Butt Lift for a Perkier Backside in Los Angeles, CA

What Body Parts Can Be “Lifted” for an Age-Defying Effect?

The “Lift” is a body contouring procedure that is designed to reverse the signs of aging. By tightening and rejuvenating the skin, a skilled cosmetic surgeon can create a beautifying effect.

You can use body lift for all sorts of body parts, and the effects can be dramatic.

If you look in the mirror or glance down at your body and wish you had firmer, younger-looking skin, you might be a good candidate for a full or partial body lift. Here are all the body lift procedures that can have an age-defying effect. Ask about them during your consultation for cosmetic surgery with Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts in Los Angeles, California.

Body Parts That Can be Cosmetically Lifted

Face (Facelift)

When we start to age, the texture, and quality of our skin change, becoming less resilient and starting to wrinkle and sag in areas. The muscles responsible for maintaining our facial appearance weaken and lose their tone, which can make our skin appear loose and worn.

The facelift (rhytidectomy) is the procedure most are familiar with when it comes to the surgical lift. The procedure aims to reduce the appearance of sagging or folds of skin along the cheeks and jawline. A facelift can restore your youthfulness, making your skin look years younger.

During the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon will create incisions on both sides of the face. It will create skin flaps that will allow your face to be gently pulled back and secured into place. The result is a more youthful facial shape and skin that looks years younger.

There are some skin problems that you can not treat with a facelift. Tiny superficial creases, minuscule wrinkles on the nose, wrinkling along the lips, sun damage, or skin color irregularities cannot be treated with a facelift alone. Your cosmetic surgeon may recommend another procedure, such as Renuvion J-Plasma technology, which complements the facelift well (more on J-Plasma in a moment).

Arm (Arm Lift)

Arm Lift

An arm lift (brachioplasty) improves the appearance of the underside of the upper arm. If you wave and your arm continues to wiggle even after your hand stops, you could be a good candidate for arm lift surgery.

Arm lifts tend to treat saggy and loose skin on the upper arm. Sagginess is typically a sign of aging, but it can also be a product of extreme weight loss. While an arm lift can increase the strength and tone of the upper arm, it can’t address skin that won’t bounce back. For that reason, the cosmetic surgeon will ensure you have good skin elasticity before recommending the procedure to produce the best results.

During an arm lift, the cosmetic surgeon will remove excess skin and fat from the area between the armpit and elbow. The skin that remains is folded over the newly repositioned contours. It will make your arm appear more youthful and toned.

Thigh Lift

Thigh lifts (thighplasty) can correct saggy or dimpled skin, leaving the upper thighs taught and toned. The procedure involves the removal of excess skin and fat before the contours are youthfully reshaped.

If you have upper thighs that jiggle and shake, and you’ve tried everything in and out of the gym to achieve your body shape goals, a surgical thigh lift may be right for you.

The thigh lift gives you upper thighs that appear naturally younger. What a thigh lift cannot do is remove large amounts of excess fat. Liposuction may be recommended if fat does need to be removed as part of the thigh lift procedure.

Tummy Lift

A tummy lift (mini-abdominoplasty) is a minimally-invasive procedure designed to correct loose skin and weakened abdominal muscles. The treatment area is on the lower abdomen, where the surgeon can remove excess skin and fat to create a slim and trim effect.

The cosmetic surgeon will place an incision diagonally in the lower abdominal area, just below the navel. Excess fatty tissue and loose skin are then extracted before the abdominal muscles are stretched under the naval and bounded together, which adds additional strength.

The tummy lift is not to be confused with the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). The tummy lift produces smaller scars and less discomfort following the procedure when compared to the more invasive tummy tuck.

Breast Lift

Breast Lift

A breast lift (mastopexy) raises the breasts by tightening the surrounding tissue and removing excess skin. The result is a younger contour and perkier breasts.

Surgeons recommend breast lift for patients with saggy breasts caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, weight fluctuations, gravity, and heredity.

A breast lift cannot change the size of the breasts or round out the upper portion of the chest area. For these effects, the cosmetic surgeon may recommend breast augmentation surgery in conjunction with the surgical breast lift.

Back Lift

A back lift (sometimes called torsoplasty, lipectomy, or upper body lift) is a cosmetic surgery procedure aimed at removing excess fat and tissue from the back area. This body lift procedure tends to create smoother contours while giving your back a tighter, toned appearance.

The surgeons recommend a back lift for patients who have experienced significant weight loss, leading to skin that sags and hangs. The surgeon can combine back lift with a breast lift and or abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to create more well-rounded contours.

Buttock Lift

A buttock lift (gluteoplasty) can make the butt appear toned and rejuvenated when age and other factors have left saggy, loose skin behind. A buttock lift is not to be confused with a Brazilian butt lift, which involves the natural fat transfer technique to give you a fuller, more rounded backside. The butt lift involves the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue, leaving you with a much younger-looking butt.

