Breast Lift Surgery by Doctor Moein in Los Angeles, CA

How to Choose the Ideal Breast Surgery for Your Body Contouring Goals

Best Breast Surgeries for Body Contouring in Los Angeles, CA

When you don’t like the size and shape of your breasts, your quality of life can suffer. You might feel depression, anxiety, and – in severe cases – you might find yourself avoiding situations entirely, especially those of an intimate nature. While it’s important to maintain realistic expectations, cosmetic breast surgery can change your entire …

Can a Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgeon Give You Perky Breasts?

How to Get Perky Breasts

The Allure of Perky Breasts Perky breasts are a sign of youthfulness, which makes them the aesthetic ideal. For some women, the appearance of perky breasts is more important than size. In fact, the recent trend is to choose smaller breast implants and more subtle fat transfers to create the illusion that your breasts were …

How to Reduce Bruising and Swelling Following Breast Surgery

Reduce Swelling after Breast Surgery

Breast surgery refers to cosmetic surgery that is used by millions of women for various important reasons. Women with breasts smaller than they would prefer use breast augmentation to give them larger, more voluminous breasts. This is possible with breast implants and the fat transfer technique, also known as natural breast augmentation. Women who have undergone pregnancy and breastfeeding may have breasts that …

Breast Surgery Benefits of Lifts, Augmentations & Reductions

Breast Surgery Benefits

Cosmetic surgeries are growing in popularity, particularly breast surgeries. Breast augmentations, breast lifts, and breast reductions help women solve a range of bodily issues every year. These surgeries also boost women’s self-esteem in innumerable ways. If there is something you don’t like about your breasts or if you wish you had more fullness and roundness, …


Sexy woman's neckline

Pregnancy can change the physical appearance of your body in many ways. Some of these changes are reversed once you have had your child or through dieting and exercise. Other issues cannot be so easily treated, like changes in the shape of your breasts, which can be made worse by breastfeeding. If you have finished …

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