs that can also add up. Since you have control over these associated costs, try to cut spending as best you can. Here are a few examples.

Be Strategic When Booking Your Procedure

Consider having your procedure around the holidays. If your family trades gifts, consider asking for donations to your procedure instead of getting a traditional present. A holiday procedure also gives you the benefit of taking advantage of any vacation time you might have. Recovering while taking off work will prevent questions at the office and allow you to avoid taking more time off work than is necessary.

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Plan What You Will Eat During Recovery

Diet during Recovery

Most cosmetic procedures come with at least a short amount of downtime. The last thing you’ll want to do during this time is slave away in the kitchen. Plan a menu during this time and cook bulk menu items you can portion out in easy-to-grab plastic containers. Think soups, chili, and other dishes that can even be frozen until you’re ready to enjoy them.

Get Friends and Family to Help with Child Care

If you have young children, you might be faced with hiring a babysitter or signing them up for daycare during your recovery period. Instead of facing those high expenses, see if family or friends can help watch your kids until you feel more capable of taking over.

Talk to Dr. Moein About the Cosmetic Surgery You Have in Mind Today

The improved accessibility of cosmetic surgery is due in large part to cosmetic surgeons knowing that non-celebrities need appearance and self-esteem boosts too. Dr. Babak Moein has been serving patients in the Southern California area for several decades and has earned a reputation for being kind, relatable, and understanding. Dr. Moein wants to make cosmetic surgery accessible to you, so schedule your consultation today to get started.

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During the initial consultation, Dr. Moein will provide you with an estimate for the total cost of the cosmetic procedures that interest you. If a particular procedure is outside of your budget, Dr. Moein and his staff will discuss cosmetic surgery financing options that are best suited for you. If you want to learn more or would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Moein, call (310)694-4486 to speak to his esteemed and compassionate staff.

Revision Cosmetic Surgery Can Restore Your Self-Esteem

The reality show Botched ran for seven seasons on the cable channel E! The show documented the experiences of patients who had bad experiences with cosmetic and plastic surgeons.

From uneven breasts and saggy tummy tucks to supposedly unfixable nose jobs, the doctors of the show performed cosmetic revision surgery to help restore the self-esteem of the show’s guests.

Unfortunately, not everyone who has a poor experience with a doctor has the chance to go on TV to have their body parts repaired.

The good news is that you don’t have to go on TV to have a botched job made beautiful again. Cosmetic revision surgery is available at your local cosmetic surgeon’s office.

When is Cosmetic Revision Surgery Necessary?

When you decide to have cosmetic surgery, you have a lot to consider. There is the cost you have to worry about, but also the recovery time. And then there is the skill of the surgeon, the safety conditions of the surgical center, and the quality of the results you expect.

Even with a skilled surgeon, there are always risks to any procedure, cosmetic surgery included. And there is always a chance of you being less than pleased with your results.

According to the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration), around 40% to 70% of breast reconstruction patients need a follow-up operation after eight to ten years, whereby their breast implants are replaced. Around 20% to 40% of breast augmentation patients require the same.

As for nose jobs, the FDA says that between 5% to 15% of rhinoplasty surgeries need to be revised.

You may wonder about your options if you have a cosmetic procedure and experience complications or undesirable results. First, it’s important to know when cosmetic surgery has failed, because the reality is sometimes more complicated than many people believe.

How Do You Know When a Cosmetic Surgery Has Failed?

When a Cosmetic Surgery Has Fails

It is not so cut and dry to call a surgery successful or failed based on appearance alone. Everyone is different and cosmetic surgery patients have varying expectations of what constitutes a successful surgery.

This is where the initial consultation comes into play. During your first meeting with your cosmetic surgeon, and all follow-ups prior to you actually undergoing surgery, you and your surgeon will work together to manage your expectations.

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Your cosmetic surgeon should educate you on what to expect post-operation. The surgeon also informs you of things to watch for that could be signs of potential complications, such as a hematoma (buildup of blood under the skin), or seroma (buildup of fluid).

Complications such as these are easily managed with a quick return to the operating room.

Some complications like the rippling of breast implants can take time to become evident and may require cosmetic revision surgery.

But what if you simply are not happy with your results?

The first thing to keep in mind is that your body may take time to heal. While you can return to your normal activities after a few weeks, the true results of your procedure may take a year or more to become apparent. Everyone heals at a different pace and some results take longer than others.

If you are ever concerned with the way you look following cosmetic surgery, tell your surgeon. A reputable professional will take your concerns into consideration and advise you on your options.

What Options Are Available for Failed Procedures?

If your body is fully healed and you’re still not pleased with the final outcome of your cosmetic surgery, your surgeon may recommend a follow-up surgery, also referred to as a revision cosmetic surgery.

To have revision surgery, you are advised to wait six months after the original surgery. There may be exceptions if the poor outcome is accompanied by complications.

To determine the right course of action for revision, you and your surgeon will work together to determine the proper cause of the failure. The surgeon may use medical imaging and other tests to establish what has gone wrong and why the poor outcome occurred.

The course of action your surgeon takes will depend on the results of those tests.

How Does a Cosmetic Surgeon Perform a Revision Cosmetic Surgery?

The treatment plan for correcting an aesthetic defect due to a poor outcome of cosmetic surgery will depend on the original surgery and your preferences. The surgeon will ensure you are informed about the steps to take and the options available to you.

Revision cosmetic procedures are more complicated than primary surgeries because your anatomy has been altered. If the original surgery happened years ago, the revision surgery may be more advanced since techniques evolve over time. Then there is the fact your body has healed, and there may be scar tissue to contend with.

Every revision surgery is different, in other words, but there may be some similarities to the original surgery. An example might be replacing breast implants or revision rhinoplasty. Some techniques will be the same as the primary surgery, depending on why the procedure failed.

Scar Revision Surgery

One common revision procedure is one dedicated to correcting scars. If you have experienced a cosmetic surgery that left a less-than-favorable scar, a revision procedure may be right for you.

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There are a variety of techniques a cosmetic surgeon can use to revise an unsightly scar.

Scar excision is a technique where the surgeon removes the scar entirely before closing the skin. This procedure is only viable if there is enough adjacent skin to work with.

Skin grafting can also be used. During this procedure, the surgeon removes the scar and uses skin from a donor site on your body to cover the scar area. This technique is most commonly used for burns.

Z-plasty or W-plasty is possible as well. With this technique, the surgeon repositions the scar along the natural skin lines.

Having a scar revised can help you feel better about the way you look. You will have to wait until the original scar heals before it can be revised. This takes around a year. You can expect the original scar to start out red, then tighten, before it converts to a more subtle color. Once fully healed, you can discuss scar revision surgery with your cosmetic surgeon.

Breast Implant Revision

Breast Implant Revision

Another popular revision surgery involves the replacement of breast implants following breast augmentation or breast reconstruction. During the procedure, the surgeon replaces the original silicone or saline breast implants with new ones. In some cases, the surgeon will remove the breast implants entirely without replacement.

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There are many reasons patients choose breast revision surgery. These include:

The Breast Implants Have Bottomed Out

This means the breast implants have dropped lower on the chest. The surgeon can reposition and secure the implants with a biological material that is safe inside the body.

Breast Implant Downsizing

You may decide that you want smaller breast implants. If this is the case, there may be redundant skin and sagging breasts if you simply switch out your original implants with a smaller size. For this reason, this type of breast revision is usually accompanied by a breast lift to manage the excess skin.

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Capsular Contracture

After the original breast implant surgery, it is normal for the body to form a capsule around the implant. This is essentially a form of scar tissue. After some time, the capsule can thicken and become firm and tight. This can lead to a condition known as capsular contracture. The cosmetic surgeon removes the capsule and original breast implants during the revision surgery before placing the new implants. The revised implants are placed in a different position relative to the chest muscle to make sure the results look natural and that you are comfortable long into the future.

Breast Implant Rupture

Some breast implants can leak or rupture. If this occurs, the revision surgery involves replacing the damaged implants with new ones.

Breast Implant Rippling

Breast implants can form ripples that are visible on the surface of the skin. The ripples can be camouflaged with your own fat using a technique known as fat grafting. The revision cosmetic surgeon can also use biological material to pad the implants and hide the rippled effect.

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Symmastia refers to a phenomenon whereby the breast implant pockets merge in the center of the chest. During the revision surgery, the two implant pockets are separated using your own capsule material if the scar tissue is strong enough. Otherwise, a biological material can be used to separate and fortify both implants.

Other popular revisions include tummy tuck revision surgery and liposuction revision. In both cases, excess fat may be removed that wasn’t extracted during the original surgery. The skin may also be tightened when sagginess or loose skin has resulted from the primary procedure.

Should You Return to the Same Surgeon or Get a Second Opinion?

We recommend that you return to your original surgeon if you are unhappy with your results for whatever reason. Again, your body may not have healed properly. Your original surgeon can assess your results and let you know when your final results will become apparent.

Going to another surgeon is always an option, whereby your results will be assessed, and a revision cosmetic surgical plan developed to correct your aesthetic results.

What Are the Risks of Revision Cosmetic Surgery?

Risks of Revision Cosmetic Surgery

All surgeries come with risks. That includes revision procedures. Anytime you revise an original surgery, you are adding further trauma to the skin. And, like the original surgery, there may be additional scar tissue. The accumulative scarring may make it difficult to achieve the results you expect. You also potentially add complications since you’re having two surgeries instead of one.

Before a cosmetic surgeon will take on a revision case, he or she will ensure to manage your expectations appropriately. This includes informing you of the limitations of revision treatment.

The surgeon will explain how he/she will perform the revision, whether there will be additional scarring, and what to expect during the healing and recovery process. Depending on what caused the original surgery to fail, there may be extra precautions to contend with before the operation and post-operation.

Managing Your Mental Health in Preparation for Revision Cosmetic Surgery

You may find yourself struggling emotionally as you prepare to revise your original cosmetic surgery. There may be stress, anxiety, and depression. These are valid emotions to feel if you are unhappy with your primary results. Feel free to share your fears with your cosmetic surgeon so your mental health is managed appropriately during the recovery process.

Did You Have Unfavorable Cosmetic Surgery? Revision Cosmetic Surgery Can Help

The ideal outcome is for you to be happy with your cosmetic surgical results. However, sometimes things go wrong. Revision cosmetic procedures exist to optimize your results and restore your self-esteem, just like the patients on the TV show Botched.

One way to minimize the risks of complications and unfavorable outcomes is to choose a highly-skilled, board-certified cosmetic surgeon who specializes in the procedures that most interest you. Look at before and after photographs and ask about the specifics of treatment, and the results you can expect.

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While no cosmetic surgeon can guarantee a positive outcome, by doing your homework, you can ensure your safety and increase your chances that your results will come out exactly as you prefer.

If you have experienced a poor aesthetic outcome due to one or more cosmetic surgeries, Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts would like to meet with you.

Dr. Moein specializes in a variety of cosmetic procedures from mommy makeovers and a rhinoplasty to transgender surgery and buttocks implants. Tell Dr. Moein about your results and why you are unhappy to determine if you are a suitable candidate for revision cosmetic surgery. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Moein by calling

Find the Best Cosmetic Surgeon by Using This Checklist for Stellar Results

Cosmetic surgery is a major decision that is not to be taken lightly. You might think it’s the type of surgery you need to be most concerned about. However, your choice of cosmetic surgeon is paramount, at least if you hope to experience stellar results.

If you search Google for “Cosmetic Surgeon near me,” you will find hundreds of thousands if not millions of results. That’s not exactly useful when you’re attempting to narrow down your decision to a single professional.

Instead of focusing on all those results, look at the 3-pack, which is the section of the search engine results pages (SERP) that focuses on the top professionals in your area. The listings you see at the top of the page when you conduct a search for nearby cosmetic surgeons include the cosmetic practice’s name, address, and the number of online patient reviews. You can also find links to the surgeon’s website and a map of their location, which is useful for obtaining GPS directions right to the professional’s door.

You can also search for the procedure you’re interested in, such as “liposuction in Los Angeles,” for example.

Best Cosmetic Surgeon GMB

The listings you see in these detailed search results originate from each practice’s Google My Business (GMB) page. The GMB allows you to find general information about the practice, but the true value comes from reading the practice’s online patient reviews.

To begin your search for the top professional in your area, start with Google. Conduct a search and start making a list of all the cosmetic surgeons that stand out to you. Pay attention to the proximity of the office, the number and quality of their online reviews, and make sure the professional specializes in the type of cosmetic surgery you might be interested in.

Quick note. When making your list, decide if you need a plastic surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon. There is a difference.

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What is the difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery?

A plastic surgeon is tasked with correcting irregularities and restoring function due to accidents, trauma, burns, diseases, and birth defects. Breast reconstruction following a mastectomy due to a breast cancer diagnosis is a plastic surgeon’s job, for example.

A cosmetic surgeon specializes in correcting irregularities for purely aesthetic purposes. Cosmetic surgeons perform facelifts, breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and Brazilian butt lifts to help you feel better about your body. Although, some cosmetic procedures can also help with function, such as how a breast lift can help with back pain.

If you want to improve how you look and you have a minor irregularity like a crooked nose or saggy tummy, a cosmetic surgeon is a right professional for you.

Once you have a list of cosmetic surgeons near you, it’s time to whittle down your list. Use the following checklist to determine which is the best cosmetic surgeon for your needs.

Is the Cosmetic Surgeon Board Certified?

The most dependable way to determine if your surgeon is professionally trained and experienced in aesthetic procedures is to ask about their board certification. You can’t always rely on state medical boards to ensure that your surgeon is qualified to perform the surgery you want. Even if the surgeon advertises the surgery you’re looking for, that doesn’t necessarily mean they specialize in that service.

The government doesn’t require a surgeon to be trained in the procedures they offer, unfortunately. Many doctors take a weekend course and suddenly advertise cosmetic surgery services in hopes of earning more profit.

Go through your list and look for the words “board-certification” either on their GMB profiles or on their practice websites.

Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon


Is the Cosmetic Surgeon Adequately Trained?

Board certification only tells you part of the story. The science of cosmetic surgery is constantly evolving. There are always new technologies, innovative techniques, and ongoing research cosmetic surgeons need to keep abreast of.

Aside from being board certified, you should visit each doctor’s GMB and website on your list to gauge their level of training.

The surgeon should have completed a residency program in:

  • General surgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • Neurological surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Thoracic surgery
  • Urology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Obstetrics and gynecology

The candidate should be board certified in one or more of these specialties. The surgeon should also have completed a full-time training program known as a fellowship lasting at least one or two years.