You can combine liposuction with the buttock lift to remove excess fat in addition to making the treatment area more toned and rejuvenated. The surgeons recommend a buttock lift for patients who have recently lost a considerable amount of weight and now have loose skin that hangs. Age and heredity, among other factors, can also cause a saggy butt. To add volume, a buttock lift can be combined with butt augmentation using implants or fat transfer (BBL).

Full Body Lift

Full Body Lift

A full-body lift involves a combination of procedures in a single surgical session. You may opt for the facelift, tummy lift, and butt lift, for example. Having multiple lifts keeps you from having to experience additional downtime. You recover once from all of your procedures and wait for the results of the procedures to manifest as you heal. You can enact dramatic change by altering several body parts at once.

A body lift tends to improve the shape of your body, as well as the tone of the underlying tissue that supports the fat and skin. The procedure targets saggy skin and excess fat and is ideal for those with irregular surfaces to their skin such as wrinkling or dimpling.

A body lift improves the shape of the body, but it cannot remove fat. Your cosmetic surgeon may pair your body lift with liposuction or VASER Hi-Def liposuction to enact even more dramatic change.

Upper Body Lift

Upper body lift surgery is a term reserved for several procedures conducted within the same session, all of them focused on the areas above the waist. The cosmetic surgeon may include an upper arm lift, breast lift, and back lift in the same session. The surgeon can perform the procedure on men or women. For men, the breast lift will be traded for gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction).

The upper body lift corrects loose and saggy skin after extreme weight loss or due to age and genetics. Your cosmetic surgeon may also use the upper body lift after liposuction to improve your bodily contours.

When the upper body lift is complete, the skin around the treatment areas will be tighter and toned with rejuvenated skin. An upper body lift is often combined with other procedures, such as breast augmentation, as part of a mommy makeover procedure.

Lower Body Lift

The lower body lift aims to lift the areas of your body that exist below the waist. Examples include the flanks, lower abdomen, hips, and thighs. Extreme weight loss and age can have devastating effects on our lower bodies. The lower body lift can boost your confidence by giving your lower extremities more defined contours. The procedure targets those stubborn fat cells that seem to cling to the areas around and below the waist. The results add tone where there used to be loose skin, which can help clothes fit better and you look your best.

Scarless Lifts with Renuvion (J-Plasma)


One complaint many people have about lift procedures is that they leave visible scars behind. The arm lift, for example, can leave a scar that extends from the elbow to the armpit. Renuvion is now being recommended by cosmetic surgeons for its ability to lift the body without visible scars.

Renuvion uses J-Plasma technology, which is a combination of radiofrequency energy and helium gas. This mixture also produces a cold plasma that constricts and rejuvenates the treatment area. Not only does Renuvion replicate the dramatic effects of many body lift procedures, but the procedure is minimally-invasive. It only leaves tiny and nearly hidden scars behind. J-plasma is safe, precise, and able to make you look younger almost all over.

You can use Renuvion for “Scarless” lifts on the arms, abdomen, breasts, buttocks, thighs, lower face, neck, knees, and tummy – virtually everywhere from head to toe.

Turn Back Time with a Full or Partial Body Lift

With so many areas available to lift, you have a big decision to make. Will you lift your arms or thighs, or will you go with a full or partial body lift?

If you have arms that jiggle, a body that sags, or thighs that shimmy and shake, one of these contoured lifts may be right for you.

Learn more about body lift procedures, and about the scarless Renuvion lift, by choosing Moein Surgical Arts in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Babak Moein is an expert at minimally-invasive body lifts. He is famous for providing aesthetically-superior results. Dr. Moein also has access to Renuvion J-Plasma technology for the scarless lift effect. Ready to reverse the years and regenerate your skin? Choose a time that works best for you for a sit-down consultation with Dr. Moein by calling (310)694-4486.

Key Benefits of the Brazilian Butt Lift

When you have no butt at all, seeing everyone walking around – and showing off on Instagram – with a voluptuous backside can make you feel bad about yourself. But get this: You don’t have to freely accept the behind that nature gave you. You can do something about it and the Brazilian butt lift is just the procedure to request.

The Brazilian butt lift is considered a two-in-one cosmetic surgery. The procedure involves liposuction, where excess fat is extracted from another area of your body. Common areas for fat extraction include the waist, hips, and thighs. The fat is then purified before it is injected into both buttocks, making them appear rounder, more symmetrical, and fuller in size.

Before we discuss more about the BBL and all the benefits the procedure can provide, let’s discuss some facts and dispel some myths.

FACT: The demand for the Brazilian Butt Lift has doubled in the last five years.

Take a time machine back to the eighties or nineties and it’s amazing how having a large butt was frowned upon. Fast forward to today and it seems everyone wants more “junk in the trunk.” In fact, the BBL was the fastest growing aesthetic surgery in 2019 (and the trend of seeking a bigger butt only seems to be growing).

FACT: Brazilian Butt Lift is only one type of butt enhancement procedure.

Brazilian Butt Lift is only one type of butt enhancement procedure in Los Angeles CA

It’s true. There are also butt implants. These gluteal implants are designed for people who have low body fat. The problem with implants is that they tend to look less natural than surgeries like the BBL. You can also opt for butt lift injectables, which provide months of butt volumization with minimal downtime. If you’re looking for a butt lift that lasts, however, injectables are NOT the way to go. The Brazilian butt lift not only offers long lasting results, but the after-effects appear nature-made.

