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Dreaming of the results of a butt lift, but don’t want to go under the knife? Introducing the Sculptra Butt Lift, the only non-surgical, non-invasive procedure proven to enhance your rear by only using filler injections. This breakthrough technology allows for significant results without implants or incisions. Sculptra has a number of advantages over traditional butt augmentation or implants:


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Sculptra Butt Lift Benefits

  • Simple – Non-invasive. No incisions, implants, or surgery involved.
  • Quick – No downtime. You’re in and out in minutes.
  • Proven – Main ingredient FDA approved since 2004.

If you’re looking for a filler solution for a bigger bum, it’s here! Sculptra is an alternative to the Brazilian Butt Lift and involves no implants or fat transfer. This simple procedure simply involves injecting Sculptra, a collagen-producing filler, into the buttock area to encourage your own natural filler production. This procedure is non-invasive and incision-free.

How are Butt Lifts, Brazilian Butt Lifts and Sculptra Butt Lifts Different & What Can You Expect After Surgery?

What Exactly Is Sculptra?

Sculptra is made from poly-l-lactic acid. As an injectable treatment, it stimulates your body’s production of natural collagen. It was first developed for the cheeks on your face and now available for your other cheeks. Unlike hyaluric acid fillers that fill your body up by using the volume of the foreign substance, a small amount of Sculptra is used to trigger your own body’s natural collagen production mechanism. Since the main ingredient in Sculptra has been trusted and used for over 20 years in surgical products, you can rely on Sculptra to safely give you the results you desire.

Is Scupltra Butt Lift Right For You?

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