Look for the term “Fellowship trained” as that will indicate that the professional has completed the proper training to give you symmetry, beauty, and balance, which are the hallmarks of a skilled cosmetic surgeon.

Cosmetic Surgery Education


The Overall Experience – Read Online Reviews

A good way to separate the wheat from the chaff when narrowing down your list of cosmetic surgeons is to go through each professional’s online reviews. Read the reviews and pay attention to the experiences others have had when visiting that particular cosmetic surgeon.

You want to know that people are happy with the surgeon’s bedside manner, professionalism, cleanliness of the office, and the results they have achieved.

Start with Google reviews, which can be accessed directly from each surgeon’s GMB profile.

Google Reviews

When looking at reviews, pay attention to the responses from the cosmetic surgeon’s office. Responses show the cosmetic surgeon cares. It also shows that the cosmetic surgeon is going through the reviews to determine which patients had the best experience, and which patients’ experiences could be improved. No one is perfect, but surgeons that respond tend to improve over time, because they learn what patients want, and that, in turn, helps them give patients the best experience possible.

Surgeon's Response

In addition to Google, visit other review sites, like Yelp.

Pay special attention to reviews that pertain to the type of cosmetic surgeon you’re hoping to get, whether it’s liposuction, a tummy tuck, facelift, breast augmentation, or any other. You want to know that the surgeon is skilled, trained, and experienced in your type of surgery. Reading online reviews is the best way to assess that the surgeon is the best one for you.

Yelp Reviews


Yelp Reviews


What if the Cosmetic Surgeon has Negative Reviews?

Negative reviews should not necessarily be a dealbreaker. If the surgeon has a majority of 4- and 5-star reviews, that should be enough to keep the surgeon on your shortlist of professionals to visit.

It is important to understand that cosmetic surgery is not miracle work. Some people have unrealistic expectations, others may have a bone to pick for whatever reason. If there are only a couple of negative reviews and each one shows that the person wants something cosmetic surgery could not achieve, disregard them, and pay attention to the positive reviews, as that is a better indicator of the experience you are likely to have by choosing that surgeon for your needs.

Does the Cosmetic Surgeon Offer the Services You Want?

Some cosmetic surgeons specialize in one or two procedures while others offer a gamut of aesthetic procedures. Make sure the surgeon you’re considering is skilled, trained, and experienced in the type of surgery you want.

Due to advancements in cosmetic surgery, you now have access to a wide range of procedures, letting you improve every aspect of your body from head to toe.

Body Cosmetic Surgeries

  • Liposuction: Stubborn pockets of fat could be yesterday’s news with this popular cosmetic procedure that suctions fat from your face, neck, body, arms, thighs, and even your ankles.
  • HD-Lipo: This high-tech version of traditional liposuction lets you get rid of deeper pockets of fat, allowing your body’s musculature to show through.

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  • VASER Lipo: This version of liposuction uses sound energy to break up the fat, allowing for easier removal.
  • Tummy Tuck: When you have too much belly fat, a saggy tummy, or hanging skin along your abdomen, a tummy tuck can tighten and flatten your stomach region.

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  • Mommy Makeover: This all-in-one procedure lets you combine surgeries like breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, and liposuction for a total body transformation.
  • Daddy Do-Over: Dads deserve to turn back the clock on their bodies too! This procedure can combine surgeries like gynecomastia surgery, a tummy tuck, and a facelift. Imagine the possibilities!

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  • Butt Implants: When you were born with a flat or saggy bottom, butt implants can give more oomph to your backside.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift: Instead of butt implants, the BBL uses your own body fat to add volume and size to your buttocks.
  • Sculptra Butt Lift: This procedure uses cosmetic filler to add volume, size, and symmetry where it counts.
  • Arm Lift: Get rid of those ‘bingo wings’ by tightening up your upper arms.
  • Abdominal Etching: Want to show off your hard work in the gym? Abdominal etching will help you do just that.
  • Body Lift: Get rid of stubborn fat and saggy skin along your lower or upper body with a transformative body lift.
  • Thigh Lift: This procedure gets rid of your jiggly thighs by making your legs thinner, tighter, and more attractive.

Breast Surgeries

  • Breast Augmentation: Breast implants are used during this cosmetic surgery to add volume, symmetry, and beauty to your bust.
  • Natural Breast Augmentation: Use implants and fat transfer or the fat transfer technique by itself to give your breasts a subtle volume and size enhancement.

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  • Breast Lift: Breasts that sag after childbirth can be placed higher and given a symmetrical makeover. This cosmetic surgery can also alleviate back pain.
  • Breast Augmentation and Lift: Get breast implants and a breast lift all in the same procedure to add youth and beauty to your chest region.
  • Breast Reduction: A breast reduction can restore your breasts to a smaller size, giving you a perkier chest. This procedure can also sometimes help with back pain.
  • Inverted Nipple Correction: Inverted nipples can occur on one or both breasts, but this procedure can have your nipples looking symmetrical, youthful, and amazing.

Face Cosmetic Surgeries

  • Facelift: Rid your face of fine lines and wrinkles with this popular cosmetic facial surgery.
  • Neck lift: Your neck tends to show your age before any other body part. Restore youthfulness to your neck with neck lift surgery.
  • Eyelid Surgery: Your eyelids tend to show your age earlier than other body parts. An upper or lower eyelid procedure can make you look younger, more alert, and well-rested.
  • Kybella Double Chin Treatment: Turkey necks and double chins can be a thing of the past with this popular filler treatment that goes to work right away to eliminate stubborn facial fat cells.
  • Browlift: You can reverse the age from your upper face with amazing brow lift surgery.
  • Fat Grafting: Use your own fat cells to restore lost volume to various areas around your face.
  • Rhinoplasty: If you don’t like something about your nose, why not change it? A nose job can improve facial symmetry and beauty.
  • Facial Implants: Facial implants can be used to make your jaw more defined. It will also add symmetry to your cheeks and chin.
  • Chin Augmentation: This chin treatment can give weak chins a makeover for a transformative experience.

Weight Loss Options

Many cosmetic surgeons offer non-surgical gastric balloon and laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery to help you reverse morbid obesity on your terms.

Transgender Surgery (MTF)

When you don’t feel quite at home in your own body, transgender surgery can give you a new lease on life.

Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Gynecomastia surgery (male breast removal) and male liposuction are game-changers when you feel too embarrassed to remove your shirt for fear of being judged.

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Revision Surgeries

Did you have an unpleasant experience with another cosmetic surgeon? Many professionals now offer revision cosmetic surgeries to get your symmetry and beauty back on track.

Med-Spa Services

In addition to cosmetic surgeries, many cosmetic professionals now offer med-spa services like cellulite treatment, non-surgical body contouring, varicose vein treatments, injectable fillers, and more.

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Now You’re Ready to Schedule a Consultation

Once you have found a cosmetic surgeon that has the education and training, and that offers the experience and services you’re looking for, the next step is to schedule a consultation.

During a consultation, you can talk to the professional about your aesthetic goals and the results you hope to achieve.

Remember, you must have realistic expectations for what cosmetic surgery can deliver. The surgeon can help you form those expectations during your first meeting.

The consultation also lets you gauge the level of rapport between you and the surgeon. Having rapport between the two of you is critical if you want the best experience possible.

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Who is the Best Cosmetic Surgeon Near You?

Your choice of cosmetic surgeon is one that may affect you for many years to come, if not for the rest of your life. Successful aesthetic surgery can make you feel more at home in your body. The surge of self-esteem that follows could aid you in all areas of your life, including your professional career, personal relationships, and general life ambitions.

However, make the wrong choice in surgeon and you could end up with a botched cosmetic job that could cause your self-esteem to take a hit.

The lesson here is to take your time finding a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who possesses the experience, training, and a friendly bedside manner. Most importantly, find a surgeon who can produce examples of before and after photographs that match the results you aspire to achieve. Then, schedule a consultation so that you can be sure your health and beauty are in the best of hands.

Are you ready to take the next step to improve your appearance? You can find an educated, trained, skilled, and compassionate cosmetic surgeon by calling Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts. Located in Los Angeles, California, Dr. Moein and his professional staff are ready to treat you with care while helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. Don’t forget to ask about cosmetic surgery financing during your appointment! Dial now to get started 310-299-9106.

How Does Cosmetic Surgery Build Self-Esteem and Confidence?

Tech advances like social media have made both men and women increasingly concerned about the way they look. If this describes you, cosmetic surgery aims to make you feel better about yourself. But what does that mean?

Studies show that those who undergo cosmetic surgical procedures like the tummy tuck, breast augmentation, gynecomastia surgery (for men), and rhinoplasty are generally pleased with their results.

Those same studies show that cosmetic surgery can improve one’s self-worth. More specifically, cosmetic enhancement can help with both self-esteem and confidence. Most people use these terms interchangeably, but that’s not quite correct.

There are differences between the two terms, and cosmetic surgery can help with both, as long as you maintain realistic expectations.

Let’s dive into the true meaning of the terms self-esteem and confidence, and how cosmetic surgery could give you a new lease on life.

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What is the Difference Between Self-Esteem and Confidence?

Self-esteem is the amount of value you place on yourself. You develop self-esteem based on your interactions with others and life experiences.

You need healthy self-esteem to have the confidence to meet life’s challenges head-on.

When you have healthy self-esteem, even if life hands you lemons, you’re ready to whip up a batch of lemonade.

Low self-esteem can develop into a harsh inner critic. You might find yourself trashing yourself when you’re stressed or being negatively judged by others.

Confidence is about knowing and trusting in your own abilities. Self-confidence can change depending on the situation you find yourself in. You might be confident at playing chess, but you might lack confidence when playing sports, for example.

With low confidence, when life throws you obstacles, you might feel as though you deserve it for being so worthless.

Does that clear things up a bit?

To develop both healthy self-esteem and confidence, it is important to practice self-acceptance and to get to know yourself.

And if there is a body part that you feel could look better, cosmetic surgery can often be a terrific way of loving yourself. Once again, healthy expectations are key to achieving favorable results with cosmetic enhancement.

How Does Cosmetic Surgery Improve Your Appearance?

Cosmetic Surgery Improve Your Appearance

Having one or more body parts you dislike can make you feel insecure. You might then have low confidence when it comes to things like applying for a better job, getting a date, or striving to be your best.

With countless cosmetic procedures available, nearly any body part can be altered, improved, and corrected.

Whether you have loose skin, excess fat, facial aging, loss of breast volume, sagging breasts, excess breast growth (if you are male), or nose shape or size concerns, cosmetic enhancement can help.

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Will Cosmetic Surgery Make You More Confident?

Everyone is different, but most people feel a surge of confidence when they are pleased with their appearance. When you are embarrassed or unhappy about a portion of your body, your self-esteem can take a hit. Depression can follow. You might even socially withdraw, exacerbating your inability to feel confident about yourself.

Women with saggy breasts may struggle with intimacy in the bedroom. The same with men with gynecomastia. This can affect your relationship with your partner, not to mention negatively affecting your social well-being.

Cosmetic surgery can lead to a greater sense of satisfaction with your appearance. People who undergo popular cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation, tummy tuck, gynecomastia surgery, facelift, and Brazilian Butt Lift tend to carry themselves more confidently. As a result, their relationships improve, and they’re more likely to achieve their professional and life goals.

On the other side of the coin is someone who is constantly worried people can see their stubborn fat, large nose, small breasts, or flat buttocks, and judge them harshly for “not being good enough.” Of course, most of this negative self-talk is most likely all in the person’s head. But if cosmetic surgery will help you hold your head up a bit higher, then undergoing one or more procedures can help you feel more confident, allowing you to get the most out of life.

Can Cosmetic Surgery Boost Your Self-Esteem?

Cosmetic Surgery Boosts Your Self-Esteem

Studies show that people who undergo cosmetic surgery and who also possess realistic expectations tend to feel healthier and less anxious following their procedures. They also developed higher self-esteem, which helped to improve other areas of their life, such as intelligence, physical activity, and shyness, to give some examples.

Can Cosmetic Surgery Improve Your Quality of Life?

Cosmetic surgery doesn’t just improve your appearance. A tummy tuck can give you the confidence to be yourself when wearing a bathing suit at the beach. Rhinoplasty can give your confidence a boost when applying for a job where you have to interact with a lot of people. Breast augmentation can help your favorite clothes fit better, reducing any self-consciousness you may have felt before. All of these procedures can lead to better social confidence. They make it easier to meet new people, engage in public speaking, and date.

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Can Cosmetic Surgery Affect Your Relationships?

A study published in Clinical Psychological Science reported that people who underwent cosmetic surgery experienced greater joy in life, a better mood, and a higher sense of satisfaction. These attributes can help with all your relationships, with co-workers, your significant other, family members, friends, and even acquaintances.

Can Cosmetic Surgery Affect Your Job?

A study completed by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine showed that patients who underwent cosmetic surgery had improved body image and self-image in social settings and their work environments. Feeling better about yourself at work can help you speak up during meetings, ask for raises and promotions, and lead to better job performance.

What Does it Mean to Have Realistic Expectations Before Cosmetic Surgery?

Being realistic with your expectations means that you understand that cosmetic surgery can improve your looks, but not perfect them. If you can accept this concept, you are more likely to be happy with the results cosmetic enhancement can bring you.

What are Examples of Unrealistic Cosmetic Surgery Expectations?

Many cosmetic surgery patients bring photographs of celebrities with them to their cosmetic surgery consultations. When meeting with the surgeon for the first time, these people want the professional performing the surgery to know just how much improvement they want. However, no amount of cosmetic surgery can make you look like a particular movie star or model. You can use those images as guides but be realistic in what cosmetic surgery can deliver.

Cosmetic surgeons are careful to only operate on those individuals who do possess realistic expectations. If you have a mental health issue, such as body dysmorphic disorder, no amount of cosmetic surgery will bring you body satisfaction, unfortunately.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Becoming More or Less Popular?

The known increase in self-esteem following cosmetic surgery experiences could explain the growing trend of people signing up for the 15 million cosmetic procedures performed in this country each year.

The most popular surgeries performed by cosmetic surgeons include liposuction, breast augmentation surgery, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery.

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As technology and surgical techniques become more advanced, the results of cosmetic enhancement will only continue to get better with less invasive procedures required.

What Cosmetic Surgery Should You Choose?

What Cosmetic Surgery Should You Choose?