FACT: The Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure that requires a skilled aesthetic surgeon.

This is very true. While the BBL is a simple and easy procedure, the technique still needs to be performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Preferably, you will find one with a good track record of completing BBLs with impressive results. When speaking with a surgeon, ask to see Before and After images of Brazilian butt lifts the doctor has completed in the past. You should also feel comfortable explaining your needs, goals, and concerns, so a good rapport with your doctor is helpful as well.

Now, some myths:

Myth #1: Since the BBL involves liposuction, it’s great for weight loss in other areas of the body.

BBL involves liposuction-Los Angeles CA


The Truth: While liposuction can enhance the curves of your waist, hips, thighs, or wherever else your surgeon chooses to extract the excess fat from, the lipo procedure is not meant as a weight loss tool. Your surgeon will usually recommend that you try and drop down to a healthier weight if fat loss is your primary goal. Doing so will ensure better and healthier results with Brazilian butt lift surgery.

Myth #2: A Brazilian Butt Lift gives you the same results as squats in the gym.

The Truth: If you are looking for a dramatic boost of volume, no amount of weight lifting will give you the same results as a Brazilian butt lift. This is particularly true for women looking for a dramatic increase in volume. It’s important to have a realistic expectation of what the final results will look like. Your cosmetic surgeon can help you envision yourself with a BBL enhanced backside. This isn’t to discount exercise. Going to the gym and leading a healthy lifestyle are important mantras for everyone, including women who have undergone a BBL.

Myth 3: Results are instantaneous after a BBL procedure.

The Truth: When you come out of surgery, you will undoubtedly be anxious to see the lovely results of your Brazilian butt lift procedure. While you may see a difference in the contours of your body immediately after surgery, the more significant results of the BBL will take several weeks to actualize. The reason is because swelling can occur post-surgery. You’ll need to wait for the swelling to disappear before the true results of your surgery can be seen.

Now that you know the truth about the Brazilian butt lift, let’s examine what the surgery can do for you.

What Can the Brazilian Butt Lift Do for You?

Natural Looking BBL- Los Angeles CA

Natural Looking

The techniques involved in a BBL give you a defined look. Anyone who doesn’t know any better will assume you were born with your newly enhanced backside. Your butt will also feel realistic to the touch and move in a way similar to natural tissue.

Can Address Sagging and Shapelessness

As age goes up, sometimes the amount of muscle mass we carry goes down. This deterioration of muscle can occur all over, including on your backside. Less muscle tissue can cause the fatty tissue and skin around that area to sag. You may also experience a dimpling of the skin or an asymmetrical shape. These effects of aging – and sometimes genetics – can make you want to avoid wearing certain clothes, such as a bikini. A Brazilian butt lift can give you volume as well as a smoother texture and more symmetrical shape. Some women find that the BBL also helps with the appearance of cellulite. It’s the booty trifecta that all coveters of an excellent butt are all hoping for. You can get this type of butt by opting for a BBL from a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

The BBL Uses Your Own Fat Deposits

Many women love the fact that the Brazilian butt lift utilizes liposuction as part of the butt enhancement technique. Not only will your contours improve at the donor site, but your own fat is then reinjected into both buttocks. This is good for two important reasons. For one, your body is less likely to reject or have an allergic reaction to your very own fat cells. This is your natural tissue. It’s just being moved around.

Another benefit to using your own fat is that the effects won’t diminish like butt enhancement fillers. While some deterioration of the fat cells is likely to occur, you can expect to retain 60% to 70% of the transferred fat for many years. Your cosmetic surgeon will give you tips on maintaining your Brazilian butt lift results, which includes keeping your weight stable.

Quick Recovery

Quick Recovery after Butt Lift- Los Angeles CA

The Brazilian butt lift will require that you spend time recovering from your procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon will give you clear instructions on how to care for yourself during this time. The good news is that, since the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, the recovery period isn’t as grueling as it would be for major surgery.

You will need to take care of the treatment area, however. That includes making sure you don’t sit directly on your newly enhanced butt for at least 10 to 14 days. You can sit down, but your doctor may recommend a special pillow that won’t put pressure on the areas where your fat was injected. Your fat tissue will need time to settle into the desired shape. Putting undue pressure on your buttocks may cause lumpiness and other negative after effects to occur. You may be advised to sleep on your stomach as well – anything to protect your buttocks to bring the results you want.

Boost of Confidence

Having a newly enhanced backside can make you feel good about yourself, especially if having a saggy, flat, or misshapen butt has bothered you for some time. Not only will you have a more voluptuous butt and improved contours, but the procedure is also discreet. There is very little scarring and there are no outward signs that your larger butt was the result of surgery. It can be your secret and no one else has to know.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is Safe

The BBL is safer than other aesthetic procedures. The butt lift surgery is FDA-approved and comes with few risks, as long as you take time to find an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Enhance Your Backside with a Brazilian Butt Lift in Los Angeles

Bigger butts are in. So are rounder, more symmetrical ones. You can have this type of buttock by choosing a qualified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts. Dr. Moein has an excellent track record helping patients like you achieve the desired shape and roundness with the Brazilian butt lift procedure.

