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Making the decision to seek out plastic surgery is a very personal choice. As a potential patient, you’re looking for more than just a doctor, more than just a cosmetic surgeon – you want an expert in both medicine and aesthetics to ensure that the end result is exactly what you desire.

That’s why you want skilled cosmetic surgeon Dr. Babak Moein. Dr. Moein is dual fellowship trained in minimally invasive surgery as well as cosmetic aesthetic and body-contouring surgery, the only such doctor in the Southern California region.

With this skill set, Dr. Moein is uniquely qualified to work with patients to achieve dramatic results using minimally invasive techniques.

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Everything You Need To Know About The PRP Facial

You might have heard of a new facial technique that is nicknamed for a mythical bloodsucking creature, the vampire. It’s actually called the PRP Facial which stand for “Platelet Rich Plasma.” What is this skin care therapy that is taking the medi-spa world by storm? Celebrities are lining up to get this targeted cosmetic treatment in droves. The benefits of the PRP facial are now available to anyone through Moein Surgical Arts, where we are happy to help you can release the beauty within. Here is everything you need to know about this unique treatment that targets aging in the skin.

What Is PRP?

Your body’s own blood is responsible for producing platelets. The way that PRP works is that the medical professional draws a vile of your blood. Then they put it into a sterile tube in a machine that spins it (centrifuge) to separate the red and white blood cells from the plasma. It sounds kind of complicated, but it’s some seriously genius technology at work. Then the plasma is full of isolated platelets, which is where they get the name “platelet rich plasma” for the facial.

The platelets in your own blood are what is responsible for healing and growing new cells within the body. When injected into the surface of the skin it then helps your collagen to reproduce and flourish. The result is younger, radiant, and healthy looking skin that is rejuvenated with new life.

It’s Best For This Skin Type

Anyone with aging skin that shows signs of dullness, lack of radiance, and fine lines is the perfect candidate to try the PRP Facial. Even younger clients in their twenties who have been hard on their skin with too much sun exposure, or an unhealthy lifestyle can benefit from this effective treatments.

Not only do the platelets go to work on reactivating new tissue, but skin will appear firmer and smoother than ever before. Plus you’re not introducing any foreign chemicals into your body, because it’s your own cells at work through the plasma.

Your Expected Outcome

A host of skin care issues are resolved with this treatment, so you’ll be quite pleased with the results. You can expect brighter, better skin with less sun spots and fine lines. It can also dramatically reduce the appearance of under eye circles, and plumps up the cheek area to add volume to the face. As we age with the collagen breaking down in our skin, it’s vital to attack the problem at its source.

The overall look of the skin is awash with good health when you try the PRP Facial. It’s really an effective treatment that is completely safe with very little to no downtime. The injections only take a few minutes with little discomfort. You can go right back to your daily activities, or even have the treatment done on your lunch break from work.

When Combined With Other Treatments

Some other treatments you might consider in conjunction with PRP Facials are CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing. These treatments when used in tandem can produce the dramatically youthful results you desire by actively removing a layer of skin and creating microscopic pores in the skin to rejuvenate both superficial and deeper layers. Why grow old at all? When you can utilize technology through cosmetic enhancement procedures for total facial rejuvenation to look your absolute best, the choice is clear.

Mommy Makeovers for Beautiful Mothers

Children are a blessing, and childbirth is one of the most magical experiences in a woman’s life. However, the effects of pregnancy can be drastic, leaving mothers frustrated with the way their body looks once their child or children start growing up. Stretch marks, drooping breasts, sagging skin, and paunches are all signs of motherhood that no woman wants.

Luckily, plastic surgery can help – the Mommy Makeover is a total package that makes moms look their beautiful best.

That stubborn belly bulge that refuses to go away occurs because of the separation of the abdominal walls during pregnancy. Since the only way to correct this is through surgery, the Mommy Makeover surgical treatment has grown in popularity.

This package of procedures can include a tummy tuck and many more rejuvenating techniques. Contact cosmetic surgeon Dr. Babak Moein today to schedule your consultation!