There is no one right answer to this question. If you have a body part you feel self-conscious about, cosmetic surgery can help you feel more at peace with your appearance. Most of us have that one body part that drives us a little crazy. We often say to ourselves, if only my love handles weren’t so big (liposuction), or I wish my tummy wasn’t so flabby (tummy tuck), or why can’t my breasts be rounder and more lifted on my chest (breast augmentation)?

Of course, in some cases, two or more cosmetic procedures can be performed at the same time. These include popular procedures like the mommy makeover and daddy do-over surgeries.

With a mommy makeover, you can return your body to pre-pregnancy conditions with a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, liposuction, and Renuvion for skin tightening.

The daddy do-over can include gynecomastia surgery, tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, and facelift. These are just some of the possibilities open to you. It depends on what you feel you need to improve about yourself.

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How Long Does Cosmetic Surgery Last?

Many cosmetic procedures can last a decade or longer, depending on how well you maintain your skin and weight. Some procedures, like injectable neurotoxins (Botox Cosmetic) need to be repeated every few months to maintain your results.

No cosmetic improvement can hold age at bay, and gravity also plays a part. But if you choose the right surgeon and do your best to maintain your results according to your surgeon’s recommendations, you can enjoy boosted self-esteem and confidence for many, many years to come.

In closing, the effects of cosmetic surgery on self-esteem and self-confidence are well-documented. By improving the parts of yourself you dislike, you can improve your quality of life, relationships, working life, sex life, and many other areas. That is, as long as you maintain realistic expectations.

Ready to learn more? You can open up an entirely new world of possibilities by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts in Los Angeles, California.

Combining Multiple Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries for Superior Results

Improving how you look can be as simple as choosing the right location to nip and tuck.

But with experts recommending that you wait six to twelve weeks between surgical sessions, what do you do when you want to level up your enhancement with multiple cosmetic plastic procedures?

Advances in esthetic surgical science have now made it possible to combine cosmetic enhancement surgeries into a single session.

If you are interested in cosmetic enhancement, and you’re thinking about nipping and tucking multiple places on your face and body, you’ll want to continue. Who knows? It might spark an idea to improve your appearance with two or more cosmetic plastic surgeries.

Cosmetic vs Plastic Surgery – What’s the Difference?

Cosmetic plastic surgery is a term we sometimes use for cosmetic surgical enhancement or simply cosmetic surgery.

When we speak of cosmetic and plastic surgery, the two terms are not interchangeable.

It’s common for people to associate plastic surgery with cosmetic enhancements. The tabloids are rife with stories of celebrities getting plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is reconstructive surgery aimed at irregularities like birth defects, burns, and breast reconstruction following a mastectomy.

Cosmetic surgery is the enhancement of your appearance with procedures like the tummy tuck, facelift, and Brazilian butt lift.

Cosmetic plastic surgery is a term that we use to describe cosmetic surgery. Another one you might read or hear about is aesthetic plastic surgery. For our purposes, we’ll simply use cosmetic surgery from now on.

Now that we’ve set the record straight on the proper words to use, let’s get into how to combine cosmetic surgeries into one session and the benefits you gain.

Benefits of Combining Cosmetic Surgeries

Benefits of Combining Cosmetic Surgeries

Not only do you get to scratch multiple cosmetic procedures off your bucket list at once, but you get a host of other benefits as well.


If staying safe is on your mind, you’ll be glad to know you’re in good company. Millions around the world are now combining multiple cosmetic procedures into single sessions and for good reasons. One of them is that you only have to use general anesthesia once. Much of the risk involved with a serious surgery like the facelift, tummy tuck, and breast enhancement comes with the use of general anesthesia. While all measures are put in place to guarantee your safety, having to ‘go under’ only once should relax you.


You might see a combination of cosmetic surgeries as an expensive option. But when you factor in all the costs associated with surgery, you’ll see that a surgery combination is a good bargain.

When you pay for surgery, you are paying for the procedure but also the surgical center, anesthesiologist’s fees, and other expenses related to any given surgical session.

By cutting your surgical session to a single time for multiple surgeries, you won’t have to pay those added fees twice, saving you the money you would have spent on two surgical sessions (With the increased risk to your health, mind you).

Superior Results

Having surgeries in two distinct sessions is not as useful for creating natural results as completing multiple procedures in a single session. Take the breast lift and breast augmentation combination for instance. In one surgery, your cosmetic surgeon can lift your breasts and use breast implants to enhance your chest contours.

When these procedures are completed apart, the surgeon has to use the same incision marks to reduce scarring. This doesn’t always work or produce favorable results, particularly if two different surgeons are doing the work.

Having one session minimizes scarring and is more likely to produce natural-looking results.

More Comfortable

One surgical session for cosmetic surgery means you only have to recover one time. You don’t have to take too much time off work, and that means minimal disturbance to your quality of life.

It just makes sense. Combining cosmetic surgeries is safer, costs less, and won’t have you recovering from surgery for very long at all.

How Do You Decide Which Procedures to Combine?

How Do You Decide Which Procedures to Combine?

When looking at your face in the mirror or down at your body, are there times you wish you could improve something about them? Maybe you feel you look more tired than you should, even though you’ve been sleeping fine. And maybe you’ve always disliked your nose for being too long or pointy, or your breasts for being too saggy and droopy. Now is your chance to correct those aesthetic irregularities simultaneously.

What Cosmetic Surgeries can You Often Combine?

Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Surgery

Do you ever look down at your body and see more rounded contours than you would prefer? Are your love handles prominent, and are you at least close to your ideal weight? If so, liposuction and tummy tuck in a single surgery could be for you. This procedure is also useful for hanging and saggy skin around the abdomen, including stretch marks in some cases.

The tummy tuck surgery removes excess skin and abdominal pockets of fat. This is great if you’ve struggled to lose belly fat to no avail. Tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) also strengthens and tightens the underlying abdominal muscles.

When combined with liposuction, even more fat is removed, including targeted areas like your love handles. By combining these two cosmetic enhancements, the surgeon uses artistic skill to accentuate the musculature of the abdomen. You’re left with a more attractive physique and knockout curves.

Level Up Your Body Contouring Surgery

Ask about using HD-Lipo instead of traditional liposuction during your combination surgery. High-definition liposuction targets the superficial fat that allows the body’s musculature to show through.

Another minimally invasive cosmetic treatment called Renuvion can be used in conjunction with liposuction and tummy tuck surgery to tighten the skin around the abdomen. Renuvion uses J-Plasma technology to constrict the skin and improve collagen production, which leaves skin more youthful by design.

The tummy tuck costs $6,000.

Liposuction costs $3,637.

Vaser HD-Lipo costs $3,000+.

Renuvion costs $5,225.

Combination tummy tuck and liposuction cost $8,000+.

Breast Lift and Breast Implants

Displaced and saggy breasts can be uncomfortable. Others find them unsightly. A breast lift combined with breast implants can give you relief and greater self-esteem.

A breast lift by itself is aimed at improving the breast droop phenomenon that occurs after significant weight gain or loss, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

When you add breast augmentation to the lift, the added volume and repositioning make your breasts more fitting for your frame. If they were shapeless before, surgery will give your breasts more feminine curves that look terrific clothed and unclothed.

Breast implants come in different types.


Saline breast implants are ideal if minimal scarring is important to you. The implants are inserted through tiny incisions before they are inflated with a saline solution while resting underneath the skin and muscle.


Gel implants are filled with a gel that feels more realistic than saline once implanted. These implants look more realistic in appearance as well.

Gummy Bear

Gummy bear breast implants feel about as you’d expect from the name. They are fairly firm but are the best choice for breast implant patients who fear their saline or gel implants rupturing. Gummy bear implants may not give you as realistic an effect, but they are dependable and hold their shape for life.

Breast lift surgery costs $5,012.

Breast augmentation surgery costs $4,516.

Combined, the surgeries cost $6,225.

Tummy Tuck and Breast Enhancement

Tummy Tuck and Breast Enhancement in LA

When you want to give your body a serious makeover, a tummy tuck and breast enhancement can reconfigure your silhouette and make your confidence skyrocket.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for good reason. The surgery gives you more volume, shape, and lift around your chest area. The surgery can improve your posture, the way you carry yourself, and the way others see you.

When you pair breast augmentation with the tummy tuck, you achieve dramatic results. Women who have been pregnant find this combination to be a powerful surgical pairing. The two treatments in one can help with abdominal sag and excess belly fat that is hard to lose after you’ve had kids.

The tummy tuck and liposuction are often included with the mommy makeover. Many moms also add a breast lift.

Mommy Makeover & Daddy Do-Over Surgeries

Mommy makeover surgeries are tailored procedures that target a woman’s specific problem areas.

Some of the typical procedures added to a mommy makeover include breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and vaginal rejuvenation.

Dads want to reclaim their youthful bodies too. Now they can with the daddy do-over procedure.

Dads often choose gynecomastia surgery to reduce the appearance of man-boobs, along with a facelift, eyelid surgery, and the tummy tuck.

Mommy makeover surgery costs $5,000+.

Daddy do-over surgery costs $10,000+.

Chin Augmentation and Rhinoplasty

Like chocolate and peanut butter, chin augmentation and rhinoplasty are two procedures that seem to work well together. Chin augmentation can recontour the lower half of your face, lending a sturdier and more confident face shape.

Rhinoplasty (nose job) can reconfigure your nose to make it more aesthetically pleasing to your face.

As with most cosmetic surgeries, the surgeon will strive to hide incisions within the natural folds of your skin. Having combination surgeries will minimize scarring, leading to a more natural-looking effect.

What effect is that? Having these two surgeries can bring harmony to your facial features in a single surgical session.

Chin augmentation costs $3,669.

Rhinoplasty costs $5,483.

Combination chin augmentation and rhinoplasty cost $7,000+.

Facelift Surgery and Eyelid Surgery

Facelift Surgery and Eyelid Surgery in LA

A facelift and eyelid surgery completed together can reverse the appearance of age. No longer will you look so exhausted all the time, despite having received enough rest.

The facelift removes excess skin and fat around the face. The remaining skin gets tightened for a smoother, more youthful sheen.

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) reduces the appearance of droopy upper eyelids. The surgery can also treat puffy lower eyelids, removing those dark, heavy bags.

The two procedures done together can have a profound effect on your facial appearance.

A facelift costs $8,005.

Eyelid surgery costs $4,120.

A combination of facelift surgery and eyelid surgery costs $8,000+.

How Many Cosmetic Surgeries Can You Combine at Once?

There is no single satisfactory answer to this question. As you can see, some surgeries (like the mommy makeover) can include up to three surgeries.

A thorough examination is required by a qualified cosmetic surgeon to determine your suitability for one or more cosmetic procedures. During your initial consultation, you will have an opportunity to discuss those body parts you don’t feel so confident about. The doctor may suggest a combination of surgeries you hadn’t considered.

When Should You Not Combine Surgeries?

You may be denied from having a grouping of cosmetic procedures if you suffer from high blood pressure or an existing health condition.

Are You a Candidate? There’s One Way to Find Out

Board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Babak Moein has been providing patients in Southern California with outstanding results for over two decades. Dr. Moein would love to help you fully realize your facial and body rejuvenation options using his honed surgical techniques. What changes would you like to make if you could? Well, now you can. Dial now to start on the path to achieving your aesthetic goals. Don’t forget to ask about our flexible financing options and medical tourism program for those living outside the Los Angeles area. Call us at 310-694-4486.

Scarless Cosmetic Surgery for Discreet Improvements

Scars sometimes act as a deterrent for cosmetic surgery. People fear that their skin will be left with raised lines or potted marks. This is completely understandable. The reason people get cosmetic surgery is to improve their appearance. Having noticeable scars left behind by the procedure defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

If scars have kept you from attempting to improve your looks with one or more cosmetic techniques, there are now procedures that can help you look your best without noticeable scars.

Otherwise known as scarless cosmetic surgery, these procedures are available at a cosmetic surgical center near you.

Want to turn back the clock on your appearance and improve your body contours? Call Moein Surgical Arts in Southern California to schedule a consultation with Dr. Babak Moein.

Why Are Scarless Cosmetic Surgery Results Important?

Scarless Cosmetic Surgery Results in LA

Enhancing your appearance without dealing with noticeable scars is one of the best ways to show love to yourself. Through the use of one or more treatments like facelift, breast lift, arm lift, thigh lift, and tummy tuck, you have the opportunity to regain your youthful shape and self-esteem.

How Does Scarless Cosmetic Surgery Work?

In the world of cosmetic surgery, there are different types of scars. Some procedures leave an inevitable scar, such as the tummy tuck. Removing excess skin and tightening the abdominal area causes trauma to the area, and a scar is the natural mending of that tissue as the surgical wound heals.

When we use the term “scarless,” unfortunately, we don’t mean the area will have zero scarring. Technology does not yet exist where we can cause trauma to the skin and not have it produce some sort of scar.

That being said, scarless techniques are minimally invasive, which means the scars they cause are very tiny. Once healed, the idea is to produce a scar that is hardly noticeable at all.

There is another element at play when you choose the area’s best cosmetic surgeon. Cosmetic surgeons are specially trained to reduce the appearance of scars. While the surgeon is performing the procedure, any incisions made are located within natural skin folds. This makes them nearly invisible, hence the term “scarless” to describe these amazing aesthetic enhancements.

What Types of Scarless Plastic Surgery are Available?

Cosmetic surgery clinics today offer a wide range of procedures that reduce the appearance of scars. It will leave the area looking more beautiful and natural.

All you have to do is decide where you want the skin tightening, body contouring, and skin rejuvenating effects to take place; on your face, body, or both.

Facelift/Neck Lift

A scarless facelift, otherwise referred to as a vertical facelift, helps to avoid the too tight or pulled-back look that accompanies more traditional facelift techniques. Without noticeable scarring behind the ears, you’ll be able to show your face confidently because the incisions are hidden and virtually invisible.

During the vertical facelift procedure, the skin of the face is separated from the underlying tissue. The underlying muscles are then elevated by vertically repositioning the facial muscles so that they achieve a more youthful look.

The benefits of having a facelift without scars extend to the neck and jaw, giving your neck improved contours and your jaw greater definition. These enhancements work together to add symmetry and turn back the clock on the way you look, all without unsightly scars.

Arm Lift

The scarless arm lift solves the problem of saggy, flappy upper arms. Crude nicknames are sometimes given to these problem areas, such as bat wings or bingo wings. The idea is that the saggy skin continues to flap like a bat or wave whenever the person raises their hand to call “Bingo!” during the game of the same name.

The biggest issue women have with saggy upper arms is that the area is resistant to diet and exercise. No matter how hard you work, your upper arms will never return to the tone you may have enjoyed in your youth.