Dr. Moein is offering telemedicine consultations during the COVID-19 pandemic for your convenience and safety. These video-chat meetings are excellent for letting you know if you are a good candidate for a butt lift procedure like the BBL. You can ask questions and have your concerns alleviated. Before you know it, you could be scheduled for surgery, where your newly enhanced backside awaits.

Get started now and stop fretting about your flat, saggy, or misshapen butt. Get a Brazilian butt lift enhanced backside instead by calling (310)694-4486.

Buttock Augmentation Procedures are On the Rise: Which Butt Surgery is Right for You?


Buttock augmentation is the best way to fill out your jeans when having a nice butt isn’t exactly in your genes.

Whether you have a flat, nonexistent, or misshapen butt, you can now have the backside of your dreams with a variety of buttock enhancement procedures. Studies show these surgeries are becoming more popular than ever, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that buttock augmentation surgery increased by 252% between 2000 and 2015. And that every thirty seconds, a butt surgery is performed in the U.S.

It’s no wonder why buttock augmentation is in such high demand. The surgeries are safe, they produce natural-looking results, and they let you emulate the rear end of your favorite model, musician, celebrity, or athlete. You can even turn back time with a more youthful derriere.

Here are the most common butt surgeries we offer at Moein Surgical Arts in Los Angeles, California.

Now Available

The most popular types of buttock enhancement surgeries include butt implants, butt lifts, and augmentation with fat grafting also referred to as the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Butt Implants

Butt Implants

When you want more shape to your buttocks, silicone implants can give you the contours you crave. Everyone has heard of breast augmentation using breast implants. With the use of implantable devices, surgeons are able to give women larger, more rounded busts. Butt implants work the same way, except they are specially designed to be implanted into each butt cheek.

Like breast implants, butt implants are made of silicone, which is non-toxic and unlikely to be rejected by your body. The surgeon performs this operation by making incisions in each cheek, whereby the implants will be placed under the skin or muscle. The methods for placing butt implants differ depending on the size of the implant, patient’s body type, and surgeon’s preference. You will be able to choose the size of the implant together with your surgeon during your initial consultation.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift has become so popular, many patients are beginning to ask for it by name. During the BBL procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will suction fat from another area of your body using liposuction. The fat will typically be taken from your thighs, flanks, or abdomen – anywhere you have excess fatty tissue. (Note: if you don’t have much fat to draw from, silicone implants may be the better option for achieving your body shape goals).

The fat is then injected into the buttocks to improve the overall shape and add volume. In some cases, your surgeon will opt to combine the BBL with silicone implants to accentuate your results.

Sculptra Butt Lift

Sculptra butt lift - Los Angeles CA

With this procedure, a specialized filler called Sculptra is injected into the soft tissue of the buttocks. The doctor will perform this surgery in his/her office with no downtime. The material adds some volume at the time of injection with greater results appearing over the span of a few weeks or months.

In most cases, a Sculptra butt lift requires a few sessions to see the most significant results.

Traditional Butt Lift

If your butt sags and droops, a traditional butt lift can help you fight gravity for a backside you can be proud of. During the procedure, your surgeon will make an incision along your backside, whereby the excess skin and fatty tissue will be cut away. The area is then lifted and secured in place using stitches or sutures. The result is a firmer-looking backside.

Are Buttock Augmentation Procedures Safe?

Butt surgery has a 95.6% satisfaction rate, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Nevertheless, buttock enhancement surgery does come with some risk, as do all surgeries. The most common side effects are excessive bleeding, pain, scarring, infection, skin discoloration, fluid accumulation, allergic reactions, and skin loss. You may also experience nausea and vomiting from the anesthesia.

By choosing a buttock augmentation specialist you can trust, you can reduce your chances of experiencing complications. You should choose your body contouring surgeon based on the professional’s education, training, and certification, as well as their experience level when it comes to buttock enhancement. Finally, you should always choose your surgeon based on how comfortable you feel with that person.

Schedule a Consultation with the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Los Angeles

Sitting down with a cosmetic surgeon to inquire about butt surgery is a good first step. During this first meeting, you can ask questions and have them answered by the very professional who will be performing your surgery. If you live in Los Angeles, California, and want a backside that fills out your clothes and looks terrific in photos, call Dr. Babak Moein of Moein Surgical Arts.

Dr. Moein offers telemedicine consultations at first, during the COVID-19 pandemic, and for your ultimate safety. A consultation with Dr. Moein can give you answers to your most pressing questions and give you a chance to consider the various butt surgeries that might be right for you. Find out if you are a good candidate for surgery by calling (310)694-4486.

Sculptra Butt Lift & Traditional Butt Lift – How Do They Stack Up?

A butt lift is a body contouring procedure that is growing in popularity.

