HD Liposuction for a More Sculpted Physique in Encino, California

High Definition Liposuction – The Newest Generation of Transformative Body Conditioning

Plastic surgery is an attractive choice for many Americans who want a more defined physique and improved aesthetics in record time. High definition liposuction is one of the treatments that is gaining in popularity.

In the last few years, people have spent billions of dollars on a variety of plastic surgery procedures, including liposuction. We’re not just talking about celebrities and the ultra-wealthy. Thanks to advances in technology, everyone can opt for these transformative procedures, and HD Lipo is no different. If you want to look your best, HD Lipo can unleash your body’s true potential. But what is it and how does HD Lipo differ from regular liposuction?

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What is High Definition Liposuction?

HD Lipo (VASER) is an innovative ultrasound liposuction procedure that raises the bar on traditional liposuction. With regular liposuction, fat is strategically removed from various areas around the body. By the end of the procedure, you get to see the natural structure of your form that was otherwise hidden by pesky adipose tissue.

With HD Lipo, the fat isn’t removed, it’s liquified, allowing it to be flushed from the body to reveal a more attractive you.

VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy of Resonance. Using the VASER device, your surgeon is able to liquefy the fat cells before they are removed from the body entirely. Your surgeon will also apply tumescent fluid to your problem areas, which further helps to break down the fat while simultaneously sedating the location.

Once the fat is broken down, it is suctioned from the body completely. The VASER device can be used on nearly any body part like the arms, shoulders, chest, buttocks, abs, pubic area, and inner thighs. If you have fat that won’t seem to budge around these areas, HD Lipo may be the solution you have been searching for.

HD Lipo sculpts the body to the ideal natural shape, removing fat from problem areas. If necessary, the fat can be re-injected into other areas, such as the buttocks, for more attractive contours.

Who is the Best Candidate for HD Lipo?

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The surgery is best for otherwise healthy individuals who find themselves struggling to eliminate those last layers of fat.

You would be an excellent candidate if you are in good shape and have solid underlying musculature, and you don’t have too much extra fat that needs removing. If you are looking for that “shredded” look, HD Lipo can help you achieve it.

Many patients who opt for HD Lipo don’t have a lot of extra fat, but they struggle to get ripped without taking extreme measures. The procedure can help you transform your body while keeping you in optimal health.

To be considered for HD Lipo, you should also have good skin elasticity, which can help to prevent sagging by the time your true results are realized.

How Does the Procedure Work?

The VASER ultrasound-assisted surgical device emits ultrasound waves that melt and loosen stubborn pockets of fat. To remove the fat, your surgeon will make small, hidden incisions that will act as the entry points for the suction device to remove the fat from your body.

If you wish to have some of the fat re-injected, the fat will be purified before it is added to the body in a procedure known as a “fat transfer.”

The procedure makes your appearance more defined, which is why HD Lipo is quickly becoming one of the most popular plastic surgeries currently available.

During the Procedure

Before & after HD lipoWhen you show up to the surgical facility for the procedure, you will be placed under general anesthesia. The procedure duration will depend on how many areas you want treated and where on the body you want the fat removed.

When the procedure is finished, you will be instructed to wear a compression garment, which will help your blood circulate and promote faster healing.

You should not return to work right away. In fact, many patients are instructed to return to work after a seven to ten-day period, which is necessary for proper recovery.

You can then resume light activity and exercise after around two to four weeks. When four weeks have passed, you should be back to your normal routine, including your regular exercise routine. Your doctor will first need to clear you before resuming your workouts just to be on the safe side.

When your body is fully healed, you will notice more muscle definition and body symmetry, giving you the sculpted physique you crave.

How is HD Liposuction Different from Standard Liposuction?

During standard lipo, your surgeon only removes fat from select areas of your body. With HD Lipo, the fat gets removed, but it’s done in a way that allows the muscles underneath to show through with superior definition.

Traditional lipo also doesn’t involve re-injecting the fat for a “fat transfer” like HD lipo.

With HD Lipo, you are getting rid of the deepest layers of fat along with superficial and subdermal layers. This allows your surgeon to remove the fat that rests on top of the muscles, making them more visible.

In short, HD Lipo doesn’t just get rid of fat, it sculpts your body into its finest possible shape.

Is HD Liposuction Permanent?

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The procedure can offer permanent results as long as you maintain a healthy weight post-surgery. Gaining or losing weight and getting pregnant or having a child can have a negative effect on your results. To ensure long-lasting body sculpting, keep to a healthy diet and active lifestyle after the surgery has been completed.

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