The traditional arm lift leaves an inevitable scar, like the tummy tuck. The procedure involves an extended incision that moves from the armpit to the elbow. The scar can be obvious with the regular arm lift, which is sometimes a deterrent for people looking to reduce upper arms sag.

The scarless arm lift offers an upper arm reduction without noticeable scars.

Technological advancements in radiofrequency assisted skin tightening now allow for controlled heat to the upper arm area. Controlled thermal fields allow for the coagulation of subcutaneous fat. The high-energy beam also heats the fibrous septa (connective tissue), and papillary dermis (inner skin layers), which causes the skin and tissue to retract. The effect is similar to how shrink-wrapping works, except it occurs on the skin of your upper arms.

The procedure offers instant and noticeable skin tightening with continued contraction over the course of twelve months, without scars, and with minimal downtime.

Breast Lift

Breast Lift in LA

A traditional breast lift (mastopexy) is a cosmetic surgery aimed at rejuvenating breasts that have become droopy or saggy due to changes caused by age, genetics, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

During a trad breast lift, the surgeon positions the breasts higher on the chest. The surgery may also involve the rejuvenation, resizing, and repositioning of the areolas.

Unfortunately, the traditional breast lift can produce scarring. The incision made during the surgery starts at your nipple and extends to the undersides of each breast. This can sometimes produce a scar that is red and raised, but the scarring should heal and become more invisible with time.

A scarless breast lift produces no visible scars and will leave your breast tissue firmer and more youthful in appearance.

The no-scar breast lift uses a small cannula, which is a thin rod that is inserted through tiny incisions. The cannula produces a current under the skin’s surface, which then produces a thermal field that condenses the breast tissue.

The electrode-powered cannula also heats the fat cells and papillary dermis of the breast, which further adds tightness and suppleness to the treatment area.

Thigh Lift

Much like saggy skin on the upper arms, the upper thigh area tends to be resistant to healthy eating and aerobic exercise. The skin may appear saggy, dimpled, and thicker than you would prefer.

A traditional thigh lift can treat the area, providing more improved contours and tighter skin. However, there is typically a scar left behind. The cosmetic surgeon will attempt to hide scarring in the crease between the front of your upper thigh and the pubic area.

The scarless thigh lift is a minimally invasive procedure that works to smooth and tone the thigh area. The procedure is ideal for skin laxity issues, otherwise crudely referred to as “thunder thighs.”

The scarless thigh lift uses the technological wonder known as Renuvion, which uses J-Plasma to heat and constrict the skin on and around the upper thighs.

A small incision is made on the upper thighs. The incision itself is less than a centimeter in length and acts as an entry point for a tumescent solution, which is injected under the skin to numb the treatment area.

Next, the Renuvion handheld device is inserted into the opening, which releases an energy beam composed of a combination of helium gas and radiofrequency energy. Together, these energy sources make plasma energy, which simultaneously heats and cools the treatment tissue. The treatment affects skin collagen, causing it to constrict.

While the treatment produces noticeable tightness on the upper thigh area, over time, skin elasticity and skin laxity will dramatically improve. The changes continue to take effect for a full six to nine months following the scarless thigh lift procedure.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck in LA

The tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures performed in the United States. The surgery is aimed at the removal of excess skin and the tightening of lax tissue on and around the abdominal area. The abdominal muscles are also tightened and strengthened, which contributes to a flatter belly and enhanced abdominal curves.

The traditional tummy tuck requires a horizontal incision that runs just above your pubic area. While the scar tends to shrink and disappear over time, the scarring can be noticeable for a time following the traditional tummy tuck procedure.

Cosmetic surgeons are trained to place the abdominal incisions as low as possible, making any scarring that develops easier to hide with a bathing suit or underwear.

A scarless tummy tuck doesn’t require a strategic bikini or high-waisted underwear because the scars that occur are nearly invisible.

The no-scar tummy tuck uses Renuvion combined with liposuction or HD-Lipo to remove unwanted skin and fatty tissue. The abdominal skin is left tighter and firmer without obvious scars.

Amazing (Scarless) Results Require Technology & Technical Skill

We can thank technological advancements in plastic and cosmetic surgery for the development of these new scarless methods. However, it is important to note that all devices, including Renuvion, HD-Liposuction, and others, are only as effective as the doctor using them.

These sophisticated tools require an artistic touch, measured thoughts, and years of hands-on experience to produce consistent, safe, and impressive results.

As a cosmetic surgeon who is regarded for his superior technical skill, friendly bedside manner, and aesthetic excellence, Dr. Babak Moein possesses the unique ability to recontour your face and body with these scarless procedures.

Dr. Moein continues to perfect and innovate his skin tightening and scarless techniques. The possibilities are endless when it comes to surgery without scars. The question remains: What would you like to improve about yourself? Being afraid of scars is no longer an excuse.

With these scarless procedures, you can get cosmetic surgery without everyone knowing. The results look natural and last for years with proper maintenance.

What Discreet Cosmetic Enhancements Are Calling Your Name?

When you look in the mirror, do you see more sag, skin laxity, and aging skin than you’d like? You don’t have to live with problem areas that leave you feeling anxious, depressed, and with low self-esteem. Call us in Southern California to schedule a consultation with Dr. Babak Moein. This one phone call could lead to the surge of self-confidence you deserve.

Disclaimer: The FDA has not approved the use of Renuvion for cosmetic use. The FDA has approved Renuvion for coagulation of tissue only. The specific advanced use of this new technology for skin tightening still remains investigational. The off-label use of Renuvion is only suitable for specific groups of patients with minimal skin laxity. Many devices initially have a general use approval and, with time, the expanded indications are approved to popularize usage. If you are a suitable candidate for Renuvion, Dr. Moein will discuss this information with you to ensure your understanding and comprehension before opting for the Renuvion procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery for a Defined Jawline: Is it Possible?

If we were to gauge the attractiveness of a face, most people would mention cheekbones, eyes, and a defined jawline.

The latter is a matter of great concern to quite a few people; men and women alike.

Not all of us can be born with a chiseled jaw like a supermodel or movie star.

And no amount of gum chewing or chin exercises can overcome genetics and age.

Some people have a compounded issue marked by sagging jowls or otherwise hanging or loose skin.

Whether you were born with a jaw you consider unattractive, or age and weight gain have caused your jaw to go into hiding, there could be an answer for you.

Cosmetic surgery might be able to carve out the jaw you want. There are also non-surgical options if you’re not ready to commit to a permanent procedure.

How Can Cosmetic Surgery Give You a Chiseled Jaw?

Cosmetic Surgery for a Chiseled Jaw in LA

Cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons can improve the contours of your lower face with various surgical and non-surgical techniques. The effects are designed to look natural as if you were born with it.

You might be right for a cosmetic procedure if your jaw is:

Uneven: For some people, their jaws are more prominent on one side than the other, affecting symmetry.

Weak Jaw: For those born with a naturally weak jawline, cosmetic jawline surgery can strengthen the lower half of your face.

Excess Skin: You might have added tissue around the jaw area that prevents the bone structure to show through.

Why is a Jawline Important?

A defined jaw represents a strong bone structure and has a symmetrical and angular appearance.

In our culture, and throughout the world, a strong jawline is a sign of health, youth, and fitness.

You may automatically think this is a male thing. The typical thinking is that only men should worry about having angular jaws like a statue of a Greek god.

Women also worry about the appearance of their jaws, however.

Debra Reynolds, a marketing executive, had this to say about her previously soft jaws, as reported by the New York Times.

Debra noticed her softening jawline during a WhatsApp call.

“It was all I could see in the mirror. In meetings, I was aware of constantly pushing my chin out like a duck.”

The Times goes on to report that Ms. Reynolds decided on cosmetic surgery.

As she now puts it, when asked about people posting photographs to social media involving her, “I always used to ask people to ask me before they posted a picture, and now it doesn’t matter. I love how I look.”

The question is, what could cosmetic surgery do for your uneven or softening jaws? Let’s find out.

What Cosmetic Surgical Options Can Give You a Sleeker Jawline?

Neck Lift

This cosmetic surgery aims to tighten the areas from the jawline down. The neck is one of the first areas we tend to show age. A neck lift can not only redefine your jaw but the skin can be tightened to remove small wrinkles and fine lines.


VASER Lipo for a Defined Jawline in LA

VASER Liposuction uses radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin around the jaws and neck. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with another procedure, such as the neck lift.

The results leave you with a more defined jaw and a smoother neck.

Neck Liposuction

Traditional liposuction involves the suctioning of fat from your jaw and neckline. This leaves you with a nicely defined jaw. Results last years or a lifetime, depending on how well you preserve your results.

Chin Implant Surgery

Otherwise known as chin augmentation, this procedure is for those with a naturally weak jawline.

The procedure aims to create more definitions.

Chin implants are used to mold the jawbone to the desired shape.

The implants are made of biocompatible silicone that feels like natural bone when healed.

The result gives you a natural-looking jaw structure that everyone will think you had it by genetics.

Non-Surgical Techniques for Beautifying Your Jaw

There is no shame in choosing non-surgical options to obtain a more defined jaw.

You should still have these techniques performed by a cosmetic surgeon, who can use experience and skill to redefine your jaw.

Nonsurgical options are ideal for patients with mild to moderate fat along the jawline, obscuring its angular appearance. The results will leave you with improved angles that can boost the appearance of your entire face.

Injectable Neurotoxin

Advances in medicine have made it possible to improve your jawline by injecting a neurotoxin into the lower facial area.

You may know these injectable cosmetics by their brand names like Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport.

The injections are placed directly into the masseter muscles of the face, which slims your face and creates a “V” shape.

Kybella Double Chin Treatment

A double chin can hide the greatness that is your jaw. You can make your jaw more visible with deoxycholic acid, which goes by the brand name Kybella.

On-label use of Kybella is strictly for the area under the chin. A jawline treatment may require the surgeon to inject along the sides of the jaws, which is considered off-label. However, with all treatment areas combined, the injectable melts the fat, helping to showcase your jaw.

Dermal Fillers

These injectable fillers are placed along the mandible, which creates a more defined jawline and chin.

This non-surgical treatment is ideal for those with an almost defined jaw who just need a slight increase in definition to achieve their goal.

Enjoy These Benefits of Cosmetic Jaw Enhancement

When you opt for cosmetic surgery to repair defects along your jaws, you have the opportunity to improve several areas of your life.

Minimal Time Off Work

Most of these procedures, even the surgical ones, are minimally invasive. That means you should be back to work and your usual routine quickly, within a matter of weeks for sure.

Minimal Discomfort

If the fear of pain is keeping you from cosmetic surgery to fix your jawline, you can finally relax.

Advances in medicine have made it possible for you to be unconscious or at least numbed prior to your procedure.

General anesthesia, local anesthesia, and IV sedation are a few options your cosmetic surgeon has to ensure you are comfortable throughout surgery and during your recovery.

Fast Results

Many of these jaw-defining techniques produce instant results, like dermal fillers.

Others will only improve with time. For some results, you need to wait for the swelling to subside after surgery, while others involve progressive results that truly get better the longer you wait.

Boost of Self-Confidence

When you change a significant aspect of yourself, you’re always going to get reactions from other people.

When people meet you for the first time, they will see someone with a more defined jaw, and they won’t know it came from cosmetic surgery.

This enhancement to your appearance can improve the way people look at you and treat you.

In a perfect world, looks wouldn’t matter as much as they do. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and looks matter greatly, regardless of your station in life.

The good news is that yes, it is possible to achieve greater definition around your jawline with cosmetic surgery at nearly any age.

Would you like to learn more so you can put your best face forward?

Give your looks a boost with cosmetic surgery or a non-surgical alternative by calling Moein Surgical Arts. You can schedule a consultation with world-renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Babak Moein by dialing (310)-694-4486.

2022’s Hottest Cosmetic Surgery Trends

Can you believe it’s already 2022? Experts predict a major uptick in cosmetic surgery this year. This is your chance to keep up with the Joneses by selecting one or several of the hottest cosmetic procedures.

Americans spent more than $9 billion on cosmetic procedures in 2020. This is despite a ban on elective surgeries that affected many plastic and cosmetic surgeons during that year. In 2021, even more people signed up for cosmetic surgery, prompting some experts to call last year the “heyday” of cosmetic procedures.

In 2020 and 2021, many facial procedures became popular because of a phenomenon that has collectively been referred to as Zoom Gloom, characterized by people being unhappy with the way they look while video chatting.

The Zoom Gloom trend saw both men and women signing up for the facelift, facial fillers, Kybella double chin treatment, eyelid surgery, and rhinoplasty (nose surgery).

By the end of 2021, the request for facial procedures began to wane, with more patients signing up for body contouring to improve their outward appearance. These included requests for surgeries like natural breast augmentation, the Brazilian butt lift (BBL), liposuction, and the tummy tuck.

In 2022, experts predict a mix of both face and body procedures. Many patients may even look forward to multi-tasking, where a cosmetic surgeon performs several procedures during a single surgical session.

Let’s delve into the hottest cosmetic surgical trends we can expect this year. Who knows? You may get some ideas on how to improve yourself as we progress further into 2022.

Facial Cosmetic Surgeries Still on the Rise

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty in LA

This cosmetic procedure involves the reshaping of the structure of the nose. The technique can correct aesthetic irregularities and improve breathing. The results help the nose appear more attractive and in better proportion with the rest of your facial characteristics. Rhinoplasty continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries worldwide.

Facelift Patients Getting Younger

The facelift used to be reserved for patients entering their fifties or sixties, but no longer is that the case. Many thirty and forty-somethings are now opting for facial rejuvenation using this time-honored cosmetic surgery.

The surgery aims to correct the skin folds, loss of volume, and wrinkling that can appear on the face at a certain age.

You can correct these signs of aging with a single facelift procedure. The facial tightening method can also treat gaunt cheeks, sagging under the chin, and jowls.

The minimally invasive surgery uses small incisions, which minimizes scars and downtime, and is typically an outpatient procedure.

If you have laugh lines, fine lines, wrinkles, a thick neck, or lack jawline definition, a facelift can do wonders for your appearance.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery can rejuvenate the upper or lower eyelids for a dramatically new look.

The surgery aims to correct excess fat and skin that can cause drooping and bags under the eyes. Instead of looking tired all the time, eyelid surgery makes you appear more youthful, alert, and refreshed.

Kybella Double Chin Treatment

The first and only injectable meant to eradicate the excess fat under the chin continues to be a hot cosmetic surgery trend.