According to statistics by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, butt lifts saw a 250% increase between 2000 and 2015. Both men and women choose the butt lift, and they tend to be over the age of 30 and 40, though around 15% of patients are between 20 and 29 years of age.

The butt lift is proving to be a favorite among both sexes for good reason. The shape and volume of the buttocks continues to gain attention in pop culture, leading many to want a larger, more plump derrière.

Mention the butt lift to the average person and they may suspect you are speaking about the “Brazilian Butt Lift“. Though, this is a completely distinct procedure from the Sculptra Butt Lift and Traditional Butt Lift. Who knew there were so many ways to enhance your backside?

The Brazilian Butt Lift involves fat grafting to the buttocks. That fat can be extracted from another area of your body, such as your abdomen. That fat is then purified before it is injected into your butt for greater “oomph” where it counts.

But we’re not talking about the BBL. We’re here to talk about Sculptra and the Traditional Butt Lift. How do they stack up? Here’s the information you’ll want to know before you schedule a consultation with an experienced and well-reviewed body contouring surgeon.

What is the Sculptra Butt Lift?

The Sculptra buttocks lift is an FDA-approved, non-surgical solution for a more voluminous backside. This procedure is also called the Sculptra Aesthetic Butt Lift.

The cosmetic treatment takes between 30-minutes to 1-hour to complete. This virtually pain-free procedure involves injections of filler called Sculptra, which is manufactured by a company named Galderma.

Patients love that the Sculptra butt lift provides significant augmentation with minimal filler. A little goes a long way, in other words.

Once you are prepped by the surgical team for the procedure, your doctor will clean the treatment area before marking the injection sites with a surgical marker.

Your surgeon will then inject small amounts of Sculptra into your buttocks before treating the area to a gentle massage.

Sculptra dermal filler

The filler doesn’t just boost your backside like hyaluronic acid fillers. Instead, the Sculptra dermal filler induces your body’s collagen to grow around the product. This results in your body triggering an inflammatory response, which produces a combination of scar tissue and fresh collagen. You get a tighter, firmer, and more voluptuous booty as a result, all thanks to this revolutionary buttocks enhancement procedure.

The Sculptra Butt Lift is customizable according to your specific body contouring goals. The number of vials and treatments will depend on your current buttock volume and the fullness you wish to achieve.

Your treatment may require four vials or ten, depending on the therapeutic results you’re aiming for.

How Many Sessions Does the Sculptra Aesthetic Butt Lift Require?

Most patients find that it takes two to three Sculptra sessions, which are scheduled three to four weeks apart. This series of treatments is ideal for the most gradual and natural buttocks enhancement.

How Long Will the Results Last?

The filler product is designed to last between two and four years. To retain the desired shape and volume of your buttocks, your surgeon may recommend that you continue a maintenance regimen by adding volume every couple of years.

These maintenance treatments involve minuscule amounts of filler to keep the same results.

Are There Side Effects with the Sculptra Aesthetic Butt Lift?

Experience discomfort at the injection sites

Side effects with butt-boosting filler are minimal. You may experience discomfort at the injection sites. For some, the area can burn, turn red, bruise, or swell. These side effects vary in duration depending on the patient. Any adverse effects you do experience will usually dissipate within about a week or so.

Your doctor will discuss these potential side effects with you during your butt lift consultation.

What is a Traditional Butt Lift?

Also known as gluteoplasty, a traditional butt lift is meant for patients with saggy or loose skin due to aging, heredity, or dramatic weight loss. The results of the procedure will give you a more toned backside. The procedure does not involve volume enhancement or implants, contrary to popular belief.

Instead, during the buttock lift procedure, excess skin and fat are removed before the area is tightened. Your surgeon will employ both excision (the cutting away of excess tissue through surgical means) and liposuction. This combination of procedures will give you greater contours and boosted self-esteem. Thousands of patients undergo successful butt lift procedures and remain pleased with their results.

When Should You Consider a Traditional Buttock Lift?

You should consider scheduling a consultation for a butt lift if you have loose skin and extra fat in your gluteal area. Not only can this saggy skin and excess fat make you self-conscious, but you may also feel discomfort or experience mobility challenges.

The traditional butt lift can solve these issues by making your glutes smoother and more toned, and the results are long-lasting.

Does the Traditional Butt Lift Come with Side Effects or Downsides?

traditional butt lift can give you tighter, firmer buttocks

A traditional butt lift can give you tighter, firmer buttocks, but there are potential side effects.

For one, full recovery of the procedure could take several months, depending on your body’s natural ability to heal.

Further, you may experience a loss of volume in the buttocks. This can be mitigated with buttock implants or Sculptra filler. You can also opt for a Brazilian butt lift that involves injections of your own fat extracted from elsewhere on your body.

Other risks can include fluid accumulation under the skin, also referred to medically as seroma. Your doctor may employ the use of drainage tubes to help with excess fluid buildup. If these drains are left in place, fluid buildup can worsen. That is why it is imperative that you find the best cosmetic body contouring surgeon to perform your butt lift procedure.

