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Los Angeles Inverted Nipple Correction

Inverted nipple condition is where the nipple points inwards instead of outwards. If you were born with inverted nipples, this condition is most likely not medically harmful, but still may an aesthetic problem you are looking to address. Around 10-20% of people are born with this condition with varying degrees of the inversion. Many people affected with inverted nipples seek to correct this condition with at-home remedies to no-avail. These temporary fixes (which we do NOT endorse) include:

  • Ice & Cold Showers – this temperature change sometimes stimulates the nipple to protrude, but is a temporary fix as the nipples return to their natural positions afterward.
  • Rolling of the nipple – Some women have found massaging may help, but this may not be effective for most cases where the nipple tissue does not stretch by regular gentle rollings.
  • Piercings (yes, piercings) – some have even gone to the extremes of nipple piercings as an attempt to correct their inverted nipples. This may sometimes succeed, but has the drawbacks of the long wait for results, risk of rejection, and pain.

These at-home remedies may sometimes work, but the only proven way to get permanent corrective results is surgery. Inverted nipples occur because of connective breast tissue underneath. The alternatives above usually can not affect this firm tissue in a significant way.

Inverted nipple correction surgery is the simple and proven procedure that leaves minimal scarring and gives you natural looking, permanent results with minimal down time. Board-certified surgeon Dr. Moein of Moein Surgical Arts is the trusted cosmetic breast surgeon in Los Angeles. In addition to nipple correction, he also specializes in other breast procedures including augmentation, natural breast augmentation, breast lifts, and breast reduction procedures.

Is Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery Right For You?

Not all bodies are the same. Not all body goals are the same. Our honest and transparent specialists at Moein Surgical Arts can help you decide which procedure is a right fit for your specific goals. If you’re looking into nipple correction options and alternatives, call us today for a risk-free phone consultation. Our professional staff will help you make an educated decision on your cosmetic surgery procedures.


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