The FDA-approved procedure is non-surgical and non-invasive, making it a simple outpatient procedure you can have on your lunch break.

Kybella treatment is a safe and effective injectable that treats submental fullness, which is the medical term for fat underneath the chin.

Subdermal fullness can be caused by weight gain, aging, and genetics, but the synthetic deoxycholic acid (which is naturally found in the body) works instantly to dissolve the fat cells.

The procedure is permanent and may require one or multiple 30-minute sessions, depending on the severity of the condition.

Body Contouring on the Rise

The COVID-19 lockdowns contributed to weight gain for many people. Some even called it the quarantine 15, which represents the fifteen pounds on average gained by some as they were forced to remain indoors during the pandemic.

If you have an elevated BMI that indicates you are obese or morbidly obese, you might benefit from bariatric surgery. Procedures like the gastric sleeve and gastric balloon can help you drop the excess weight quickly while improving your body and health.

Whether you lose weight via weight loss surgery or on your own, significant weight loss can sometimes result in hanging skin. Cosmetic body contouring can help to reshape the body, giving you a more attractive silhouette and a boost of self-esteem.

Traditional Liposuction and Hi-Def Lipo Treat COVID-19 Weight Gain

Liposuction and Hi-Def Lipo Treat COVID-19 Weight Gain

Liposuction and other similar procedures aim to treat weight gain due to the lockdowns and stress of dealing with a pandemic.

Liposuction has remained one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for many years. During the procedure, the surgeon makes small incisions near the treatment site. Lipo aims to remove stubborn pockets of fat; those last few pounds that are difficult to shed even with heavy dieting and exercise.

Once the incisions are created, a mixture composed of an anesthetic and saline solution is used to break up the fatty tissue, making it easy to extract. A long tube known as a cannula is inserted into the incisions before the fat is suctioned out.

Hi-Def or HD Liposuction is another procedure you can choose. HD-Lipo takes traditional liposuction a bit further, allowing you to unleash your body’s true potential.

You might also hear this technique referred to as VASER Lipo or VASER Hi-Def liposuction. This method uses high-powered sound waves to break up the fat.

VASER liposuction not only extracts the superficial layers of fat that allow your musculature to show through, but cosmetic surgery visibly improves your skin quality with long-lasting results.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) to Erase Belly Fat

The tummy tuck can give you a flatter abdomen when cutting carbs and engaging in grueling workouts isn’t quite doing the trick.

This cosmetic surgery is another popular one on our list. The tummy tuck is safe, effective, and proven to give dramatic results.

During the procedure, an incision is made along your abdomen and just above your pubic area. Any excess fat and skin that exists along the belly area are extracted and removed. The surgeon may also do liposuction to further eradicate fat from the treatment site.

The flaps of skin are pulled tight and reconnected, giving you a flatter tummy, devoid of saggy skin or extra padding.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

This body contouring procedure gives your backside a more significant volume and improved shape.

The BBL uses fatty tissue that is first extracted from a donor site on another part of your body.

Popular donor sites include the upper thighs, upper arms, and abdomen. This gives you the added benefit of slimming one area down while improving the volume of another – namely, your buttocks.

The fatty tissue is sterilized and treated before it is injected into your backside for volumizing results.

BBL procedures can be paired with an upper thigh lift to give the buttocks and legs a more contoured look.

Natural Breast Augmentation

Natural Breast Augmentation in LA

There are a few different breast surgeries you can choose as a cosmetic surgery patient.

Breast lift is for saggy breasts and breast reduction is for overgrown breasts. There is also breast augmentation that uses breast implants to give the breasts more volume and improved shape.

There is another popular breast surgery that is proving to be a hit this year already.

Natural breast augmentation, like the BBL, also uses your own fatty tissue.

Select the donor site where there is excess fat to donate, and you can have plumper breasts using your own fatty tissue.

Natural breast augmentation gives subtle yet ultra-realistic results and can be used with or without breast implants.

More People Will Combine Procedures in One Surgical Session

With the advent of the mommy makeover and daddy do-over, more people are coming to the conclusion that they can improve multiple body parts in one session.

Having more than one surgery performed at a time minimizes your exposure to anesthesia, which in turn improves safety.

You also only have to recover once, which means you don’t have to take too much time off work.

The mommy makeover and daddy do-over are personalized cosmetic procedures that help to reinvigorate the body after events like childbirth and following years of aging.

If your body sags, if you notice more wrinkles than before, and if you wish you had a flatter tummy, you can get all those body parts worked on at once, helping you reclaim your confidence, and feel more beautiful inside and out.

A Focus on Safety

Along with the above list of popular cosmetic surgeries, more patients seem to be focused on safety when they come in for their scheduled consultations. This is a very good thing. Safety is paramount at Moein Surgical Arts and at other reputable and board-certified surgical centers.

You should only tolerate transparency from your cosmetic surgeon. Ask about the risks involved with the surgery and how to mitigate those risks. Do your own research as well, so that you can cross-reference the answers with factual information you glean from reputable sources.

Cosmetic surgery is very safe. Millions of people undergo procedures every day, and in surgical centers all over the world. As long as you are aware of the risks and put forth effort into finding the best cosmetic surgery, you too can have dramatic results without worry.

Ready to Discuss Cosmetic Surgery in the New Year?

With 2022 in full swing, isn’t it time for you to improve the way you look?

Which part of your body or face would you like to improve?

What about a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, or a Brazilian butt lift?

Learn more about these procedures, the risks involved, their costs, and whether insurance will pay for cosmetic surgery by visiting or calling Moein Surgical Arts. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Babak Moein right now by dialing (310)694-4486.

Why Quitting Smoking Before Cosmetic Surgery is a Good Idea (Including Methods to Help You Quit)

If you’re a smoker, the last thing you want is someone ordering you to quit.

The past decades have been filled with anti-smoking messaging, and it’s likely you’re tired of being lectured.

However, if you plan to have cosmetic surgery, you might want to give serious consideration to kicking your habit once and for all.

Cosmetic surgery can do wonders for your appearance.

A facelift can turn back the clock.

A breast augmentation can make you turn heads wherever you go.

And a Brazilian butt lift can give you more oomph to your backside when it seems like your genes may have let you down.

But cosmetic surgery and smoking tobacco do not mix.

Keep reading to discover why smoking is bad for your health as a cosmetic surgery patient.

You’ll also find a few helpful tips to help you quit smoking cigarettes for good.

Why Quit Smoking Before Cosmetic Surgery?

Quitting Smoking Before Cosmetic Surgery - Los Angeles CA

Your cosmetic surgeon won’t tell you to stop smoking out of concern for your lungs, though that is one of the reasons.

Your surgeon will want you to quit because smoking does specific things to your body that can cause complications while undergoing one or more cosmetic procedures.

The nicotine in cigarettes, for example, can cause blood vessels to constrict. This can limit your flow of blood and cut off circulation to some tissue.

During cosmetic surgery, smoking could cause the area around the incision to become devoid of proper blood flow to the area.

Tissue necrosis can result.

What is Tissue Necrosis?

This irreversible condition causes premature death of body tissue and is caused by inadequate blood flow to the area.

During any given procedure, the surgeon will sometimes create lateral incisions around the treatment area.

This technique allows the surgeon to reposition the tissue to be corrected.

The method has the unfortunate side effect of severing the end of blood vessels. This is a side effect that is typically not associated with other surgeries such as an appendectomy.

While this technique is safe, it’s only safe when the blood vessels throughout the body are fully functioning and healthy.

Smoking can contribute to tissue necrosis through the shrinking of blood vessels and limiting of blood flow to cosmetic treatment areas.

When tissue necrosis happens, the dead tissue must be removed.

This means that you could find yourself missing a piece of skin or other tissues around the incision site.

If buttock or breast implants were placed as part of the procedure, those implants will need to be removed as part of the tissue necrosis treatment.

Nicotine Can Create Cosmetic Surgery Complications

Tissue necrosis is not the only complication to worry about as a smoker who is considering having cosmetic surgery.

Smoking can also lead to blood clots, infection, fat necrosis (which causes hard lumps to form underneath the skin), and permanent blood vessel damage.

You also place yourself at an increased risk for stroke or heart attack as a cosmetic surgery patient who smokes.

Delayed Wound Healing

cosmetic surgery treatment plan - Los Angeles CA


Your cosmetic surgery treatment plan includes a healing period. After that period, and following the resolution of any swelling, your true cosmetic surgery results will be revealed.

As a smoker, you risk delaying your recovery time as a cosmetic surgery patient.

Slower healing can alter your treatment plan, thus skewing your results.

You are also at increased risk of infections and thick, wide scars if your body fails to heal efficiently.

Quitting smoking can help your body heal efficiently, thus improving your chances of receiving stellar results with small or nearly hidden scars.

Increased Pain

Smoking cigarettes can lower your tolerance for pain, which is exactly what you don’t want as you head into a major surgery.

Studies show that regular smokers need 33% more anesthesia during their procedures, and need to take 23% more pain medication during their surgical recovery compared to those who don’t smoke.

Life Threatening Complications

As a smoker, you have a higher chance of developing a condition during or after your surgery that could limit your life.

In addition to heart attacks and stroke, you are also susceptible to deadly pneumonia.

Waste of Money

Smoking cigarettes is an expensive habit. Quitting months in advance can help you save money that could be better put toward your cosmetic surgery.

If you are a smoker and find yourself considering cosmetic surgery, you also face potentially throwing your money right down the drain.

That’s because you are less likely to be pleased with your results as a smoker due to slowed healing and other complications.

Not only that, but you may have to have additional surgeries to remove implants, for example, which can cost even more financial resources you may not have.

Quitting smoking before cosmetic surgery is not only smart, but it also represents the healthier and financially savvier way to go.

Use Cosmetic Surgery as a Good Motivation to Quit Smoking

By now you know how bad cigarette smoking can be for you as someone considering one or more cosmetic treatments.

As the day of surgery approaches, use this time to eliminate the smoking habit from your life.

Doing so can save you money and increase your chances of experiencing dramatically improved results.

You’ll have faster healing, less pain, and smaller (or nearly invisible) scars.

Lastly, quitting smoking cigarettes can make you healthier and lead to a potentially longer life.

Use this time to quit smoking for you and the stellar cosmetic results you are sure to achieve.

How to Quit Smoking Before Cosmetic Surgery

How to Quit Smoking Before Cosmetic Surgery


Those who have succeeded in quitting smoking say it’s one of the most difficult challenges they’ve ever had to overcome.

Quitting smoking can bring about feelings of depression, and mourning as if you’ve lost a close friend or family member.

Quitting smoking before cosmetic surgery first takes a commitment from you to become smoke-free.

Remind Yourself Daily

Tell yourself every morning when you wake up, “I am a non-smoker. Today, I will not smoke.”

Keep a calendar and mark the day of surgery. Decorate the date box, so you truly look forward to the time when your appearance will be transformed for the better.

Next to the calendar, place a photograph that depicts the results you hope to achieve with cosmetic surgery. Look at the photo whenever the urge to smoke is strongest and remind yourself of why you want to have cosmetic surgery.

Avoid Triggers

Avoid smoking triggers. For instance, if you tend to smoke and drink alcohol at the same time, you might want to abstain from drinking for a while.

Eliminate ashtrays and smoking accessories from your home and get rid of all lighters and cigarettes.

Clean up any butts you find around your property.

If you’re accustomed to smoking while driving your vehicle, keep candy or gum in the glove box to keep your cravings for cigarettes at bay.

Occupy Your Mind and Body

Keep your mind busy. People tend to want to light up whenever they become bored. Form a new hobby or put more effort into your current hobbies.

You can also do chores, exercise, or otherwise engage in activities that take your mind off your smoking habit.

Be Careful Who You Hang With

Hanging around other smokers will make it more difficult to stop the habit. Spend time in smoke-free zones. See a movie or spend time with family and friends who don’t smoke.

Get Non-Smoking Assistance

The app store on your smartphone has several resources for quitting all sorts of habits, including smoking cigarettes.

The apps can be used to monitor your progress and manage your nicotine cravings. Many even give you tips to help you stop smoking, and other tools you’ll find invaluable as a committed non-smoker.

The above advice will not be easy to adopt. You might stumble a time or two as your cravings become significant and the urge to smoke takes over.

What if You Can’t Stop Smoking?

What if You Can’t Stop Smoking?


Anytime you light up, don’t kick yourself. Get right back on the horse and kick your will to quit into high gear.

Toss the pack you just bought in the trash or extricate yourself from the friend or family member who let you borrow the cigarette in the first place.

Make good decisions that contribute to quitting and eventually you’ll reach the smoke-free finish line.

If you have tried all the above and you just can’t seem to toss smoking for good, talk to your doctor.

There are non-nicotine prescription medications that can help you quit, and of course there are over-the-counter aids like gums and patches for those nervous about going cold turkey.

How Do You Know When You’ve Quit Smoking?

You’ll know you’re free of smoking when you suddenly realize you haven’t thought about lighting up all day.

Maybe a few days pass and you come to the realization that you are finally smoke-free.

That’s a momentous day, and one where you will be primed for excellent results as a cosmetic surgery patient.

How Soon Before Cosmetic Surgery Should You Quit Smoking?

For best results, your cosmetic surgeon will suggest that you quit smoking at least three to six months in advance.

That can give your blood vessels and other body parts time to heal and revert to proper function after years of subjecting yourself to smoke, nicotine, and other mysterious ingredients.

Schedule a Consultation with a Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

If you are a smoker considering cosmetic surgery, you now have several reasons and methods to quit.

If you are ready to experience the boost in confidence that comes with a cosmetic treatment, Moein Surgical Arts can help.

Schedule a consultation with world-renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Babak Moein.

Dr. Moein and his surgical staff can help you feel right at home as you seek to improve your appearance.

Ready to learn more about cosmetic surgery and what it can do for you? Call us now at (310)694-4486.

6 Factors That Influence Your Cosmetic Surgery Results

When you invest in cosmetic surgery, you expect a terrific outcome.

It is difficult for your cosmetic surgeon to predict the results you are likely to achieve.

This is because cosmetic surgery results can vary significantly between patients.

There is also the fact that all invasive procedures come with risks. Many also come with scars.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the best cosmetic surgery results. Here are seven of them now. Keep them in mind as you call to schedule a consultation with a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Factors That Contribute to the Best Cosmetic Surgery Results

Skin Health

The healthier your skin, the better results you can expect from a surgical procedure.

When we talk about skin health, we are referring to skin elasticity, which is the skin’s ability to conform back to its original shape after being stretched for prolonged periods of time.