For some butt lift patients, the incision lines can heal poorly, forcing them to separate. Your doctor can prescribe a round of antibiotics if wound healing poses a problem.

The scars from a buttock lift are permanent, but your doctor will typically place them within the natural folds of your skin, making them virtually invisible once healed.

How Do These Procedures Stack Up?

Both the Sculptra butt lift and Traditional butt lift can give you the backside you want. It all depends upon your unique body shape goals. Do you want to tighten your butt or do you want more volume? The answer should give you insight into the butt lift procedure that would be perfect for you.

Are You A Good Candidate for Either Butt Lift Procedure?

A consultation with a cosmetic surgeon near you can help you determine if you meet the criteria to qualify for the Sculptra or traditional butt lift procedure.

Your surgeon will ensure you are psychologically healthy and that you hold realistic expectations before approving you for your procedure of choice.

Ready to Schedule a Butt Lift?

After finding the best cosmetic surgeon in your area, you will need to book an appointment for your initial consultation. Your surgeon will evaluate you as a prime candidate for a Sculptra or Traditional Butt Lift before clarifying how the procedure can help you achieve your body shape goals.

You should be prepared to discuss any medical conditions you may suffer from and your typical reaction to anesthesia. Your doctor will give you a medical exam and will review your medical record and medical history before making a determination to schedule you for surgery (or non-surgery if you choose Sculptra to “sculpt” your backside).

If you live in or near Los Angeles, Moein Surgical Arts is your local destination for both butt lift procedures. Schedule a Sculptra Aesthetic Butt Lift or Traditional Butt Lift and start on your journey to more attractive buttocks. Call (310)694-4486 to book your virtual consultation with Dr. Moein today.

Which is the Best Buttock Enhancing Procedure for Me – The Butt Lift or Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Butt Lift and Brazilian Butt Lift represent two buttock enhancement cosmetic body contouring procedures that have steadily gained in recent popularity.

Maybe it all started with Sir Mix A Lot singing, “I like big butts and I cannot lie.” Or perhaps it began earlier with the Queen’s, “Fat Bottomed Girls.” Whatever the trend’s origin, prominent posteriors are in, and anyone can get one.

No longer do you need to do hundreds of squats and lunges in the gym. Find the best cosmetic body contouring surgeon near you and you could have a butt lift or Brazilian butt lift that yields amazing results.

Whether your goal is to have a backside with a toned appearance, or you want that rounded butt like J-Lo, a cosmetic procedure awaits you.

Which surgery will you decide on?

To help you make the best decision, it helps to learn the differences between these in-demand cosmetic surgical procedures.

What is a Butt Lift?

When we talk of a regular butt lift, we are usually referring to the traditional butt lift. This cosmetic body contouring surgery is reserved for those with excess skin and fat sag in the backside area. This type of saggy tissue can be caused by extreme weight loss, such as those who have recently undergone bariatric surgery. Skin elasticity issues that result from aging can also cause the type of sag typically associated with the butt lift procedure.

For this buttock enhancement procedure, you will be given general anesthesia, which renders you unconscious for the rest of the surgery. The surgeon will then make an incision that runs from hip to hip along the lower back area. All the excess tissue will be pulled up and cut away before the buttock area is tightened and secured back in place. The entire procedure takes between two and five hours.

What Results Can You Expect from a Butt Lift?

 Results Can You Expect from a Butt Lift

The traditional butt lift is not meant to add volume to the backside area. Instead, the surgery is only meant to correct the sag. The area is left taut and toned because the excess will have been cut away. Any scarring that is left behind is typically hidden in the area that is normally concealed by underwear or a bathing suit and will fade with time. That means you are left with a toned appearance and minimal scarring, along with an improved contour and surge of confidence.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Celebrities, Instagram influencers, and others who place extreme value on their appearance love the Brazilian butt lift. The surgery gives you the firm, rounded backside that normally comes with years of hard work and dedication in the gym.

The belief that a Brazilian butt lift involves using implants to achieve a rounded buttock is false. A Brazilian butt lift does not involve the placing of anything foreign into the body. Rather, the buttock enhancement is performed using your own fatty tissue.

The procedure also uses general anesthesia, which renders you unconscious. The plastic surgeon will first remove your own fat from another part of your body, such as the abdomen. The fat is purified and injected into your buttock area, giving a two-fold effect. Of course, you get a shapelier butt, but the area where the fat was removed will also get slimmer in the process. The effect on your body’s contour is out of this world.

What Results Can You Expect from the Brazilian Butt Lift?

With your own fatty tissue adding volume to your buttock, your backside will appear rounded and natural, as if you were born with a more voluptuous behind.

What are the Main Differences between the Butt Lift and Brazilian Butt Lift?

The primary difference between the two cosmetic body contouring surgeries is the invasiveness. The butt lift involves a long incision and the excision of excess skin and fat. The Brazilian butt lift, on the other hand, is minimally invasive and only involves simple fat transfer injections.

Sculptra Butt Lift Can Enhance Your Buttocks, Too!

Enhance Your Buttocks

A Sculptra butt lift is similar to a Brazilian butt lift in that it involves injections rather than implants to achieve a voluminous appearance. Instead of using your own fat, you are injected with a non-toxic filler that contains special ingredients to stimulate new collagen production. The result is a more rounded backside and smoother, more beautiful skin.

What About Butt Implants?

It is possible to achieve the desired backside results with the use of artificial implants. The Butt Implant procedure uses silicone implants that add volume and shape to your buttock area. The surgeon will make an incision, whereby your skin and muscle will be lifted to create a pocket for each implant. The silicone used is soft and gel-like that can be positioned to the desired shape before the incision is closed.

What is Recovery Like for the Three Butt Lift Procedures?

With all three surgeries, you can expect some slight swelling and bruising. You should be moving around within a day or two after surgery. You can return to work after around a week. Your doctor will instruct you on how to sit while the surgical treatment area is healing. Follow your doctor’s advice closely, as the tips you are given are designed to maximize results and minimize problems and discomfort.

How much Do These Procedures Cost?

The traditional butt lift costs around $5,000 to $10,000. The Brazilian Butt Lift costs around $13,000, and butt implants cost around $9,000 on average. The average cost of Sculptra butt lift is from $4,000 to $7,000.

Keep in mind that financing is available through companies like CareCredit and Prosper Healthcare Lending. Just as you might finance a vehicle, consider this event as financing your body’s enhancement, which is the major vehicle you use to traverse through life. Don’t you want that vehicle in the best possible (contoured) shape? You will soon pay off the financed amount but the results of the butt lift procedure are definitely priceless.

Which Buttock Enhancement Procedure is Ideal for You?

Which Butt Lift Procedure is Ideal for You?

By now you know the difference between the traditional butt lift, the Brazilian butt lift (fat transfer method), and butt implants. The question remains: Which cosmetic body contouring surgery seems right for you?

It all depends on what result you are looking for. Do you have a saggy behind that makes it difficult to find the right fitting clothes to wear? Do you wish you looked better in a bathing suit? If so, a traditional butt lift may be the best cosmetic surgery decision for you.

Do you have a butt that is flatter than you would prefer? Do you wish you rounded out your clothes more and had more cushion in the seating department? If so, butt implants may be the best choice for your cosmetic surgery experience.

When you want that rounded posterior look that is being made famous by celebrities all the world over, the Brazilian butt lift may be the perfect procedure for you. The only thing left to do is find an experienced body contouring surgeon to clear you for surgery.

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Butt augmentations use silicone implants to create a more desirable physique. In the past, doctors used gel and water-filled implants. Although these implants create a rounded and a younger-looking behind, they’re prone to rupture if there’s too much pressure on the buttocks (i.e. trauma from a fall). This leads to a disproportionate-looking back end, or worse, an infection. These implants are now replaced by solid silicone implants, which are far more long-lasting.

Alternatively, Brazilian butt lifts do not involve the use of any implants. When undergoing your Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Moein will harvest natural fat through liposuction of your abdomen or thighs and inject it into buttocks. A Brazilian butt lift does not leave a huge scar as butt augmentation does (apart from where the liposuction took place). Additionally, downtime is also relatively shorter.

2. How Much Fat is Necessary for a Successful Brazilian Butt Lift?

The answer to this question depends on the results you desire. Your doctor may recommend the amount of fat needed based on your unique figure and level of health.

3. How Long Does it Take to Recover from a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Since there is no real surgery involved with the BBL procedure, you may find yourself back at work in as little as three to five days. However, it can take from four to six weeks before you return to your usual activities. You will be prescribed a compression garment to wear for at least a month to aid in healing. You can expect some swelling and bruising in the first few weeks, but your doctor may prescribe medication if you experience any level of discomfort. Do you have more questions about the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure? Call Dr. Babak Moein at Moein Surgical Arts today.

4. Are There Risks Involved with the BBL

No surgical procedure is devoid of risk. The Brazilian Butt Lift has a few risks but they are rare and preventable. Most risks are those involved with surgery in general, with infection, bruising, pain, and loss of fat. You can mitigate and further reduce any risks to your health by choosing an experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Moein.

5. Can I Sit Down After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

You might find sitting down on your rump a bit uncomfortable immediately following surgery. This might even be the case for a couple of weeks. Your doctor may recommend a donut style cushion to use during your recovery period. The cushion can allow you to rest comfortably as you heal without skewing the results of the cosmetic procedure.

 6. What if I Gain or Lose Weight After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

BBL works by injecting your own fat into your buttocks. You experience significant weight gain or loss, you may skew the results of the surgery. By losing weight, you may experience diminished volume. Gaining weight can lead to a buttock that is larger but misshapen. For these reasons, you should take care to preserve your results by maintaining your weight post-surgery.

 7. When Is It Acceptable to Exercise Post-BBL Surgery?

You should avoid any strenuous exercise until you have recovered from your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. This might take four to six weeks, depending on how fast you heal. Your fat cells need time to settle. Your doctor might permit light aerobic exercise After a few weeks. Walking is always a good exercise and is highly recommended.