Elasticity is dependent upon a protein known as collagen. Your body makes collagen naturally and uses it to fill itself out over your entire skeletal framework. Collagen also gives skin a firm and youthful appearance.

When collagen depletes due to age or other factors, skin elasticity can become diminished. The result is usually fine lines around the eyes and mouth, and wrinkles around the face. The neck, lips, cheeks, and eyelids tend to show age the fastest.

Smoking can cause the body to lose valuable collagen, as can excessive exposure to the sun.

Moisturizing can help. Your cosmetic surgeon can also recommend procedures or supplements that can improve your skin quality, leading to a superior cosmetic surgery outcome.


Expense of Cosmetic Surgery in Los Angeles, CA

Americans spent an excess of $9 billion on surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures in 2020. Cosmetic surgery can be expensive. However, there are many ways to pay for surgery.

Some procedures are picked up by insurance if the procedure can be deemed medically necessary, such as a breast lift to alleviate back pain.

Other costs associated with cosmetic surgery can be financed with companies like CareCredit. Finance agencies that help with cosmetic procedures let you have surgery now while worrying about payment later. You get a credit card with a certain limit and affordable repayment terms.

If the out-of-pocket costs of cosmetic surgery give you stress, be careful before you consider going the cheaper route.

There are some things you never want to skimp on, like the softness of your toilet paper, the integrity of your roof, and the quality of your cosmetic surgery.

When it comes to aesthetic procedures like the facelift, tummy tuck, and Brazilian butt lift, you get what you pay for.

Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

Sure, you can fly to Mexico and go with the all-inclusive Mommy Makeover resort vacation but take a moment to consider six months from now. You’re back home, healing from your surgery, and you’ve developed an infection. Or your breasts are lopsided, or your incisions have scarred horribly.

We’ve all heard the horror stories and seen the talk shows of cosmetic surgery tourism gone bad.

Sure, you are investing heavily when you choose cosmetic surgery, but that investment is on yourself.

By boosting your appearance, you are improving your mood and self-esteem. All-new doors could open for you, leading to untold opportunities.

Cosmetic surgery may not change your life with the flip of a switch, but it can improve the quality of your life. How can you put a price tag on that?

With most buying decisions, there is a cost, service, and quality to consider. With cosmetic surgery, you also have to think about safety.

Spending more on yourself by choosing a quality cosmetic surgeon, even if the cost may be higher, is worth it for the cosmetic surgery results and your peace of mind.


Expectations about Cosmetic Surgery Results in Los Angeles, CA

Everyone who chooses cosmetic surgery has some kind of expectation.

“I want to look younger.”

“I want thinner, more toned arms.”

“My wish is to have a flat tummy and larger breasts without giving the hint that I had work done.”

These are common requests by millions of cosmetic surgery patients. What are your expectations?

We would all love to drink from the fountain of youth. We all want to look more rested, younger, and more vibrant.

Thanks to advancements in cosmetic surgery, these goals can be achieved!

While your goal is to look more attractive, your cosmetic surgeon has a different goal in mind.

Your surgeon’s goal is to gain your trust and help you achieve a prominent level of patient satisfaction.

During the initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon, where you will discuss the procedure and the results you are likely to achieve, your surgeon will focus on realistic results.

Realistic Cosmetic Surgery Results

Realistic cosmetic surgery results are those that are within the realms of possibility.

A facelift cannot make you look like Richard Gere in his prime.

Tummy tucks can’t give you abdominal muscles like Giselle Bundchen.

Breast augmentation can give you larger and firmer breasts, but your cosmetic surgeon cannot make you look like Katy Perry.

It is important to communicate your desired results with your cosmetic surgeon during your one-on-one private meeting.

However, it is also critical that you open your mind and be receptive to results that may not exactly meet your expectations.

Your surgeon will make every effort to transform your appearance with one or more cosmetic procedures. Using years of experience and artistic skill, advancements in cosmetic procedures allow surgeons to tweak the body in numerous ways. Many times, surgeons can make aesthetic transformations subtly and with hidden scars. No one will know you had surgery.

That being said, cosmetic surgery can only do so much.

As long as you are healthy with good skin health, and take the time to find the best surgeon, there is no reason you can’t enjoy favorable cosmetic surgery results with one or more aesthetic techniques.


After cosmetic surgery, you might need some time to recover. The typical recovery time for major surgery is four to six weeks before you can resume your normal activities.

With most procedures, you will be back to work within days or a week and should be moving around quite well following that.

To have the best recovery experience, even though you may feel crummy in the days after surgery, make sure you educate yourself on what to expect.

Learn how the surgery may affect your personal and professional life. This can reduce stress. Since we all know stress is a killer and contributes to poor health, the less stress you feel during recovery the better.

How well you care for yourself during your recovery also matters for favorable results.

If you smoke, consider quitting a month or two ahead of surgery. Smoking can hinder healing, leading to potential infections and poor results.

Follow your cosmetic surgeon’s recommendations regarding bandage changing, wound cleaning, and effective rest.

Don’t start heavy lifting until given the green light and treat yourself well during recovery if you want dramatic improvement following a cosmetic procedure.

Physical Health

Physical Health Affects Cosmetic Surgery Results in LA

Cosmetic surgeons are trained to look for patients who are bound to have the best outcomes following surgery.

The best outcomes usually come to the patients who are in the best health.

That means you should be physically healthy if you plan to have a cosmetic procedure.

During the initial consultation, your surgeon will ask about allergies, your medical history, and diseases that may run in the family. You should be close to your ideal weight and be mentally healthy as well.

Your cosmetic surgeon will give you a physical assessment during the consultation to determine if you are an ideal candidate for the aesthetic technique you want.

Your Cosmetic Surgeon’s Skill and Experience

Want the best cosmetic results? Find the best cosmetic surgeon.

The ideal surgeon should be considered an expert in the procedure you want. Look for Before and After photographs on the doctor’s website.

When you find a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon, schedule a consultation with that doctor. Doing so can determine if you have rapport and feel good about the answers to the questions you are given.

Ready to Discuss what Cosmetic Surgery Can Do for You?

Do you want to look younger? Want more youthful and firmer skin? Want a trimmer abdomen, slimmer arms, narrower thighs, or a more bodacious behind?

Cosmetic surgery can dramatically improve your physical appearance, but only if your results are realistic and you pay attention to the above seven factors for superior cosmetic outcomes.

Schedule your consultation today with Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts. You can reach our office in Los Angeles by calling (310)694-4486.

Overcoming 10 Common Cosmetic Surgery Fears

Fear of the unknown is a normal human response. If you find yourself afraid of an upcoming cosmetic surgery procedure, you should feel relieved that your anxieties are shared by millions of other people.

The idea of changing any part of yourself with cosmetic surgery can be downright frightening.

As you’ll soon see, however, much of what you fear is merely a lack of knowledge.

Once you learn more about the art of cosmetic surgery and what to expect before, during, and after your procedure, any fears you had of cosmetic surgery will likely be replaced with excitement for the aesthetic results you can achieve.

Normal Fear of Cosmetic Surgery vs a Serious Psychological Problem

There is a word we have given to the fear of a surgical procedure. That word is tomophobia.

People who are tomophobic tend to have an extreme fear of surgery, which is not common.

Having only a slight anxiety over surgery, on the other hand, is common, and makes a lot of sense.

You don’t have to necessarily suffer from tomophobia, hemophobia (fear of blood), or trypanophobia (fear of needles) to feel a little anxious about cosmetic surgery.

The thought of lasers and scalpels approaching the skin would make anyone uneasy.

The fear only becomes a psychological issue when your anxious feelings become so severe you experience physical symptoms.

The mere thought of surgery may cause your stomach to hurt or chest to tighten. This is known as a panic attack.

Panic attacks are common with anxiety disorders. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you may be more susceptible to surgical anxiety.

Keep in mind that you should never self-diagnose a mental health issue. If you suspect you have an anxiety disorder, you can find help by meeting with a psychological health expert.

What Causes Surgical Fears?

Causes of Cosmetic Surgery Fears

The reasons that breed fear of cosmetic surgery vary. Being afraid of the unknown is a big reason keeping many from the surgeon’s table. Another might be that you are associating all cosmetic surgeries with that one horrific experience you had in the past.

Here are ten common fears patients sometimes experience. Alongside each one is advice on how to overcome these fears so you can enjoy the amazing transformation cosmetic surgery can offer.

1- Are You Afraid of Experiencing Unfavorable Results?

The fear of your results not living up to your expectations is one of the most common heard by cosmetic surgeons. We’ve all heard horror stories or seen celebrity photos of cosmetic surgery procedures gone wrong. The question is: How can you make sure this doesn’t happen to you?

The best way to get the most favorable results after the surgical bandages come off is to take time finding the best cosmetic surgeon. Look for a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who has a good record performing the surgery you want. When meeting with surgeons, ask to see before and after images of their work so you can match your expectations with the cosmetic surgeon’s artistic skill.

2- Do You Fear Not Finding the Right Cosmetic Surgeon?

With so many cosmetic surgeons to choose from, how can you be sure to find the right one?

The best way to find a surgeon suitable for you is to ask friends, family, and co-workers for professionals they recommend.

Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Schedule consultations with several surgeons. Ask questions and pay close attention to the surgeon’s answers. Most importantly, listen to your gut. Ask to see before and after photographs and read online reviews. By scrutinizing experts in your area with several different criteria, you’ll be more likely to find the best cosmetic surgeon for your upcoming makeover.

3- Are You Afraid of Cosmetic Surgery Complications?

Every surgery comes with some level of risk. Before scheduling a cosmetic surgery, it is important to understand both the benefits of the procedure, and the risks to your health. The best cosmetic surgeon will provide you with a list of restrictions, such as quitting smoking up to six months before your surgery date, to reduce your risks.

4- Do You Fear Feeling Pain During or After Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery Pain

No one can blame people who fear the pain of surgery. Botox injections involve sharp needles, and most surgeries involve the cutting of tissue.

Keep in mind that anesthesia will be used, which means you won’t feel a thing during the surgery. You may feel pressure if local anesthesia is used. However, advancements in pain management mean that you are unlikely to feel much discomfort at all, even with the most complex cosmetic techniques.

5- Are You Numb from Fear of Anesthesia?

For some people, it’s not the surgery itself but the effects of anesthesia that fill them with dread. They may fear being put to sleep and never waking up again.

Anesthesia is used during cosmetic surgery so that you won’t feel any of the poking or cutting associated with surgery. Being put to sleep also contributes to your safety, since you’re less likely to move around than if you were awake.

That being said, many of today’s popular cosmetic surgeries are performed using local anesthesia. You’re not put to sleep at all during these procedures. General anesthesia, the kind that does make you unconscious, is reserved for more complex cases like the tummy tuck and facelift.

To alleviate your fears even further, note that many of the anesthesia horror stories you may have heard involved people who were sick when they went in for surgery. This is why cosmetic surgeons make sure you are healthy before recommending a cosmetic procedure. Having a policy of only working with healthy patients is a good thing and significantly reduces the risks to your health.

6- Do You Have a Fear of Cosmetic Surgery Addiction?

Stories abound about people addicted to cosmetic surgery. However, reputable cosmetic surgeons will only perform surgeries on people who are psychologically healthy. Your surgeon will attempt to determine if you suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, for example, where no amount of surgery can contribute to body acceptance. These types of issues require the help of a psychological professional, not a cosmetic surgeon.

The fact is, if you take the time to find a reputable cosmetic surgeon, the professional you choose will have no interest in performing surgeries that are unnecessary. You can guarantee it.

7- Are You Afraid of Being Judged for Cosmetic Surgery?

More men are undergoing cosmetic surgery than at any other time in the past. The most popular surgical techniques for men include liposuction, eyelid surgery, nose surgery (rhinoplasty), male breast reduction (gynecomastia surgery), the facelift, and ear surgery.

Much of the fear men feel about surgery has to do with being judged. It’s not customary for men to spend money on the way they look. For many men, spending money on cosmetic surgery is a vain pursuit.

However, more men are seeing the positive benefits of surgery. If you are a man with a body part that causes you distress, why not erase that insecurity for good?

Gynecomastia surgery could give you all new confidence, as good nose surgery, eyelid surgery, or liposuction. Don’t worry about not appearing a certain way. By taking care of yourself and your looks, you are taking charge of your quality of life. If you have a chance to make your life better, why not go for it, despite what others may think?

Both men and women can share a fear of not wanting everyone to know they’ve had surgery. That’s understandable. After a short vacation, you might want to return to work without everyone knowing where you’ve been, or about the procedure you’ve undergone.

Whereas cosmetic surgery may have been viewed as a vain pursuit before, today people are far more open minded. Everyone wishes to look good. You’d be surprised to learn that most people don’t care that you’ve had surgery. They may ask about your surgeon because they, too, want to jump on board.

It’s all about confidence. When you’ve spent time preparing for your surgery, and then go through with it, stand behind your decision and stop caring what others think of you. You’ll look great and be much better off.

8- Are Your Cosmetic Surgery Fears Related to Dying?

This common fear is similar to the anxiety of anesthesia. You fear not waking up from the surgeon’s table.

Just like the horror stories with anesthesia, the deaths you might have heard about cosmetic surgery usually involve people with underlying health conditions. That means they went into surgery with an elevated risk of mortality.

Your cosmetic surgeon will ensure all precautions are taken to keep your risk of dying as low as possible.

The biggest danger during cosmetic surgery comes from blood clots. Reducing the risk of clotting involves the administering a limited amount of anesthesia so that you become alert more quickly following surgery.

You’ll also be encouraged to move your extremities once you have awakened from surgery to increase your blood circulation.

The risk of dying during cosmetic surgery is about the same as your risk of dying from a plane crash. In other words, the chances are exceptionally low.

9-Do You Fear Your Cosmetic Surgery Results Not Lasting?

Aside from a fear of unfavorable results, many patients want to know how long their results will last.

While every effort is made to provide you with long-lasting aesthetic effects, cosmetic surgery does not last forever.

The longevity of your results depends on the type of procedure, your age, and the expectations you hold. You can preserve your results by taking care of yourself, eating right, exercising, drinking plenty of water, and keeping your weight stable.

10- Do You Fear the Cost of Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery Cost

Maybe you’re anxious about spending so much money on making yourself look better. Or you fear going broke entirely.

Instead of focusing on the expense of cosmetic surgery, hone your mind in on the value the procedure will provide.

If you have a deep insecurity, the right procedure could give you a new lease on life.