 8. What if I Don’t Have Enough Body Fat?

Am I Still a Good Candidate for a BBL? The best candidates for Brazilian Butt Lifts have sufficient body fat in other areas of the body, such as the flanks. Your doctor might recommend that you gain weight before undergoing surgery. You must also be over the age of 18 to be considered for a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

 9. How Long Will My Butt Lift Last?

By choosing the right surgeon, a BBL can last for up to 20 years. Your results may vary. Some factors can reduce the longevity of the procedure, such as weight gain or loss, aging, and poor health.


The cost of a Brazilian butt lift depends on the fat that needs to be grafted for a rounded and perkier behind. It is quite an expensive procedure to make, but keep in mind that the cost already includes other procedures and fees for liposuction, anesthesia, and post-operative care.


Dr. Moein conducts consultations with patients who want to receive a Brazilian butt lift. During consultations, patients can discuss with Dr. Moein their desired results in order for him to determine the number of fats to be grafted.

Brazilian Butt Lift cosmetic surgery – What is it and What Results Can You Expect?

Everywhere you look, celebrities are getting their butts enhanced. How are they doing it? Many of them are using an incredibly popular cosmetic technique known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. Here’s how it works.

What is the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Buttock enhancement or buttock augmentation or buttock lift can be performed in one of several ways. There are butt implants that give your backside more roundness and firmness when nature failed to give those qualities to you. Then there is the BBL.

The Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL works differently than implants. You still get a shapely behind, only your own fat is going into the fullness of your butt, not implants. When you see someone flaunting a BBL, you can bet that their own fat was extracted from their body and injected into their butt. This means you get to slim one area of your body while enhancing your backside at the same time. You can achieve a slimmer abdomen, for instance, while giving your butt more bounce. That’s why the BBL is so coveted among those who want butt enhancement with natural-looking results.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Uses Your Own Fat

The BBL involves a surgical technique called Fat Transfer. Another term for it is Fat Grafting. During the procedure, your surgeon will suction fat from a donor site on your body. Popular donor site areas include the flanks, abdomen, and thighs. The fat is sanitized before it is injected into your buttocks to add volume. In some cases, the BBL will be combined with silicone butt implants to achieve a firmer, more voluminous look.

Liposuction is Used for Fat Extraction at the Donor Site

To remove enough fat to give your buttocks the proper amount of volume and shape, your cosmetic surgeon will use liposuction. Lipo is another popular cosmetic procedure that is typically paired with another surgery like the BBL. After you are anesthetized, the surgeon will make tiny incisions at the donor site. A thin tube called a cannula is inserted into the incisions to suction the fat from your body. Liposuction is useful for extracting stubborn pockets of fat, which makes this part of a BBL useful if you’ve tried everything to lose belly fat, for instance, but to no avail.

How Much Does the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure Cost?

The Brazilian Butt Lift can cost between $5,410 to $11,921 with the average cost of the surgery coming to around $8,505. Keep in mind that these are only generalized costs. You can get a more accurate quote by meeting with Dr. Moein directly during a private, one-on-one, initial consultation.

Will Insurance Cover BBL Surgery?

Health insurance typically pays for procedures that are medically necessary. Since the Brazilian Butt Lift is cosmetic in nature, insurance companies will not cover the costs of the procedure. With insurance out of the question, all hope is not lost in the chance you don’t have the money saved for BBL surgical procedure.

Medical financing options are also available. Companies like CareCredit and Prosper Healthcare Lending can cover the costs of BBL surgery now, letting you worry about payment later. When it does come time to repay the loan, both companies offer affordable payment terms, helping you save while giving you peace of mind.

Are There Any Risks with the BBL?

Brazilian Butt Lift in Los Angeles

As with all surgeries, the Brazilian Butt Lift comes with some risks. You may experience bruising, stretch marks, and discomfort after your procedure, but these will subside in a short amount of time.
Discuss more serious side effects such as fat embolism during your consultation. While there are risks, Brazilian butt lift surgery is incredibly common and can be safe in the hands of a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Why Choose Dr. Moein for Your Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

Dr. Babak Moeinolmolki (Dr. Moein for short) is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with extensive BBL surgery experience. As an L.A. native, Dr. Moein has performed hundreds of surgeries on patients all over the world. The doctor is known for his careful hand, artistic techniques, and compassionate care.

What Results Can You Expect with a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The BBL procedure involves drawing fat from your body and injecting it in key locations around your buttocks. Each injection of adipose tissue gives your buttocks improved contours, and volume where you want it most. The BBL can be used for all body types if you have fat in one area to donate. For those without fat to extract, butt implant surgery can be an alternate means to greater buttock volume.

When you wake after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, and as the anesthesia wears off, you will notice swelling at the treatment site. This swelling of the buttocks may last between four and six weeks, depending on how your body heals. As the swelling subsides, you will begin noticing the improved contours of your backside, and the added volume. While some of the injected fat can be reabsorbed into your body, up to 75% of the remaining fat can give you a butt to be envied.
When nature failed to give you a curvy butt, a BBL can help you fill out your jeans and turn heads wherever you go.

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