There are ways to get help with your surgical fees, such as medical financing and crowd sourcing. Health insurance could even be an option to help you pay for surgery if the procedure is deemed medically necessary, such as a breast lift if your heavy breasts give you back pain.

Here’s another way to look at it: The cheapest cosmetic surgeon isn’t always the best. Choose a cheap surgeon and you might find yourself spending more money fixing your botched results than you did on the original surgery.

Finding the best surgeon and paying a bit more is what you want. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. The best cosmetic surgeons have skill, technique, training, and can charge higher fees accordingly. Paying those higher fees is the best way to assure stellar results, making your surgery well worth the expense.

5 Ways to Alleviate Fears of Cosmetic Surgery

If your fear of aesthetic surgery is listed above, you now have ways of alleviating your trepidations and bolstering your confidence in your cosmetic surgeon.

Here are five more ways you can make yourself feel better about surgically improving yourself with the procedure of your choice.

Absorb Information

Becoming well informed regarding the procedure you want is a key step in dealing with surgical anxiety. You’ll want to gain a complete understanding of the surgical technique, why you are getting it, and how the procedure is performed. Learning all you can about cosmetic surgery makes the concept of surgery less scary.

You can further your education by asking your cosmetic surgeon plenty of questions. The answers you receive can help you feel better about your surgeon and the procedure you’re asking about. You’ll gain more knowledge, but you’ll also be able to determine if you have rapport with your surgeon. Surgeon rapport contributes to you being relaxed, which increases your likelihood of experiencing a positive outcome.

Answers to your questions will also teach you about the risks to your health, fees charged, and whether insurance is likely to cover the procedure.

Tell Your Surgeon About Your Cosmetic Surgeon Fears

Your cosmetic surgeon can give you a realistic idea of what you can expect from the surgery. You can learn more about recovery, and the results you can achieve. If you have had an unpleasant experience with cosmetic surgery in the past, or know someone who has, conveying your anxieties to your surgeon can give you reassurance. After all, everyone is different, and you’re unique. If you’ve put effort into finding the most skilled and talented surgeon, you should feel assured you’re in good hands.

Distract Yourself

After scheduling surgery, you might have all this anxiety built up. And it only seems to get worse the closer your surgery date gets.

The way you are feeling is normal, but you don’t have to let your thoughts and emotions control you.

Distracting yourself is an excellent way to deter invasive thoughts that cause or intensify your anxiety. Keep yourself occupied by streaming a TV show, reading a book, or listening to music. These tips sound simple, but they are effective, especially when your mind tends to get away from you.

Learn About Pre-Surgery Care

Learn About Pre-Surgery Care

In addition to binging Netflix, you can distract yourself by occupying your mind with certain tasks. Namely, you can prepare for your upcoming surgical procedure. Getting ready for the day of surgery can occupy your mind so you’re not so focused on whatever you fear most.

Tasks to engage in could include packing a bag for the surgical center. You’ll want to bring a change of clothes, toiletry items, a phone charger, snacks, and something to keep you busy like an iPad or a good book.

Arrange to have a ride home from the surgical center after you have spent some time in recovery. That person could also help you with day-to-day chores for up to 24 hours afterward.

Maintain Good Health

You can alleviate risks to your health and many fears by trying to be in the best shape possible as you approach your surgery date. Taking care of your body will help you feel good and think more clearly, as well as aid in recovery after your procedure.

Do your best to eat healthy foods, get plenty of rest, and exercise as often as you can. Drink plenty of water while you’re at it and supplement your diet with necessary vitamins and nutrients like zinc, iron, and B12.

Stay Focused on the Outcome

Keeping your mind on the results you are about to achieve with cosmetic surgery can help you feel less fearful. You might soon find yourself beaming with confidence. Cosmetic surgery can do wonders for a person’s self-esteem and body image. Shapelier breasts, a slimmer profile, an age-defying facelift, or any other cosmetic technique can make you see yourself in a whole new light.

Others might not necessarily know you’ve had surgery, but they can tell something’s different, and figure it must be your confidence. Looking forward to the way you look after your procedure is the best way to remain calm and positive throughout your experience.

Whether you are looking for a nose job, breast implants, gynecomastia surgery, a mommy makeover, or daddy do-over, slough your fears aside and schedule a consultation for cosmetic surgery by calling Moein Surgical Arts in Los Angeles, CA. – (310)694-4486.

Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Made Easier with Real-Life Advice

When preparing for a cosmetic procedure, you may be a little nervous about what’s to come after the procedure. For instance, you might ask your cosmetic surgeon questions during the initial consultation, such as: After my surgery:

  • Will I feel discomfort or pain?
  • When will I be able to get back to my regularly scheduled life?

And the most popular question:

  • What will my results look like after my aesthetic procedure?

Beyond all those questions is the one query that’s not often thought of. That’s what you should be doing while you’re recovering from cosmetic surgery.

Recovery after a cosmetic surgery involves what you do (and what you fail to do) as your body heals from whatever technique you underwent. Whether you had breast augmentation, a facelift, or rhinoplasty, the steps you take during recovery can mean the difference between an easier time and one that is extended with potential complications.

That’s not to frighten you from having cosmetic surgery. The many procedures available today are safe and effective for use in fighting age, reversing the effects of pregnancy on the body, and repairing superficial irregularities that may cause you distress. As far as safety, the FDA has approved cosmetic procedures for the repair of irregularities and the fight against age. The results you can expect depend on a few factors, and you must keep to realistic expectations. The right procedure can erase the years from your features and make you look amazing, in some cases from head to toe.

Put the steps below into practice during your recovery after cosmetic surgery and you’re sure to have an easier time in the recuperation stage. There are seven things we recommend. This is real-life advice that can help you achieve the results of your procedure with minimal complications and shorter downtime.

Don’t Do Too Much Too Soon

Don't Do Much After Cosmetic Surgery

While this advice is meant to shorten your recovery after cosmetic surgery and make things easier on you, there is a caveat. You must give yourself enough time to heal. Don’t jump back into your usual routine until you are assured that the treatment site has healed and that you are well enough to go back to work and engage in certain activities like exercise.

Listen to your cosmetic surgeon’s advice. Your surgeon has your health and best interests in mind and will let you know when it’s safe to return to your normal life following cosmetic surgery.

Rest and Eat Well

When you have surgery, your procedure is going to involve the cutting of tissue. Your body needs time to repair those areas through the processes of natural biological function. The amount of time you rest, the quality of your rest, and even the environment where you get your rest all matter.

You’ll find yourself taking it easy the most during the time immediately after surgery. Depending on the complexity of the technique involved, you may not feel like getting up and doing much of anything at all for a couple of days. However, your surgeon will encourage you to occasionally get up and move around to get your blood pumping and keep your spirits up.

Getting adequate sleep at night is also important for healing. Nighttime sleep is when your body does its most rejuvenation. Choose a quiet, cool room to sleep in. Try to get seven to nine hours a night for the most benefit.

In addition to adequate rest, focus on the types of foods and the amounts of foods you eat. A healthy diet is crucial during your recovery period. That’s because your body needs the proper vitamins, minerals, and other building blocks of life to repair your body naturally.

Your cosmetic surgeon may give you a healthy eating plan to follow. If not, make sure you choose healthy, whole-wheat grains, lean meats, and lots of fruits and green vegetables. Strive for several small meals throughout the day or at least three primary meals to give yourself adequate nutrition to get back on your feet. A multi-vitamin can add vital nutrients to your diet if you’re not accustomed to getting the nutrients you need from the foods you eat.

Stay Hydrated

Being dehydrated can hinder or slow the healing process. Your immune system can also take a hit when you fail to drink enough water, making you more susceptible to post-surgery complications. It’s best to reach for plain water as opposed to soft drinks. You may be able to get away with those sprinkle-in flavor enhancers, as long as you use them sparingly. Regular water can also be spruced up with fresh lime or lemon juice for a vital infusion of Vitamin C.

Another benefit that comes with drinking your fill of water is that your mood will improve. If you are the type who likes to be out and about to mingle with others, spending time recovering may cause you to feel a tad down. Consume more water and you just might drink yourself happier.

Drinking plenty of water each day can increase your frequency of bathroom breaks. While it can be a pain to get up every few hours to void your bladder, you’ll be doing a good thing for your recovery by standing up and walking, even the short distance to the commode.

Plus, the gentle and slow movements you make along the way will improve your circulation, which your body relies on to heal itself. Your blood carries nutrients to the various areas of your body. Sitting too long can make your circulation slower. Moving around, even if it’s to urinate, is one of the best things you can do, especially in the early stages of the post-surgery healing period.

Prepare Comfy Clothes Ahead of Time

Prepare Comfy Clothes

The last thing you’ll want to do during recovery after cosmetic surgery is sifting through your closet and dressers for comfortable clothes to wear. You will thank yourself post-surgery if you can manage to prepare your wardrobe beforehand. Set out some sweats or shorts and T-shirts, or whatever else you tend to wear when lounging. The key is to choose loose clothing that will allow your circulation to flow freely. If you’ve had breast surgery, you’ll want to pack a few button-up shirts that will be much easier to slip in and out of.

Keep First-Aid Equipment on Hand

Following your cosmetic surgery, your incisions will need time to heal. The surgeon will wrap the surgical site with gauze or bandages before sending you home. It is up to you to care for the treatment site and change bandages as necessary to promote cleanliness while preventing dangerous infections. You are encouraged to keep bandages, antibacterial soap, and hand gel nearby at all times as you recoup.

Prep Your Meals

A meal preparation session before you go into surgery can save you time, frustration, and hunger pangs later. Activities like shopping and preparing meals can take the energy you may lack as a post-surgical patient in healing. The trick is to prepare meals you can easily reach for whenever you’re hungry. Good ideas include stir-fry, chili, and other meals you can cook in bulk. You can then portion the meals out into plastic containers with lids before sticking them in the freezer or fridge. When you’re hungry, you can simply reach for a meal and heat it as desired, no cooking or extra shopping is required.

Clean and Set Up Your Home

You’ll want to give your home a good tidying before you go in for surgery. Not only will this be better for your mental health as you’re recovering, but it’ll also keep you from tripping over anything that could be in the way in your diminished state.

Pick up area rugs and tape down extension cords to keep from tripping over anything. Even a slight spill could tear a stitch or otherwise mar your surgeon’s handiwork. Scrubbing your home will also keep your environment sanitary, which helps keep infections at bay.

Organize your fridge and pantry, but also the area where you’ll be spending most of your time, such as in the recliner in front of the TV. Have the remote control handy and get one of those extension grabbers, a neck pillow, reusable straws, and long USB cords, which can all be game-changers.

How Long is Cosmetic Surgery Recovery?

Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Period

The length of time your body takes to recover from surgery will vary depending on a variety of factors, including the type of surgery.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery takes around ten days for the bruising and swelling to subside. You’ll be back to work in a week and can resume your normal activities within four weeks, though it can take between three and six months to see the final results.

Tummy Tuck

For abdominoplasty (the tummy tuck), you’ll have surgical drains placed at the treatment site for around a week, at which time they will be removed. Those drains help to prevent the accumulation of fluid in the days after surgery.

You’ll be back to work after a tummy tuck and can resume your normal activities in around four weeks. You may be asked to wear a compression garment for up to eight weeks post-operation. Bruising and swelling can take up to three months to subside, though some residual swelling could continue for up to 18 months afterward. The true results of abdominoplasty typically reveal themselves around six months after the initial surgery.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation takes three to five days for you to return to work, though you should refrain from exercising for up to six weeks post-surgery. Bruising and swelling should go down in around 48 hours, though minor swelling could continue for a few more months. Your cosmetic surgeon will advise you to refrain from wearing any underwire bras for up to six weeks after surgery. You should begin to see the final results of breast augmentation in three months. However, it can take up to six months for the ultimate reveal.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift will have you returning to work within 14 days following your procedure. You will be advised by your surgeon to refrain from sitting or lying on your buttocks directly for up to two weeks. Donut pillows work wonders during BBL recovery. You can resume normal activities within eight weeks though you may not see the final results for up to six months.


Liposuction can be performed on its own but is typically performed as part of a larger surgery. The small incisions used to suck fat out of targeted areas can take a few days to heal. You will return to work in between one to three days and can resume normal activity one week post-op. A compression garment could be advised for up to six weeks. You’ll start seeing results in a few months, but the true results could take up to a year to fully manifest.

Your recovery period may vary.

Schedule with a Cosmetic Surgeon to Learn More About Post-Surgery Recovery

While the above does in no way constitute medical advice, there is a way you can get a professional opinion and recommendation for cosmetic surgery. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Babak Moein. Cosmetic surgery can help when you look in the mirror and don’t quite like what you see, or you have a part of you that causes distress. The right cosmetic procedure can repair those irregularities to make you look and feel better.

Popular procedures like the tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, butt lift, and the arm lift and thigh lift can transform your looks one session at a time. Getting started is easy. Schedule today by calling (310)694-4486.

20 Cosmetic Surgery & Non-Surgical Treatments for Revitalizing Your Appearance

As much as we try to convince ourselves looks don’t matter, they do. A lot. Looking your best influences the way you feel about yourself. Having an aesthetic exterior fortifies your self-esteem. Your best outside helps you get respect at work and is key when attempting to win over the object of your affection.

Everyone wants to look good, and there are many ways we can make that happen. Changing your hairstyle, stocking your closet with fashionable new clothes, and wearing makeup can improve your appearance drastically. Unfortunately, there are some parts of yourself that you cannot change so easily.

The shape of your nose, the size of your breasts, and skin issues like sag due to age can diminish your appearance and negatively affect your self-esteem. Cosmetic surgery helps you correct the irregularities you dislike about yourself so you can look and feel better.

If there are areas of your body that cause you distress, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and schedule a consultation at Moein Surgical Arts. The following 20 cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments are all the rage in helping people glam up one surgical session at a time.


At Möein Surgical Arts, we offer a wide variety of non-surgical options for aesthetic rejuvenation at our med spa. Many people often wonder if non-surgical options can provide them with the results they are looking for. Although non-surgical options cannot correct the severe aesthetic issues that plastic surgery can handle, it is an excellent choice for addressing mild to moderate aesthetic flaws with ease.

We offer products like Botox and dermal fillers that can easily treat fine lines, moderate wrinkles, and harsh folds. The injection process is easy and quick and produces minimal discomfort. We also offer non-surgical body-contouring treatments that can trim those extra inches off of your figure.

1- Liposuction

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves the suction of fat from key areas of your body. Lipo is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. The surgeon sometimes performs it in conjunction with other cosmetic surgeries, like the tummy tuck as part of a mommy makeover. More on that transformative cosmetic surgery later.

Liposuction involves tiny incisions that are used to insert a cannula, a thin rod that acts as a suction device for removing stubborn pockets of fat. The fat is first emulsified using a saline solution that also contains numbing agents. The surgeon uses the cannula to break up the fat underneath the skin while separating it from the connective tissue. The results are permanent if you maintain a stable weight. Popular areas for liposuction on the body include the chin, cheeks, chest, back, flanks, abdomen, buttocks, upper thighs, even the ankles. Didn’t know you could have lipo performed in so many areas, did you?

2- Vaser Lipo

Vaser Lipo Cosmetic Treatment in Los Angeles

A high-tech take on one of the world’s most famous cosmetic surgeries, VASER Lipo, as the name implies, is also used to remove fat from the body. A key distinction is how the fat is broken up. Instead of using a saline solution and the cannula to melt and break up the fat, VASER uses ultrasound energy to melt the fat underneath the skin. And since this is a form of liposuction, the fat is sucked out, leaving the area more defined.

While lipo can make areas thinner, VASER Lipo can reveal the musculature underneath your skin. The cosmetic treatment is popular with men and women who like to show off their hard work at the gym. VASER Lipo can be used anywhere on the body liposuction is used and is sometimes used with other cosmetic treatments like natural breast augmentation.

3- Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty, or the tummy tuck, gets rid of saggy and hanging skin on the abdomen. You get a trim tum with this cosmetic treatment, which is only one of the supreme benefits of the tummy tuck. Often, during childbirth and sometimes due to age, your abdominal muscles can weaken. This can lead to a host of issues, such as pelvic floor issues, back pain, and incontinence.

The tummy tuck strengthens the abdominal muscles. If you didn’t have abs before the tummy tuck, you might have them after. Liposuction or VASER lipo can help reveal your abs also. Another little-known benefit of the tummy tuck is that stretch marks may be removed as a byproduct of the surgery. The tummy tuck involves the removal of excess skin and fat, while the abdominal muscles are tightened. If the skin that gets removed held all your stretch marks, you may find yourself free of your tiger stripes following an abdominoplasty.

4- Butt Implants

Plump behinds are all the rage, and you can’t always get them from doing squats. Some people are simply born with a narrow and thin behind. For these volume-deprived individuals, butt implants can make a sizeable difference to their derrieres.

You may already know how breast implants work to enhance the bust. Butt implants work in a similar fashion. Made of saline or silicone, the implants are placed underneath the muscle using incisions that are hidden within your natural body folds. The results give you more size and volume where it counts.

5- Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift in Los Angeles CA

A Brazilian butt lift has become a popular surgery all over the world. The cosmetic technique uses your own fat to give you a rounder behind. The fat is extracted from another area on your body where you have excess fat to donate. Example donor sites include your abdomen or inner thighs. While the donor site gets the added benefit of becoming slimmer, your bust gets a noticeable size increase using a series of fat injections.

The fatty tissue taken out of your body is spun in a centrifuge and purified before it is injected into your buttocks area. Your cosmetic surgeon uses artistic skill to get the size and shape dimensions just right. The results come out looking natural as can be and can last for years with proper weight maintenance.

6- Arm Lift

There are some situations where waving your arm in the air is appropriate. Scoring at Bingo, hailing a cab, and seeing your loved one across a crowded airport are a few such instances. For some people with excess skin on their upper arms, that skin continues waving even when their arms stop moving. This extra skin is sometimes referred to as Bingo Wings or Bat Wings and suffering from the condition can cause you to become self-conscious about waving your arms at all. You might even forgo wearing short-sleeved shirts or any clothing that accentuates your lax arm tissue.

An arm lift removes the excess fat and skin along your upper arm to make your topmost favorite limbs smooth and streamlined. The procedure involves a long incision that runs from armpit to elbow. There will be a scar, which will fade with time. The results are dramatic and can make you feel more comfortable in short sleeves once again.

7- Thigh Lift

A thigh lift is another common procedure that targets excess skin and fat along the upper thighs. No matter if your legs are moving or at rest, there’s a slight jiggle on the inside of your upper legs. Some people call this having Thunder Thighs. A thigh lift can correct this problem by removing the excess tissue altogether, which leaves your legs slimmer with an attractive contour.

With all that excess tissue removed, you’ll have greater mobility and may be more apt to show your legs off in shorts or bathing attire.

8- Body Lift

We’ve discussed lifts for the arms, thighs, and tummy (abdominoplasty). Now it’s time to cover the excess fat and skin that can sag and hang from your upper or lower body. An upper or lower body lift can remove excess tissue while leaving the remaining tissue youthful and taught. A body lift can help you slim down and become more comfortable in clothes (and without).

The upper body lift targets the breast area, neck, arms, and back while the lower body lift works on the abdomen, waist, buttocks, thighs, and hips. Just like the arm and thigh lift, the procedure involves a series of long incisions that are used to cut away excess skin. Liposuction is often paired with the body lift to remove excess fat. The results leave you with an improved silhouette and the ability to wear tighter clothes without the excess tissue showing through.

9- Breast Implants

Breast implant surgery in Los Angeles CA

Breast implants have been in use to augment the female breast since the 1960s. There are three types of implants commonly in use: Silicone, saline, and gummy bear implants. The implants themselves are prosthetic bags shaped in such a way as to provide more volume and size to the existing breast tissue.

Silicone implants used to be controversial but it’s the most popular option today. The silicone gel feels more like a real breast. The surgeon will place saline implants inside the breast empty and then fill them with a saltwater solution. Gummy bear implants use a silicone gel that is said to give even more realistic results.

The surgeon places the breast implants underneath the muscle and through the armpit in most cases, though some surgeons choose to place incisions in the natural folds underneath your breast, which also hides the scars.

Breast implant surgery can also include nipple surgery to correct inverted nipples and asymmetric areolas. You can go large with breast implants, though the trend today is to be more subtle. Smaller and perkier are what most women ask for when going to their cosmetic surgeons for a pair of breast implants.

10- Natural Breast Augmentation

Implants aren’t the only way to increase the size and shape of your breasts. Another method uses your natural fatty tissue to purposefully swell your breasts to increased size. The results look as if nature gave the boost to you.

The procedure begins with liposuction to remove the necessary amount of fatty tissue from your body. The donor site for the extraction happens anywhere you have fat to contribute. Your back, buttocks, upper thighs, and upper arms are common areas where fat can be sucked out. The process of removing fat with lipo creates a liquid that then gets put into a centrifuge and purified before it is injected into your breasts. The injections of fat are placed all around your breast to create an even and natural increase.

Also referred to as fat grafting, the natural breast augmentation procedure can increase your breasts up to a full cup size. Your breasts will be largest immediately following surgery, but some fat will be absorbed into your body as part of the body’s natural biological processes. You should see the final size increase after around six to eight weeks, or sooner, depending on how your body heals. The results look and feel as natural as the name of this amazing breast augmentation surgery.

11- Breast Lift

Breastfeeding and age can cause the breasts to droop lower on the chest. When you add in heavy breasts, you have a pendulous mass that can pull on your neck and back muscles. This constant pulling can eventually lead to chronic pain. Breasts that hang can make it difficult to run or exercise. This can negatively affect your health as you grow older. Hanging breasts can also cause skin rubbing against skin, which can cause painful irritations that have the potential to become infected.

A breast lift can remove the excess tissue and position your breasts higher on your chest. The results appear natural in the skilled hands of an experienced cosmetic surgeon, and your back will thank you for having the surgery, that’s for sure. In addition to less pain, a breast lift can improve your posture, your body image, and your self-esteem.

12- Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is ideal for women with overly large breasts. Heavy breasts can cause mobility issues and pain. Breast reduction surgery uses liposuction to remove some of the fat comprising the breasts. The surgeon will remove some connective tissue and skin to accommodate the smaller size. The remaining breast tissue is molded with natural-looking contours before your areolas are repositioned to match your newly configured breasts. A breast reduction can reduce pain, give you greater self-esteem, and make it so you can run and play with much more freedom from the heavy weight than before.

13- Mommy Makeover

mommy makeover procedure in Los Angeles CA

Mothers who have decided to stop having children have the option to transform their bodies to a pre-pregnancy state. By combining breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, and VASER liposuction, a patient can come out looking trimmer with attractive curves where it counts. Ask your cosmetic surgeon about combining one or more treatments into a single session. Although, some surgeries necessitate having their own session due to the complexities involved. For safety sake, listen to your cosmetic surgeon’s direction when seeking to give yourself the transformation of your life with a mommy makeover procedure.

14- Gynecomastia Surgery

Men and boys with gynecomastia grow fatty tissue on their chests that mimic female breasts. The fat grows because of hormone fluctuations, in most cases. Gyno is seen mostly in pubescent boys and older men as testosterone battles with estrogen for control over the body. Female breasts can result when estrogen wins out. Hormones are not the only reason for gynecomastia. Drugs – both illicit and prescribed, diseases like testicular cancer, and congenital disorders can all lead to gynecomastia at some point in a man’s life. Nearly half of all men will experience it, and gynecomastia surgery is the most effective cosmetic treatment.

Gynecomastia surgery, that is also referred to as male breast reduction surgery, involves liposuction to extract the fatty tissue from the chest area. When excess skin is present, that tissue will be removed to leave the chest flatter and more masculine in appearance. Puffy nipples and overly large nipples can also be corrected during gyno surgery to match your surgically altered chest. The scars are small and can be hidden within the natural folds of your body. It makes this a popular surgery for men suffering from excessive breast growth.

15- Facelift

Looking in the mirror often shows us an older-looking version of ourselves. When did age catch up with us? Those fine lines and wrinkles appear out of nowhere, and yet they are here to stay. Unless you use cosmetic surgery to get rid of them. This is what a facelift is for.

A facelift makes the skin on your face tighter. It draws the skin back to the edges of your face, filling in valleys and correcting fine lines. The surgery can erase years from your face and the scars are hidden in the natural folds of your face or near your hairline where they will remain obscured once healed.

16- Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery in Los Angeles

Age can begin showing heavily on our upper eyelids, where the skin is ultra-thin. Some people have fatty tissue that builds on their lower lids. Others have deep bags under their eyes that make them look dog-tired even if they’ve had enough rest.

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, can correct droopy eyelids, aging eyelids, and the baggage underneath your eyes. The surgeon will perform this treatment in one session or separate sessions to provide upper and lower eyelid surgery treatments. The results make you look more well-rested and alert, not to mention years younger than your age.

17- Non-Surgical Body Contouring

When you don’t want to commit to surgery but still want a body lift, non-surgical body contouring can help you achieve a slimmer figure. The procedure, which is also performed in some med-spas, is called Velashape. It’s non-surgical, so there are no scalpels or scars involved. The procedure is FDA approved and ideal for those who are close to their ideal weight.

The surgeon will use Velashape to reduce the volume of key bodily areas, such as your upper thighs, arms, abdomen, love handles, and back. The procedure shrinks fat cells, reducing the overall circumference of your body. You end up slimmer, lighter, and feeling your best.

Velashape uses a combination of infrared light energy, mechanical massage, vacuum suction, and radiofrequency energy. During a session that lasts at most for forty minutes, the Velashape device will be waved over your skin. The mechanical massage and suction treatment remove toxins and fat cell byproducts while encouraging better circulation. The cosmetic treatment also enacts lymphatic drainage, which improves your health.

This cosmetic treatment then uses infrared light and radiofrequency waves to heat the upper layers of your skin. The heat raises your fat cell metabolism, making those cells smaller. Only the fat and topmost layers of skin are affected, leaving all other tissues untouched. There is little downtime, and the results leave you one to three inches slimmer. There might be a need for multiple sessions.

18- Cellulite Cosmetic Treatment

Velashape can also be used to reduce cellulite from the rear upper thigh area. Cellulite occurs when fat pushes through the connective tissue underneath the skin. The result is the dimpling or waffling we associate with cellulite. The causes for cellulite can be familial, diet-related, and hormone fluctuations in the body. Too much body fat and dehydration can exacerbate the condition. It will lead to the formation of new cellulite, though some women can experience cellulite without much body fat at all. Regardless of the cause or severity, Velashape may be able to reduce or remove the cellulite entirely.

This cosmetic treatment takes around thirty minutes and is warm and comfortable, almost like a massage. The surgeon will move the Velashape device over your skin, which smooths it, using vacuum treatment and massage rollers. The vacuum suction stretches the constricted fiber bands that comprise cellulite. With the bands stretched out, the skin becomes smoother. The massage function of the device drains your lymphatic system, which extracts toxins and increases blood circulation. The results leave you with smoother, tighter skin with visibly reduced cellulite or no cellulite at all. Results can vary.

19- Kybella Double Chin Treatment

Kybella Double Chin Treatment in Los Angeles CA

Kybella is an injectable double chin treatment that permanently destroys fat cells. The procedure is noninvasive, nonsurgical, and FDA-approved for safety. The cosmetic treatment works to minimize the overgrowth of fat underneath the chin. The fatty tissue in this area can expand on account of weight gain and aging, though genetics largely play a part.

Kybella uses a synthetic deoxycholic acid found naturally in the body to permanently destroy fat cells. By injecting Kybella into the area under your chin, you gain improved contours and a younger appearance.

20- Renuvion (J-Plasma)

We saved one of the best nonsurgical treatments for last. Renuvion uses J-Plasma technology to make your skin tighter while rejuvenating each skin cell from the inside out. The handheld device emits an energy beam comprised of J-Plasma (helium gas passed through radiofrequency energy). The beam both heats and cools the tissue while leaving the surrounding tissue alone. Only the affected area gets resurfaced and rejuvenated for an afterglow effect. The procedure can treat acne scarring, uneven pigmentation, age lines, wrinkles, and many more skin defects. After a short downtime, your skin will appear new and improved in the area of cosmetic treatment.

You now have twenty procedures to consider. No one requires all of them. It may take only one or a couple to completely restore your confidence in yourself, your face, and/or your body. Which will you choose? Of course, you can always ask for the professional opinion of a trained cosmetic surgeon.

You can obtain a recommendation for surgery or merely learn more about the procedure you have in mind by calling Moein Surgical Arts. Located in sunny and beautiful Los Angeles, the accredited surgical center is home to world-renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Babak Moein. A short consultation and thorough examination later, and Dr. Moein will recommend one of the above surgeries for you in no time flat. Completely change your appearance or tweak a part here or there. Call Moein Surgical Arts now to explore the aesthetic possibilities – (310)694-4486.

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